Vanity Units Without Basins

Best Vanity Units Without Basins — More Storage Space

Many models from Letta London's selection of vanity units come without basins. They are an excellent choice for bathrooms but can also be great accessories in other rooms since they provide extra storage room. Explore our vast range of basin-free cabinets that are easy to install and come in many different sizes and styles. Note that it is possible to place these units under an already fixed basin or anywhere else — they can act as useful closets or wardrobes. With basins and cabinets as two separate units, you can change the look of your bathroom whenever you need a change. Also, the sink will not make the interior of the cabinet smaller, which means you’ll have even more space for everything you need to store, from cosmetics to cleaning supplies.

Find Different Styles

With Letta London's selection of furniture, you can find different styles, materials, and finishes for vanity units without basins. Choose a natural wooden look, colorful shades, or forms that resemble a timeless vintage style. Curved lines and sophisticated handles and hinges will go perfectly with authentic traditional furniture. Such a cabinet can be placed under or next to the basin and serve as a lovely toilet table. It can give a unique signature to your room, regardless of where you choose to put it. More unconventional trends include basins of unique shapes with creative tap solutions, mirrors, or lighting. If you opt for some bold models, we recommend classic vanity units made of high-quality materials. Our offer has it all — from solid wood to polyvinyl. For a more natural look, choose vanity units that have simple lines, clear surfaces, and smooth colours. Such pieces go well with subtle basins, other sanitary ware, and calming tile shades. By choosing natural-looking pieces, you can create a personal relaxing spa at your home. Feel free to explore our entire selection and come up with ideas for combining different styles, colours, and trends to create a unique and gorgeous bathroom.

Pick the Right Model

If you need a vanity unit without a basin (or anything else), Letta London will gladly help you choose the right model for your needs. First, you must pick the right size. Medium or large bathrooms are perfect for bigger vanity cabinets. Such models usually have a fantastic top surface that can be used for storing perfumes, cosmetic products or makeup. Also, they provide enough space for you to put some lovely decorations. Consider scented candles or aromatic oil bowls. However, if you are struggling with space, you need to select a custom vanity unit that will not take up all the bathroom space. Letta London offers free-standing models without basins that don't require any installation. Also, think about models that can be fixed on the wall — such units won’t take up any space on your floor. Take your time and choose wisely. With our great products and helpful guidelines, you will easily come up with great ideas and decorate your home like a professional home designer.

Always Strive for Functionality

All storage units must be well organised — being attractive is not enough. Thanks to Letta London's selection of vanity units without basins, you can get a lot of space where you can keep spare towels, cosmetics, home appliances such as hair dryers, hair straighteners, electric shavers, and other gadgets. Find the best combination of drawers and partitions that will allow you to organise your belongings in the best possible way. A fully functional cabinet can eliminate all of your clutter and make your bathroom clean and tidy.

Why Choose Leta London?

Feel free to explore our entire online offer or visit one of our showrooms in London. We did our best to present most of the items from our extensive selection of furniture, sanitary ware, and designer accessories in our showrooms. Find the right piece of furniture or an entire set of furniture for bathrooms, kitchens, lobbies, etc. that will fit your style and other elements in your home. Our helpful staff has the best answers to all of your questions, whether you are interested in learning more about the brands, benefits for our new and regular customers, or you only need assistance when it comes to choosing the right models for your home. Letta London will always provide you with honest and accurate answers. For that reason and many more, we are the best solution for decorating your home.

Vanity Units Without Basins

Get rid of clutter and get some extra storage space with vanity units from our collection. You can find free-standing, floating, double-sink and more models in Letta London's offer.

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