Modern Vanity Units

Letta London's Vast Range of Modern Vanity Units and Basins

Contemporary bathroom design is only complete after you choose a vanity unit that is both a chic piece of furniture and a practical storage solution. With our vast selection of modern bathroom cabinets, you can always find a model that matches your preferences while meeting all the other demands, such as trends, quality and functionality. In modern design, the focus is not only on aesthetics but also the use of smart solutions, rational space management and technology that makes these vanity units more accessible and convenient for use. No matter if you choose a freestanding or wall hung modern vanity units, Letta London can offer its fantastic selection — from the most luxurious ones up to amazingly practical and affordable models. What’s more, we can provide countless ideas on how to design or renovate the old bathroom and turn it into the most stylish room in the house. Explore the entire range of Letta London modern vanity units and bring into your home a piece of furniture that will be a real refreshment and useful storage space.

Freestanding Modern Vanity Units

Many models from this selection do not require any additional installation, wall-drilling or grinding. All you need to do is choose the right-size model and put it anywhere you like. Moreover, you can move it whenever you desire. All freestanding models from our selection are made of materials and colours that match every modern home and contemporary design.

Wall Hung Modern Vanity Units

Bathroom cabinets that do not occupy the floor but can be hung on a wall are a very popular design solution in modern homes. With those models, you can still get a larger free area without taking an inch of your valuable storage space. Finally, each bathroom can be clean, tidy and comfortable.

Find a Perfect Match

Modern design refers to the perfect furniture lines and materials that are treated by the latest technology. Trendy details are not conspicuous, but are clever and unique ideas, like soft-closing drawers, hidden handles, interior lighting and more. With a basin that meets all the requirements of contemporary aesthetics, you will instantly get an element that not only exudes style but is also the latest fashion item you must have in your home. Such models are perfect for fancy downtown apartments, contemporary houses or even great relaxing areas you can create at your own place.

Choose the Right Size or Colour

When choosing a model of a vanity unit, it's essential to think about the rest of the elements, like fixtures, sanitary ware, tiles colour, and more. The proper size is the first requirement. Modern bathrooms demand more free space, transparent surfaces and a sense of order. Don't pick cabinets that will block the area and make it crowdy. If you have a larger space at disposal, with a modern design you can opt for a bigger element with one or two basins and more storage space. However, these cabinets are eye-catching, but not too showy. Their form is simple, with clean surfaces and straight lines.

The Ingenious Functionality

In our selection of modern vanity units, you will find not only the latest visual and aesthetic trends but also the intelligent functionality of each piece of furniture. Smart storage is necessary for every modern bathroom. With a lot of personal belongings, we are slowly overcrowding our places with more and more things. One vanity unit can make a lot of difference if it can hide all the clutter and store your valuable and useful stuff. With modern vanity units from our selection, you can use the top surface to keep many beautiful things, like cosmetics, essential oils, perfumes, and so on. Use the interior space to store spare supplies, towels, home appliances and anything else you need in your bathroom. With the right number of drawers and partitions, but also stunning cover materials and finishes, it is easy to get a piece of bathroom furniture that will look amazing and serve well for many years.

Why Choose Letta London?

Letta London always keeps up with the latest trends and modern designs. For that reason, you can always find models of vanity units that are made according to the latest fashion requirements, are unique, stylish, but also affordable and practical. Explore our entire offer or feel free to visit one of our fantastic showrooms in London. We will be delighted to help you build the modern home you always wanted.
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