Traditional Vanity Units

Buy Best-Quality Traditional Vanity Units With Basins

Letta London always has a piece of helpful advice for those customers who can't make the right choice. We can assure you that you can never go wrong if you opt for good old and timeless classics. This rule especially applies to our stunning selection of traditional vanity units made by renowned brands and manufacturers. They are incredibly elegant and beautiful, made to fit perfectly in every sophisticated home design. But even more, they are best-quality pieces of furniture and very functional storages for neat and tidy bathroom.

Explore the Vast Range of Traditional Vanity Units

Traditional vanity units have a classic design, with a beautiful basin area and much storage space under the sink. You can find free-standing or wall-hung fixtures within our traditional models that recall some good old times, but at the same time follow the latest trends and match all the other elements in your bathroom. Explore Letta London’s selection of traditional vanity units and find different colours, materials and finishes that allows you to choose all you need for your home.

Find Perfect Traditional Piece of Furniture

Most of the models from this selection are made of solid wood which is a fantastic material for elements like vanity units. With proper protection, wood can last for many years, even in areas full of moisture and steam, like bathrooms. Other materials can also look just as good as wood, but are more durable and easier to maintain. When it comes to vanity unit storage space, it can be divided with separate partitions and drawers. Most of our traditional models have a front side with simple surfaces and precise lines, with subtle vintage handles and decorative hinges. Likewise, Letta London can offer various models in different colours, from more natural shades and real-wood looks to many fantastic pastel and classic colours. The top of the vanity unit is the area around the basin. With our traditional pieces, you can get the best quality materials like marble or ceramic, and most beautiful finishes which will not only fit perfectly with the sink but also brighten up any room wherever you wish to place them. Match the colours and materials with the rest of your bathroom design, furniture and sanitary ware. Choose a basin that will follow the same form and create a perfect bathroom look, with many trendy elements and a personal signature of style.

Traditional Functionality

Once upon a time, people used to have a lot of available space to build their houses, with no need to think about the rational use of every inch, like we must do today. They also created furniture that was large and lavish, so that it could fill up all those spacious rooms and houses. Thus, the traditional cabinets in our selection represent a significant space that you can use for different purposes. The top surface is made of finest materials with a place for one, or even two gorgeous sinks. Around the sink, you can find a fantastic place to keep perfumes, cosmetics or makeup, with plenty more room for decoration. The interior of our traditional vanity units is well-organized space, divided with many partitions and drawers that can hide the clutter from the bathroom. Primarily, it will hide all the ugly pipes but save just enough space to store bottles, sanitary supplies, spare towels and more stuff you usually keep in the bathroom. Opt for a free-standing or wall-hung model that will give a touch of tradition to your home but still provide you with a unique design that never goes out of fashion. With as many models as you can find in our selection, it is easy to rearrange any bathroom, shower room, toilet or cloakroom like a professional home designer.

Why Choose Letta London?

Letta London is a place where you can meet many renowned brands with a long tradition of producing the most delicate pieces of furniture. Visit one of our showrooms and find the beautiful vanity units from our traditional selection. Our friendly vendors will help you choose the right measurements, models, colours, and more. With Letta London, you are not just buying furniture. Extensive online catalogue or presented models in the salon can help you create an imaginative idea of how to incorporate the desired vanity unit with other elements from our other selections. So, please, be free to explore more and ask for any of our services.

Vanity Units With Basins in Timeless Traditional Style

Get rid of clutter and get some extra storage space with vanity units from our collection. You can find free-standing, floating, double-sink and more models in Letta London's offer.

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