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VitrA Taps — Select Perfect Taps for Your Newly Renovated Bathroom

Selecting a tap for your new and shiny bathroom might sound like an easy task to complete. However, with a vast choice of high-quality, elegant VitrA taps, you might be in a pickle. Luckily, Letta London is here to make the decision seem like a walk in the park. Compromising is not an option anymore with VitrA taps at Letta London!

VitrA taps are made from the finest materials from around the world. If you’re looking for a long-lasting tap, by selecting one from Letta London’s collection of VitrA taps, you will be making a lifetime purchase. Opt for excellent brassware products from VitrA to add those finishing touches to your remodelled bathroom. Whether you’re going for a modern or a more traditional design choice, you will find everything you need with VitrA taps.

VitrA Taps By Category

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Looking for a perfect tap to put that finishing touch on your bathroom remodel? Although it can be a challenging task to find just the right tap to tie the whole bathroom together, Letta London will make it easier for you. By introducing the VitrA tap collection into our range of quality products, your tap choices are virtually endless.

Naturally, there are more choices when it comes to taps — including basin mixers, bath and shower mixers, and bidet mixers made of the finest materials, counting brassware. Although taps might not be the most important part of a bathroom renovation, they are an essential part without which it would be impossible for a bathroom to function.

Luckily, VitrA offers a full range of taps for a complete bathroom remodel. Whether you’re looking for a simple tap for your basin or you need to replace your shower tap, you will find a tap that suits both your style and demands with VitrA’s selection at Letta London. Explore the website or visit our showroom in North London to find out more.

Basin Mixers

Let’s start with basin mixers since they are a necessary part of any bathroom. Although they might not be the first thing you notice upon entering a bathroom, there’s no doubt you will use one to wash your hands before exiting. With VitrA’s selection of basin mixers, you will surely find one to suit your preferences.

Take a look at all available categories at Letta London.

One Tap Hole Basin Mixers

A one tap hole basin mixer is a traditional choice when it comes to basins. However, you won’t have to settle for an old-fashioned look, since VitrA offers modern solutions for your bathroom. Take a look at the Suit collection, like the Cooper Suit U model at Letta London. You can also find a great selection of two and three tap hole basin mixers from VitrA.

Countertop Basin Mixers

If you’ve installed a larger basin, you might want to go for a countertop basin mixer from VitrA’s collection. Your options are endless — purchase the conventional Brava Tall basin mixer or the contemporary Origin Tall basin mixer.

Integrated Basin Mixers

For a seamless bathroom look, opt for an integrated basin mixer. It’s the perfect solution for a minimalistic style. VitrA has an excellent choice of integrated basin mixers, both modern and traditional. If you want to go for an all contemporary bathroom, take a look at the electronic basin mixer choices from VitrA.

Bath and Shower Mixers

The same goes for bath and shower mixers — your options are numerable. Simply decide on your style and performance, and you will be able to find what you’re looking for at Letta London. VitrA is there to provide high-quality performance and impeccable design solutions.

Integrated Bath and Shower Mixers

If you’re looking for that perfect two-in-one solution, you’ve found it! Take a look at the selection of integrated bath and shower mixers available at Letta London thanks to VitrA. You’ll purchase a sustainable and durable mixer at an affordable price. Don’t forget to take a look at the thermostatic section, as well!

Wall-Mounted Mixers

Almost all bath and shower mixers come back to wall-mounted mixers because of their flexibility and easy instalment. Luckily, VitrA has been generous with its selection of wall-mounted mixers, focusing on both conventional and contemporary styles to suit every customer’s home.

Bath Mixers

If you need a bath mixer that isn’t wall-mounted, you won’t be disappointed with the collection available at Letta London. For a clean-lined mixer, opt for the Q-Line mixer to add that modern touch, and for a more traditional look, we suggest taking a peek at the Istanbul Pebble model. VitrA also offers a fine selection of bath spouts if you need one.

Bidet Mixers

Not to leave out any bathroom feature that requires a tap, VitrA has also prepared a special collection of bidet mixers. You can see all available bidet mixer options on Letta London’s website or showroom in North London. Add a refined touch with Origin bidet mixer or opt for the classic Nest bidet mixer. Whichever you decide on, you will purchase a first-class mixer that’s both long-lasting and sophisticated.