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Luxury Bathroom Vanity Units - Buy Modern and Traditional Vanity Units

Organise your bathroom storage space with our vanity unit sets. Choose from a wide selection of products and find ideas for your bathroom.

Choose from our extensive range of vanity unit sets that come in different sizes and colours and customize your Luxury bathroom. We made sure our vanity sets are to everyone’s taste. This is why we have a great selection of different styles, from traditional to ultra-modern. They come at various prices so you will definitely be able to find something within your budget.
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Letta London is not only a synonym for a great furniture seller, but our brand also represents a place where you can buy beautiful things for your home. But more than that, it is a place where you can get many fantastic ideas and inspiration on how to arrange any space you want. Perfect home design has always been a guiding star whenever we created our offers. But when it comes to the vanity units, we believe we’ve exceeded all the expectations. For that reason, the selection of vanity units is one that Letta London is particularly proud of.

The Most Diverse Choice of Vanity Units

Letta London presents a selection of different vanity units that will perfectly fit anywhere. We can recommend plenty of colours, shapes, or sizes for models that come as unique pieces or as a part of fantastic bathroom sets. Explore the entire offer with a simple guideline through the following categories:

Each piece is made of the highest quality materials, from wood to ceramics. They follow all the trends, from traditional classic bathrooms to urban and modern designs. Furthermore, these vanity cabinets represent an excellent solution for small and overcrowded bathrooms as very useful under-sink storage space. Use this area to put towels, cosmetics, or home appliances, and keep the rest of the space neat and tidy.

Freestanding Vanity Units

Freestanding vanity units will complete a bathroom design with many beautiful styles and great storage solutions. With no need for additional wall drilling and demanding installation, it is quite simple to put a freestanding bathroom cabinet wherever you like. Choose different models, sizes or colours to match the other bathroom fixtures, sanitary ware and accessories, and create a unique look that can say a lot about your personal style and taste. Moreover, find a perfect place to keep all your bathroom supplies, spare towels, cosmetics, and even home appliances that can always be within your reach.

Wall-Hung Vanity Units

Wall-hung vanity units come in many different styles, from traditional, luxurious and elegant pieces to the practical cabinets made according to the latest contemporary trends. If you strive to have as much free space as possible, but at the same time get plenty of storage at your bathroom, wall-hung vanity units are the best design solution. They are easy to install without occupying even the foot of your floor. Get a wonderful piece of furniture and keep your beautiful floor tiling transparent and free of the clutter. Choose different wall-hung models that are chick, modern and elegant, but that also can be a perfect place to keep towels, spear toiletries, cosmetics and other needed belongings.

Cloakroom Vanity Units

Don't let the size of your home stop you from decorating with style. With smart designs and quality vanity cabinets, you can simply bring elegance and create a perfect order even in the most cramped space, like small bathrooms, cloakrooms or toilets. Within a fantastic range of custom size cloakroom models, you can find bathroom cabinets and basins that are practical and can fit anywhere. Choose different styles, colours and materials according to your own desires. Moreover, you would be surprised how many things can fit into such a small cabinet and save you from annoying clutter and mess.

Traditional Vanity Units

Bring a sense of tradition into the bathroom design with remarkable vanity units that are elegant and timeless. These pieces of furniture fit perfectly in luxurious and spacious bathrooms, giving them particular refinement and style, but also any other room that needs a storage solution that is both amazingly beautiful and practical. Traditional bathroom cabinets go lovely with many different models of basins. With materials like solid wood and marble on the top surface, they are real works of art. If you don't know how to choose the right style, you can certainly never go wrong with such classic pieces.

Double-Sink Vanity Units

Treat yourself with the luxury and comfort in your own bathroom. Our fantastic double-sink vanity units are specially made for big family homes and couples who like to spend time together. With two basins, you can wash teeth together, get ready for work and prepare kids for school without arguing and waiting in line. And, most importantly, you can finally be able to do all this on time. Furthermore, double-sink cabinets will provide as much storage space as you need, where you can keep all the bathroom supplies, towels, cosmetics, home appliances and more. Find the right model and get two things in one — a beautiful piece of furniture that will embellish your home and practical solution for bathroom clutter.

Bathroom Vanity Units

The bathroom vanity unit is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your entire home. Therefore, it has to be chosen according to personal taste and to fit perfectly into the rest of the interior. Finally, it must serve well for years. Discover a diverse selection of vanity units in different styles, shapes and materials like real wood, MDF, polyvinyl, and more. No matter if you choose a large cabinet or the one that goes with a smaller sink, wall-hung or freestanding — a vanity unit will hide the pipes and clutter, give you much storage space and be a fashionable piece of furniture that will speak about your personal sense for design. Choose wisely and find the best idea of how to decorate your bathroom with quality furniture.

Vanity Units Without Basin

Vanity cabinets without basins are unique pieces of bathroom fittings that are stylish, adjustable and very practical. They come as separate units, providing you with multiple ways to combine, choose and create your own personal look. Get a larger clean surface and significantly more storage space with a cabinet that fits perfectly any style and other bathroom fixtures, accessories and sanitary ware. Match it with one of the wonderful basin designs and get a storage cabinet and a fashionable piece of furniture for your bathroom.

Designer Vanity Units

Designer vanity cabinets are a wonderful way to express your sense of style and bring sophistication into your home. Each piece of designer furniture represents the unique idea of the author to create something amazing, but also to present an ingenious solution for smart storage and rational space usage. Discover amazing vanity units inspired by different styles. With designer vanity units, you can find everything you’ve been looking for, from Victorian vintage pieces to visionary approaches and cabinets that, with their design, go ahead of their time. Moreover, find perfect functionality and order in a flawless combination of drawers, partitions and boxes where you can store all your belongings and get rid of annoying clutter.

What to Look for When Buying Vanity Units?

Besides finding a piece of furniture of your choice that will hide the pipes, enrich the bathroom space and give it a final touch of style, you can also get functional storage to serve you for many years. However, when buying this item for your bathroom, you need to choose wisely. Pay a lot of attention to whether the vanity unit you like meets the following requirements.

You Must Choose the Right Proportions

Unfortunately, many building solutions do not leave too much room for lavish bathrooms. When you bring in a bathtub, toilet, shower, and other essential elements, there's no enough space to move around freely. With our selection of vanity units, you can use the rest of the room rationally. Try to find a cloakroom piece or the one that can be hung on the wall. Or, for example, instead of double, you can opt for a single unit. Letta London offers a variety of models, from the most sensible ones that waste minimal space to luxurious vanity units with two sinks and additional storage space.

Think About Functionality

The furniture must be beautiful, but it also must have its purpose in every home. Vanity units surely have one — they are the best strategic partner in maintaining order in a bathroom. First, they come under the sink. Logically, it's a great solution to cover the pipes and plugs that always look so messy and unesthetic. But most importantly, they are a fantastic storage area. Imagine all the little things scattered all over the bathroom — cosmetics, electric razors, hair straighteners, towels, spare soaps, and who knows what else; all this can be arranged in perfect order and behind the closed doors of a vanity unit.

Find Your Own Style

The last but not least important rule that you must pay attention to when buying vanity unit is aesthetics. If you explore the full selection we provide, you can find out that professional home decor is not a difficult task at all. Of course, everything is possible thanks to the vast number of different styles and models you can find in Letta London's showrooms or the online store. Also, our experts are always available to provide help and give a great piece of advice to every customer. Match the colour, design, and material with other elements in the bathroom or choose a model that will stand out and be authentic. If you are not bold enough to try something different, you can always find full sets of all the elements, from basins, bathtubs, toilets to vanity units of the same colour and design for the tidy and neat bathroom.

Why Choose Letta London When Buying Vanity Units?

Letta London has been supplying the best brands and collections of home furniture and accessories for years. We have remained true to our principles and belief that a satisfied consumer is our best final product.

The Highest Quality Brands

Our partners are reputable manufacturers of high-quality products, and we are happy that most of them are providing Letta London with the exclusive right to represent them.

Best Furniture Prices

All pieces of furniture from our selection are chosen with great care and according to the wishes of our valued customers. We can always offer vanity units that are affordable to anyone — from commercial and classic models to luxury designer pieces that are truly unique. No matter what your budget is, be sure that we never deviate from quality as Letta London's primary standard.

Best Service

Please, be free to visit one of our innovative showrooms. You can find much of our offer and see the quality and beauty of each piece of furniture. As you walk through the salon, you can get an excellent idea of the model you want to buy. Moreover, find the inspiration on how to combine your vanity unit with elements from other Letta London collections.

Professional Stuff

Our expert and friendly staff will always be at your service and provide you with all the necessary information about the offer. With any luck, you can also get useful advice from our designers. Also, you can always make an appointment and consult about the design you want.

We Supply With Love

Letta London cares about your opinion. Therefore, we will only offer you what we consider the best. For the same reason, the diversity of our selections is expanding every day alongside our community of employees, partners and satisfied customers.