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  1. Saneux AUSTEN 32 cm Sit-On Bowl
    Saneux AUSTEN 32 cm Sit-On Bowl
    Special Price £156.00 £130.00 Regular Price £193.00
  2. Saneux PRAGUE Washbasin 60cm
    Saneux PRAGUE Washbasin 60cm
    Special Price £120.00 £100.00 Regular Price £151.00
  3. Diana 420mm Round Countertop Basin
    Diana 420mm Round Countertop Basin
    Special Price £105.10 £87.58 Regular Price £145.00

3 Items

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Exclusive Toilets and Basins Sale

What every bathroom needs is coordination. Choosing a toilet and basin that complement the overall design of your bathroom is an important task. Letta London offers an array of different style toilets and basins, which are not only high-quality but also budget-friendly. Letta London has a catalogue of toilets and basins that look great and will last you a lifetime. Choose products from our collections, and we promise you will get your money’s worth. You can always find an excellent deal for toilets and basins on sale at Letta London. Numerous styles and finishes available at Letta London will surely fit any desired aesthetic. You can find both modern and traditional collections of both toilets and basins at Letta London. You won’t need to substitute the design for productivity — you’ll get both and more with products discounted in our store.

Buyer’s Guide to Toilets

Buying a toilet is one of the most significant decisions when it comes to designing a bathroom. A toilet is the focal point of the bathroom, and as such, it needs to complement its surroundings. There is much more to think about than merely the functionality of the toilet. While the toilet’s performance must be satisfactory, you also need to think about the outlook. There are multiple toilet styles, so consider what caters to your needs carefully.

Close Coupled Toilets

Close coupled toilets are the most popular type of toilets and have been for years. This model is easy to install, clean to maintain, and durable. Letta London has a variety of close coupled toilets to choose from — and on sale! Pick the classic model, Holborn Close Coupled Toilet With Wooden Quick-Release Seat, discounted at £204.

Back to Wall Toilets

These toilet models are perfect for smaller spaces because the cistern is hidden with the plumbing, within the wall. The cistern is usually sold separately from the toilet. Since the plumbing is out of sight, back to wall toilets give a more contemporary look to your bathroom. Piccolo Back-To-Wall Toilet With Soft-Close Seat is our top-choice and cheapest model — only £107.

Wall Mounted Toilets

Wall mounted, or wall hung toilets are the ultimate favourite with luxury hotels, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t want to bring such lavishness into your own home. As the name suggests, the toilets are hung on the wall. Even though they are considered extravagant, at our store, you can get them for as low as £117.

Additional Options

If you’re looking to complete your bathroom with a bidet, you can find them at affordable prices at Letta London, too. Corner toilets are the newest addition to our catalogue, so be sure to take a look if you have a tiny bathroom. Shoppers can also find cloakroom toilets and WC units — Letta London doesn’t lack in affordable choice.

Buyer’s Guide to Basins

Letta London has an abundance of choice when it comes to washbasins or sinks. A pick from our collection of basins will enhance the design of your bathroom. You can select one of many modern, traditional, or contemporary basins that will accommodate your every need. The durability of the basins is guaranteed when you shop at Letta London.

Countertop Basins

Countertop sinks are the ultimate choice for contemporary bathrooms. Countertop basins are modern and streamlined, and they come in a variety of sizes. You can also pick among round, square, oval, and rectangular shapes to find the one best suited for your relaxing oasis. Galaxy Round Countertop Basin is the perfect match for our Vida Vanity Unit — get both on sale now.

Free-standing Basins

You will get durability and quality with any choice of a basin, but with free-standing basins you will get a luxurious overall look. Free-standing basins are slowly becoming our customers’ top choice. Cabanes 600mm Solid Floor-Standing Basin is an excellent basin that will provide a sense of elegance to the bathroom — discounted at £601.

Pedestal and Semi-Pedestal Basins

Pedestal basins will bring the classic feel to your newly-designed bathroom. In contrast, semi-pedestal basins are an exciting combination of a half-sized ceramic pedestal with a wall-mounted basin. Whichever one fits your needs better, you can find it on sale at our shop in North London or in our online shop. Holborn Heated Washstand With Basin And Towel Rail will provide a simple, yet rustic look. Get it on sale for only £143.

Inset and Semi-Inset Basins

Inset basins breathe a minimalistic contemporary style, which will save you space. Semi-inset basins have a modern, distinctive edge that will fit perfectly into your counter. If you’re not sure which one will suit you, ask one of our staff members for their expert advice. Compact Semi-Recessed Basin with two tap holes is available in both 450mm and 550mm sizes. You can currently find them on sale for £104.

Additional Options

If you’re renovating your cloakroom, you can find a range of smaller, space-saving basins at Letta London’s store. Undercounter basins and wall-mounted basins are also popular choices with our customers. Anything you need, you can find during our regular sales — both online and in-store.