Vanity unit sets

Vanity unit sets

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It is often the much smaller items you can overlook when you are putting the finishing touches to a bathroom you have been renovating, and with that in mind we invite you to look over the range of Side-units that are available from Letta London.

Even though that may seem like a small irrelevant item, when you are putting together the finishing touches to a bathroom you will of course want it to look perfect and fully colour coordinated, and as such please do look through our entire range of Side-units.

It is also worth noting that we do have lots of additional accouris too that will certainly round off your new bathroom perfectly and as such try and put together a list of items you will require as you can purchase them all at once from our website.

However, if you are not sure just which items you need them how about visiting our showroom, by doing so our sales adviser will be able to give you a few ideas regarding any items that you may have forgotten about.

You should have no problems finding Side-units at a price that suits your pocket on our website, but keep in mind that as we have such a large collection of them for sale and always in stock, please look at those currently listed all of which can be delivered rapidly.

To use our online shopping and ordering system simply select the items you wish to purchase as you look around and they will be added to your online shopping cart, and you can proceed to the checkout and pay for your order at any time, various payment options are available.

Keep in mind we do have a very large range of additional products that you may be interest in, and as such we invite you to look at our collection of Cisterns, Shower Trays and do consider looking at our range of Toilet Seats, Furniture, Washbasins units and do consider looking at our range of Mirror Cabinets too.

You can of course order now directly on our website, or if you prefer you can pay a visit to our showroom, where all products are available on the spot and at the same low prices as those that are available on our website.

We do also have plenty of products from all the leading suppliers too, so if you are after any specific designer’s products such as JONES, MOLTEN and MONTY then we just know you are going to be able to find exactly what you are looking for when you look around the Letta London website.