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  1. Aquaglass+ 6mm Double Folding Bath Screen
    Aquaglass+ 6mm Double Folding Bath Screen
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Ultimate Baths Sale

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect bath for your bathroom, you’ve come to the right place. Letta London offers a carefully selected catalogue of baths that will make anyone’s dreams come true. At Letta London, you will find numerous bath styles — from corner baths to freestanding baths. Choosing the size of your bath is equally important, and the helpful staff at Letta London will offer their expertise to help you find a bath suitable for your bathroom. You won’t need to compromise on anything — quality, comfort, and looks are always a package deal at Letta London. Baths of various materials will stand the test of time and make you feel like you’re on cloud nine while taking a relaxing bubble bath. Letta London offers luxurious baths anyone can afford. However, if you’re shopping on a budget, Letta London will always meet you halfway with fantastic sales — whether you buy online or at the store in North London.

Buyer’s Guide

Before you start picking the style and material for your bath, you should know what the purpose of the bath is going to be. There are plenty of baths that serve different purposes, so think carefully about the purpose of your bath and which material you want before you invest in one. If you are shopping for a family bath, you might want to choose a larger bath with no sharp edges. There are plenty of baths with sweeping curves that are safe for children. A freestanding bath could also be a perfect choice, as you’ll have easy access from all sides. Letta London’s Bramhope Traditional Freestanding Bath with Ball Feet is a winner when it comes to both convenience and price (£536). On the other hand, if you are envisioning a more modern-looking bathroom, many designer baths will be a perfect fit. Darker colours give a more luxurious overall look to the bathroom, so opting for Graphite Summit Black Freestanding Bath, which costs only £1,134, should be a no-brainer. Think of the space, too. If you have a smaller bathroom, maybe a freestanding bath shouldn’t be your top pick. Instead, consider a corner bath or a shower bath that will save you space. Luxe Corner Bath with Built-In Headrest will save you both money and space — the price is around £300. The material is also an essential decision. Luckily, you cannot go wrong with any of the choices offered at Letta London. Acrylic baths are the most common, while cast iron and stone baths are making a name for themselves in contemporary homes all over the world.

Bath Types

When talking about baths, most people think of a regular, plain-looking bath. However, modern times bring modern solutions. There are now more bath choices than ever before, and Letta London plays an integral part in delivering a variety of innovative bath styles.

Built-In Baths

Built-in baths are the perfect choice for traditional and smaller bathrooms. However, you won’t need to settle when it comes to comfort. Letta London offers the ideal bath with side chrome jets — Caymen 1700 X 700mm 6 Jet Whirlpool Bath. The prize is impressive as well, £386 on sale.

Freestanding Baths

We already mentioned why freestanding baths deserve your attention. If you can’t decide on the right freestanding bath for your home, Letta London’s staff can help you choose. Opt for Camden Traditional Freestanding Slipper Bath for a more traditional look and save £245 by buying it for only £455.

Corner Baths

Corner baths are an excellent choice if you’re not saving on luxury. You will get a jacuzzi in your home without taking up a lot of space in your bathroom. Cloud Left-Hand or Right-Hand Offset Corner Bath is the right choice if you love relaxing in a tub — discounted at £289.

Shower Baths

If you are a morning shower person and a night bath person, you won’t need to worry about buying two baths. Letta London offers a 2in1 deal with amazing shower baths on sale. You’ll find a deal for as low as £240. With a price as cheap as this one, you won’t need to look anywhere else.

Whirlpool and Spa Baths

Enjoy feeling like you’re always at a spa? Letta London has your back with an exceptional range of spa baths powered by Whirlpool. You can buy the jets separately and install them as you wish or you can buy the whole package for around £700. Oporto 1800 X 800mm 10 Jet Whirlpool Bath is the perfect spa bath.