Designer Vanity Unit Sets

Add a dash of royalty to your bathroom with our exclusive vanity units and sink cabinets. Our designer products will add that extra shine to your bathroom.

All the designers we work with are professionals that pay attention to every detail with a desire to provide high-class products to their customers. Moreover, they tend to follow the latest trends and incorporate them in both modern and traditional styles.

Designer Vanity Units By Category

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Designer Freestanding and Wall Hung Units

Letta London is pleased to offer sophisticated and unique designer vanity units. Created exclusively for people who want to make a particular statement about personal style and elegance, those cabinets represent one of our best selections. Every brand we offer is a quality that speaks for itself. As experienced and reputable suppliers, we strived to select only the best for this collection. Our designer vanity units will give you a unique opportunity to breathe in the charm of fancy houses into your home and enrich any space with fantastic pieces of furniture. But even better, this stylish furniture fits perfectly into lavish and huge places. On the other hand, we offer vanity cabinets from the best authors that will fit into any home and budget. So, feel free to explore our stunning selection of designer vanity furniture for bathrooms, lavatories, cloakrooms or any other area you like.

Freestanding Designer Vanity Units

Many cabinets form this lovely selection are freestanding and floor-based units that are easy to install and move whenever you like. They all come in different styles, shades and materials, so it's easy to choose the one that suits your place the best.

Wall Hung Designer Vanity Units

If you prefer more open space and transparent surfaces, than vanity units that can be fixed on the wall are the best solution for you. Find many designer models that can free your beautiful floors and be a trendy detail in your bathroom.

Designer Vanity Units in Various Styles

Different authors take inspiration from different places. Our selection keeps models that are inspired by many styles, from vintage and natural to more modern and futuristic. Depending on your interior design’s style, you can choose the right piece for yourself. Only a few designers can offer a unique chance to purchase authentic traditional bathroom cabinets. They are usually made of solid wood, covered with marble or porcelain, with so many beautiful curves, elegant lines and decorative handles. You can also find many great classics among designer vanity units in our selection. Those models follow some more simple lines and calmer colours to get a really comforting atmosphere and a design that is not pushy, but it’s still eye-catching. Designed furniture will always introduce some visionary ideas into home decor. It is also the case with designer bathroom cabinets. Find models that will represent the latest trends and blend in with the perfect hi-tech interior in any contemporary home. Models made by particular designers are a unique blend of different styles into one work of art. That is why these elements will always be noticeable details that every person who wants the exclusive should have.

More Functionality With Great Designs

Finally, all great minds think not only about the aesthetics, but also the functionality. With Letta London selection of designer vanity units, you can find many genuine solutions on how to use a maximum space and still keep an elegant and subtle design. No matter if your bathroom is large, medium or small, we can offer various vanity units with or without basins, freestanding or wall hung. All of them have optimal storage space — perfectly aligned partitions and drawers where you can put all the necessary stuff like spare towels, home appliances, cosmetics, and more. The top surface can be a perfect space to place your valuable belongings, like perfumes, cosmetics, jewellery and decoration. Pair it with some great mirrors and the right lighting, and you will get a real beauty salon in your bathroom.

Why Choose Letta London?

Letta London is not just an ordinary furniture retailer. Our name is a brand that has been supplying you with the most exclusive selection of bathroom and kitchen furniture, sanitary ware and home accessories. We select only the best designers for our exclusive offer so that you can arrange your home like a professional designer with a simple purchase. Visit one of our showrooms in London and find displayed models of stunningly gorgeous designer vanity units. Find out more about authors, brands and the quality of all products. Our sellers will be happy to introduce you to all the facts and give all the answers. Moreover, they can give you very useful tips on how to choose the best furniture, even an idea of how to decorate or renovate your home. The fact that we like to imagine and create together with you is one more reason to choose Letta London.