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Double-Sink Vanity Units

Enrich your bathroom with our luxury double-sink vanity units. Save time and get extra storage space for your bathroom with these amazing pieces.

If you have a large or medium-sized bathroom and you want to maximise your storage space, our double-sink vanity units are the way to go. Storing all your bathroom necessities has never been easier. What is more, with all the extra storage, you won’t have to share your space with anyone and you will be able to organise it the way you want to.

Double Sink Vanity Units By Category

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  1. Life 1200mm Double Basin Wall-Hung Vanity Unit - Anthracite
    Life 1200mm Double Basin Wall-Hung Vanity Unit - Anthracite
    Special Price £570.50 £475.42 Regular Price £815.00
  2. Vitale 1200mm 4 Drawer Double Basin Vanity Unit - Light Oak
    Vitale 1200mm 4 Drawer Double Basin Vanity Unit - Light Oak
    Special Price £892.50 £743.75 Regular Price £1,275.00
  3. Vitale 1200mm 4 Drawer Double Basin Vanity Unit - Urban Grey
    Vitale 1200mm 4 Drawer Double Basin Vanity Unit - Urban Grey
    Special Price £892.50 £743.75 Regular Price £1,275.00
  4. Vitale 1200mm 4 Drawer Double Basin Vanity Unit - Gloss White
    Vitale 1200mm 4 Drawer Double Basin Vanity Unit - Gloss White
    Special Price £892.50 £743.75 Regular Price £1,275.00

4 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction

Double Sink Vanity Units

Letta London presents a selection of stunningly beautiful double-sink vanity units that are created especially for large family bathrooms. Those vanity cabinets are lavish and elegant, with enough space to accommodate two matching basins, as we like to say — for her and for him. Aside from the fact that a double-sink vanity unit can represent the most romantic corner of the house, it is also an efficient solution for large families with more children. You can finally get rid of the morning bathroom crowds and standing in line to brush your teeth. With two sinks in one bathroom, it is easy to get ready for work and prepare kids for school smoothly and on time. Moreover, imagine how much storage space you can get if you choose one of these models. They can hide all the pipes and messy installations that come under the sinks, but also provide a fantastic combination of partitions and drawers to make an order and help you get rid of all the clutter from the bathroom.

Explore Our Entire Selection With Double Bains

Our selection offers many different models made in various styles. Explore the entire range and find the piece of furniture that suits your bathroom best, according to the size, materials, colours and many other features.

Find Your Perfect Style

When it comes to double-sink cabinets, they usually suit medium or large bathrooms. For that reason, we would like to start with fantastic traditional pieces that require a little bit more space but are practical and look very luxurious. The top surface around the sink is usually made of marble or other excellent materials. In contrast, drawers and doors are made of best solid wood in subtle colours that follow clean lines and modest ornaments. Simple, clean surfaces are an inevitable part of classic designs. They can be a fantastic match with all other elements in your bathroom, from sanitary to additional features, like a bathtub, shower room, toilet, and more. Classic vanity units also leave enough space for more accessories and decoration. But most importantly, such models can be an excellent base for original basin designs, such as asymmetric or oval, for example. You can always try to be bolder and combine different styles and shapes to reach a unique form. With large pieces like double-sink vanity units, you can play with all your ideas. Blend materials, styles and shapes for contemporary looks that suits many modern homes and fancy apartments. With such elegant bathroom furniture, you can easily express your personal taste and sense of design.

Look for Practical Solutions

After choosing the look you desire for vanity unit in your bathroom, you need to think wisely about the interior and the optimal available space inside the cabinet. Fortunately, every model that Letta London can offer is designed to use the storage space as rationally as possible. Each model has a smart door-opening system, sliding drawers and partitions that allow you to organize your stuff better. Also, large vanity unit like the one with two basin places can be a real magic box for hiding all the mess and a bunch of stuff you don't know where to store otherwise. If you have planned to expand your apartment soon, it is the right time to start looking for a matching two-sink vanity cabinet. It will brighten your bathroom, hide all the clutter, and become your favourite place of the entire home. And while you can wash your teeth together with your partner and talk about the past day, both of you can enjoy scented candles or decoration for which there is plenty of space on the upper surface of the vanity cabinet.

Why Choose Letta London?

With Letta London, you can get more than just a great design. For many years, we supply our customers with the most beautiful furniture and sanitary ware. We also made the finest selection of home accessories, decorations, mirrors, tiles and more. By visiting our showrooms, you are not just entering the store, but the entire world of different elements that are essential for a lovely home and a happy place where you like to spend your time. Please, be free to explore our entire offer and find many great ideas on how to turn any bathroom into your personal spa, or how to pick the right pieces of furniture, like vanity unit that can be both stunningly beautiful and practical for many years. Our friendly and highly skilled vendors are always at your service to find the best solution for everyone's home.