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      Buying a bathroom tap

      Choosing a bathroom tap for your newly renovated bathroom might sound like a piece of cake. Still, we believe many things need to be thought of during this process.

      Bathroom taps are an important part of your everyday routine. They are a piece of fixture that you are likely to use every time you go into a bathroom. Therefore, you need them to be practical, functional, and reliable. On top of that, you also need to consider your overall bathroom aesthetic. That is why you need to think carefully before making the final choice.

      The number of bathroom tap options at Letta London could easily overwhelm you, which is why we have prepared a short but useful guide to help you choose the right bathroom tap. Don’t worry. Our team of professionals will be at your disposal throughout the entire process.

      Single Lever Mixer Taps

      According to our sales department, single lever bathroom taps are one of the most common purchases at Letta London. As the name suggests, the tap is a singular tap that mixes cold and hot water.

      Another reason why these taps are popular is that they are great space savers. Naturally, due to their popularity, they are available in all styles and colours. Most of them are quite unimposing, which is why they will be a perfect fit for any type of bathroom.

      Wall Mounted Taps

      Wall-mounted taps have quickly become a fan favourite at Letta London. The hassle-free instalment process sets them apart the most, which is why many of our clients opt for them. Furthermore, they are pretty easy to clean and maintain.

      Bath Taps

      Bath Taps - If you’re more of a bath person, you’ll need to find a tap that fits with your bath. There’s plenty to choose from — from bath taps and freestanding ones to mixers and deck and wall-mounted ones. Ask a Letta London consultant for assistance if you need it to make a perfect choice.

      Bidet Taps

      Bidet Taps - Not every bathroom has a bidet, so not everyone will need a bidet tap. Nevertheless, Letta London carries a wide range of bidet taps. On our site, you’ll find classic pieces like plastic and chrome taps, but you can also go for more modern solutions in different colours and styles.

      Thermostatic Taps

      Thermostatic Taps - These taps are perfect if you want to always heat your water to the same temperature. Just turn on your bath and let the water flow.

      Tap Finishes

      The Letta London staff believes tap finish is just as important as its style and design. Please take a look at what we have to offer. We are sure you’ll find something that is to your taste.

      Chrome Bathroom Taps

      If you are a fan of simplicity, then a timeless chrome tap should be your first choice. Minimalistic chrome taps will make your bathroom look sophisticated. Therefore, this is the perfect option for you if you are not interested in any eye-catching elements!

      Black Bathroom Taps

      Black taps used to be considered a bathroom taboo, but not anymore! The rising popularity of black taps should not surprise you as they exude timeless elegance. Your guests’ eyes will be drawn to them immediately, so make sure not to add other statement pieces. They are more than enough!

      Brass Bathroom Taps

      Brass taps are a perfect choice for urban, contemporary bathrooms. There are different types of brass taps, depending on your personal taste. You might want to go for a shinier look if you want your bathroom to look polished. On the other hand, unlacquered brushed brass will look amazing if you pair it with concrete. It’s entirely up to you!

      Gold Bathroom Taps

      Nothing screams luxury more than gold. That’s why Letta London has introduced a range of gold taps that will appeal to all customers aiming for a regal bathroom look. So if you want to add a splash of gold to your bathroom, these taps are perfect for you. Trust us — you won’t regret it!