Free Standing Vanity Units

Special Furniture Selection of Free-Standing Vanity Units

Letta London is pleased to offer a broad range of various vanity units made according to the highest standards and latest trends. Still, when it comes to practical bathroom solutions, we can recommend our selection of free-standing vanity cabinets that are suitable for any home.a

A vanity unit is a piece of furniture that comes at the end of a bathroom designing process after you pick a perfect bathtub, shower cabin, tiles and mirrors. It is a final touch of personal style. At the same time, it is a valuable storage place that will hide all the clutter. 

Why Choose Free-Standing Vanity Units?

Free-standing vanity units are the most sought after furniture pieces from our assortment. They come in many different sizes and fit into almost every space, from small bathrooms with lots of corners to large ones with more free space.

Moreover, free-standing vanity units don't require any demanding installation, so it is quite easy to set them without screwing, glueing or drilling holes. Another great thing is that you can move them around whenever you wish to make a change, even relocate them in an entirely different bathroom.

All you have to do is explore Letta London's selection of free-standing vanity units, get the right measures, and pick the perfect one that you can set into your bathroom the very same day.

Explore Different Styles

A vanity unit is not just storage space — it is a noticeable surface that can say a lot about your style. In Letta London, we strive to offer many different styles that will match all other elements in the bathroom and satisfy each customer's taste.

Choose traditional free-standing vanity units made of materials and decorative ornaments that resample the good old times, but that are also classic pieces which never get out of fashion. 

Try more luxurious looks with beautiful finishes for both tops and doors that will fit wonderfully with any lavish marble bathroom tiles, porcelain baths, shinny sinks and other valuable elements.

The modern style suggests exciting blends of different materials and shapes. Letta London is happy to offer a countless number of various combinations. So, please choose one of our free-standing vanity units that will fit into your contemporary home.

You can find many more ideas and different styles if you visit one of our showrooms or explore the entire vanity unit program on our site. Pair vanity units with other pieces of furniture from our assortment, and you'll get the perfect bathroom you've been dreaming of.

Find the Right Material and Colour

When it comes to quality bathroom furniture, Letta London is not willing to make compromises — all materials, from wood to ceramics, are of high quality. Our vanity units pass through the different processes of production to get different types of finishes, from perfectly shiny ones to the more rustic and natural looks.

Also, explore the vast range of colours and shades in our offer that will give each vanity unit a particular character and make it an eye-catching piece of furniture.

Look for Functionality

Finally, a vanity unit should be an excellent place to store all the necessary things we usually keep in our bathrooms, from spare towels and toiletries to home appliances.

For more spacious bathrooms, we can recommend a vanity unit with two bids or a larger top surface that will always be useful. Fortunately, there is always an ideal solution, even for the slightest rooms with custom size and smaller pieces. 

It is very important to measure the interior of a vanity cabinet. It must hide the pipes and drains, but there should be enough storage space as well. Also, it is a smart move to use many sections and drawers. That way, you can get a neat closet for a variety of supplies.

Why Choose Letta London?

Letta London is a committed supplier of bathroom furniture and sanitary ware. The selection of our vanity units is one of the most valued and required according to our consumers.

By choosing Letta London, you will find a good piece of furniture at a reasonable price. We always strive to give more with great design ideas and useful tips on quality and functionality. Our professional staff will guide you through the entire offer and advise you on everything you need to pay attention to when choosing the right furniture for your home.

It is always a pleasure to welcome customers to our showrooms and prove how decorating a bathroom can be easy and fun when you have the right offer in front of you.

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