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VitrA Bathrooms — Create Modern or Traditional Bathroom

The bathroom is, without a doubt, one of the most important rooms in your home. Therefore, you should opt for the best bathroom equipment. Whether you are starting with basic materials or just need accessories to finalise your ultimate bathroom look, VitrA has it all.

Experts in the Industry
VitrA is a company that wants only the best for its customers. That’s why the employees that get a chance to work on VitrA products must be the best at what they do. Rest assured that you’ll get the supreme products by purchasing VitrA bathroom equipment at Letta London, as the industry experts have designed even the smallest piece.

VitrA Bathrooms By Category

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Bathroom renovation can be a stressful experience, from the moment you think about all the things you need to buy. Starting with the tiles, over sanitaryware and furniture, and all the way to the smallest accessories such as towel hangers, every choice has to be the right one so that your bathroom looks in the way you have always imagined it.

Moreover, so many options nowadays make this problem even more significant — we all want a bathroom that is real eye candy but functional at the same time. Also, there is usually a desire to follow the latest design trends but remain evergreen at the same time.

If all these questions are bothering you, we are more than happy to inform you that there is a solution to your problem. Letta London will introduce you to VitrA, one of the best bathroom suppliers on the market today.

No matter what you need for your bathroom, VitrA has it in many shapes and colours. Measure your bathroom and come to the showroom where professionals will help you use your bathroom space in the best way possible.

Or, if you already know which VitrA products you need to finalise the bathroom, visit the Letta London website and order everything in no time with a few clicks. Get a jaw-dropping bathroom by merely putting your trust in the hands of professionals in this niche!

Wide Range of Products

Letta London works only with serious companies to always stay on top of its game. That’s why it partnered up with VitrA — a top-notch provider of bathroom equipment that can offer you great products from the beginning to the end of your bathroom renovation.

Get the best tiles that can be combined to create a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere in your bathroom. Go for fantastic vanity units and stylish but practical water taps. Simply put, if you visit the Letta London website, you will get the all-inclusive service provided by VitrA — any product you might need can be easily found here.

Do Not Compromise on Style or Functionality

Very often, customers have the idea that nice-looking products cannot be functional and vice versa. For this reason, you must come to VitrA showroom and discover that you can have your cake and eat it too.

Namely, the manufacturing process of VitrA products includes both worlds — we want our products to look appealing but also be functional. In recent years, our team has paid special attention to water-saving ideas, as we want to contribute to the general well being of the planet.

With VitrA equipment, you won’t get only a stunning bathtub or a modern shower — these products are designed in a way that will allow you to afford a guilt-free bathing experience thanks to the VitrA’s latest water-saving technology. By choosing VitrA, you are buying bathroom furniture that has other purposes except for looking good.

Hygiene Is a Must

People mostly see their bathroom as the source of cleanliness and hygiene, but keeping it that way might sometimes be challenging. Yet, if you decide to go with VitrA products, this will not be an issue

VitrA uses the unique system of hygiene glazing on all its sanitaryware to prevent harmful bacteria growth by 99.9%. At the same time, the surface will be much easier to clean, and you will not have to use any strong and harmful substances to keep your bathroom in order.

Maximise Storage Potential

Although it does not seem that we need a lot of storage space in a bathroom, it eventually turns out that many items in this room have no designated space. This furthermore creates a lot of mess and makes your daily life more difficult.

One of the reasons people do not want to put a lot of storage units in the bathroom is because it disrupts aesthetics. However, as minimalism has become the most sought-after style, VitrA has adjusted its storage units to this trend. Therefore, you can get beautiful furniture that can fit a lot of items, and all that suited for a bathroom of any size.

We Are Open For Your Questions

If there is anything else you would like to know about VitrA products that can be found at Letta London store, we are there to assist you. The best way to do so is to visit our London showroom and talk to our interior designers who can show you all the products then and there.

In case our showroom is far from your home, feel free to visit the Letta London website and contact our customer support. They will be at your service and ready to provide all the information you might need.