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VitrA — The Luxury Your Bathroom Deserves

VitrA is a Turkish brand that provides its customers with outstanding quality and innovative design. Its luxurious products can instantly transform any bathroom into an oasis of peace and serenity. If this sounds appealing to you, take a look at what VitrA has to offer.

With almost eight decades of experience, VitrA is rightfully considered to be one of the top brands in the industry. Its innovative ideas, impeccable design, and first-class products are bound to attract customers who want nothing but the best.
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About VitrA

As Turkey and its hammams have become the synonym for luxurious and relaxing bathroom experience, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the best brands in the industry comes from this country.

VitrA was founded in Istanbul in 1942 by Dr Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı. At first, they sold nothing but ceramic ornaments and table tops. However, over time, the need for quality bathroom products was perceived, which is why VitrA started to not only sell them but also develop them.

That is how the brand earned the reputation it has today. By heavily investing in their R&D department, they’ve become one of the top brands in the industry of bathroom products. Starting from Germany, they managed to spread far and wide, and today, you can buy VitrA products in showrooms all over the world.

As a part of its global expansion strategy, VitrA has acquired famous ceramics brands, such as Engers Keramin, a company coming from Germany. It is also a majority shareholder in the tiles department of one of the most reputable ceramics brands in the world — Villeroy & Boch AG.

Thanks to VitrA’s innovative spirit, the entire industry has grown further. The brand prides itself on transforming bathrooms into living spaces by using both technology and comfort. That is why it’s been the number one choice for numerous customers who appreciate its quality.

Now, we are happy to say the customers at Letta London will also be able to experience the sheer luxury that VitrA products proudly offer.

VitrA Sanitaryware

VitrA sanitaryware takes great pride in its sanitaryware range that includes numerous award-winning designs. Among them, you will find bathroom fixtures, such as washbasins, WCs, urinals, and bidets. Choices are plentiful — all you need to do is visit the Letta London showroom and choose what suits you!

VitrA Washbasins

The brand has a line of around 500 washbasins, which guarantees you’ll be able to find something you like.

The choice of colours is astounding — apart from the traditional white, you will be happy to see some modern options as well, such as copper, gold, mink, and even taupe. In terms of style, you will find bowls, vanity washbasins, and the monoblock — semi recessed, undercounter and wall-hung ones.

Some of the most popular products in this category are Integra Semi Recessed Washbasin and Integra Standard Washbasin. Both of them are white; however, while the Standard one can be both with and without a tap hole, the Semi Recessed option comes strictly with it.

VitrA WCs

When it comes to WCs, VitrA offers both the traditional variant and the smart one.

In the former category, you can choose from classic styles and innovative designs. Whether you prefer a wall-mounted or a close-coupled option, we are sure you will find something that is to your taste.

However, an increasing number of people opt for the latter variant, as it has adjustable water and seat temperature, while also allowing you to choose from a wide array of washing options. VitrA offers a product called V-Care Smart WC. This WC comes with a remote control, so it is very easy to adjust the conditions the way you like them.


VitrA Bidets

There’s been an increasing demand for bidets among our customers, as they offer an enhanced level of hygiene and comfort. Among VitrA products, you’ll be able to find both wall-hung and floor-standing ones. The colour options are the same as other types of sanitaryware, so you do not have to worry about matching them.

VitrA Bathroom Furniture

When it comes to bathroom furniture, VitrA offers a multitude of design and colour options, so you can be sure you will find something worthy of your own bathroom.

Washbasin Units and Tall Units

VitrA’s washbasin units and tall units offer you plenty of storage space. Among them, you will find the units where you can store your laundry, your cleaning products, your towels — anything that comes to your mind, without compromising your floor space.

Integra Tall Unit has been one of the most popular storage options. It comes in three different colours, and the door hinge can be placed both on the left and on the right side. A complimentary laundry basket is given to the customers who purchase this product.


Mirrors are an integral part of every bathroom, which is why VitrA offers around one hundred options among which you will definitely find something that fits in with your bathroom aesthetics.

If you are looking for extra storage space, you will be happy to learn there are numerous mirror cabinet options you can choose from. That is precisely why many people have opted for Integra Integra Mirror Cabinet, as it is 60 cm wide and, consequently, provides plenty of room for toiletries.


Naturally, VitrA has a wide selection of taps. Nowadays, taps are getting increasingly modern, which is why they are not seen only as a necessity; in a way, they are an accessory as well.

The elegant design and the multitude of colours of VitrA taps will leave you breathless. Even though the chrome option remains the most popular, if you are looking for something different, you will also find brass, nickel, black, and gold tones.

Shower Systems

A stylish shower system can definitely revitalise and refresh your bathroom. That is why VitrA is proud to present you with numerous options.

If you are a fan of showerheads, we believe you’ll be happy to learn VitrA offers plenty of them in many different colours. Should you decide to choose this kind of a shower system because of its rather relaxing showering experience, we believe one of VitrA’s elegant showerheads (black, copper, chrome or nickel) will fit perfectly into your bathroom.

You will find many handshower sets, if that is more to your liking. The choice of colours is the same, and the award-winning designs are quite elegant. Another fact worth mentioning is that VitrA’s handshower sets are also eco-friendly, as they save water.

Now that you’ve learned all this, you only need to choose the right option for yourself!


As we know that many among you prefer taking a bath to taking a shower, we are pleased to inform you that you will be able to find plenty of tubs that will bring a sleek design to your bathroom.

The tubs VitrA has designed come in numerous shapes and sizes — you will find rectangular, rounded, corner and square-shaped ones. Some of them even offer additional hydromassage functionality.

Delphi Shower Bathtub has probably been one of the most popular choices among VitrA’s customers. This acrylic bathtub is 170 cm long and, even though it does not have a massage option, numerous clients have opted for it due to its functionality and modern design.

VitrA Tiles

For a long time, VitrA tiles have been seen as one of the top choices in the industry, thanks to their breathtaking designs and astounding quality. You will be pleased to learn that these genuine Turkish ceramic tiles are suitable for many uses, as they come in different sizes, colours, and textures.

When it comes to colour, VitrA’s customers can opt for cream, pastel, vibrant, greyscale or Earthy tones. If the choice is overwhelming, our Letta London staff will be happy to help; still, we can tell you that, from our experience, most people choose grayscale variants for their bathrooms.

In terms of texture, though, you will find ceramic, concrete, marble, stone, and wood. We suggest using modern, concrete-texture tiles for the bathrooms in a contemporary style; however, if you prefer zen, serene bathrooms, we believe you should opt for wood or stone texture.

VitrA Bathroom Accessories

No bathroom would be complete without some accessories, which is why we are happy to say there are plenty of soap, toothbrush, towel, bathrobe and toilet paper holders you can choose from VitrA products. Waste bins and towel warmers are a part of an offer as well.

These innovative, beautiful accessories are designed as complementary to other VitrA products, so you do not need to worry about the overall look of your bathroom. We can assure you everything will be in perfect harmony.