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  1. Grohe Eurosmart Cosmopolitan Basin mixer 1/2"
 S-Size GH_32829000
    Grohe Eurosmart Cosmopolitan Basin mixer 1/2" S-Size GH_32829000
    Special Price £74.33 £61.94 Regular Price £125.11
  2. Grohe Bath spout 3/4" GH_13614000
    Grohe Bath spout 3/4" GH_13614000
    Special Price £149.58 £124.65 Regular Price £251.83
  3. Grohe Grandera Bath spout GH_13341IG0
    Grohe Grandera Bath spout GH_13341IG0
    Special Price £226.43 £188.69 Regular Price £381.17
  4. Grohe Essence Basin mixer 1/2"
 M-Size GH_23462001
    Grohe Essence Basin mixer 1/2" M-Size GH_23462001
    Special Price £139.90 £116.58 Regular Price £235.50
  5. Grohe Lineare 2-hole basin mixer
 M-Size GH_19409DC1
    Grohe Lineare 2-hole basin mixer M-Size GH_19409DC1
    Special Price £264.06 £220.05 Regular Price £444.55

6 Items

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Exclusive Bathroom Taps Sale

Don’t be surprised at the variety of bathroom taps we have in our regular and sales catalogues. We offer an abundance of bathroom taps — opt for a classic model or choose one of our designer brands. We have it all! Letta London’s collection of taps covers a range of styles, including bath, basin, bidet, bath and shower mixer taps, and so much more. Not only can you select the bathroom tap type, but you can also pick various types of handles, spouts, and waterfall options to personalise your tap. With Letta London’s helpful staff, it will be easy to find a bathroom tap to complement your bathroom. If you’re shopping on a budget, our store will meet you halfway with fantastic sales and discounts. Shop away!

Buyer’s Guide to Bathroom Taps

If you’re doing a complete bathroom renovation, we recommend buying all the necessary parts at Letta London. Bathroom taps are an essential part of the installation process and you will need to purchase more than one tap. Luckily, our collection of brassware ranges from cheap classic options to discounted designer taps. You should note that one tap cannot fit every bathroom. Knowing the tap’s purpose is key to a successful purchase. It’s crucial to buy a suitable tap for your basin or bath in order to avoid installation issues later on. Whether you’re on the lookout for a traditional tap or you want something a bit extravagant for your bathroom — you’ll find what you’re looking for at our showroom. Ask one of your expert employees to help you find a bathroom tap that will meet your needs.

Types of Bathroom Taps

If you know the exact type of bathroom tap you need, your job is instantly easier! However, if you’re not sure why a basin tap won’t fit where a bath tap is needed — we’ll explain everything.

Bath Taps

Bath taps usually have two spouts — left and right, and the handle, or ergonomic lever, in the middle. In essence, bath taps come with two spouts, allowing you to easily and quickly fill up your tub. You can opt for a more traditional handle, such as Bath Filler 25172001 or a modern tap with sleek edges, like Two-Handled Bath Filler 1/2" 25136000. At Letta London, you’ll get great offers for both of these taps — £162 and £197 respectively.

Basin Taps

It shouldn’t be a challenging task to find a basin tap that’s practical and complements your bathroom, especially not at Letta London where you can find numerous colours, styles, and finishes when it comes to basin taps. Opt for one of our best sellers — Saneux COS Mini Mixer Matte Black. It will be a perfect choice for your cloakroom because of its size.

Bath Shower Mixers

If you’ve chosen one of our shower baths, you will need to purchase a bath shower mixer tap as well. With these, you will enjoy both long baths and quick showers and have a tap that adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom. 4-Hole Single-Lever Bath Combination is our customers’ favourite, and it comes in four different colours — now only £760.

Bathroom Taps Styles

Once you have determined what type of bathroom tap you need, you should decide on the style, too. Usually, there are two available bathroom tap styles — wall-hung taps and deck-mounted taps.

Wall-Hung Taps

Wall-hung taps or wall-mounted taps are fixed to the bathroom wall. They add a dimension to your bathroom, making themselves a focal point of the room. Whether you opt for a more conservative look or a contemporary one, Letta London has what you need. Both traditional and modern wall-hung taps are functional and durable, and they are available for both basins and baths. Saneux COS Wall Mounted Mixer-2 Plates Matte Black is an excellent choice for a contemporary bath. The matte black variant will add a touch of sophistication. It’s currently discounted and you can purchase it for £194.

Deck-Mounted Taps

Most customers opt for deck-mounted taps when it comes to washbasins. They are easy to maintain and simple to instal. Also, there are multiple options when it comes to deck-mounted taps — our catalogue includes taps of various styles and finishes. If you’re looking to save some money, you’re in luck! One thing you never need to worry about while shopping at Letta London is the price. There is always a sale you can count on. 3-Hole Basin Mixer is the classic option and one of our discounted items — by purchasing it for £162, you will get a durable sleek tap without breaking the bank.