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Treemme Taps

Purchase Treemme taps at amazing prices at Letta London! If you are looking for the very best in bathroom design, you will find it with Treemme. Take a look at our website for more options.

Treemme Rubinetterie’s manufacturing has started in Italy and has been at the top of the business for more than 50 years. If you are searching for the quality taps that will withstand a lifetime, opt for Treemme taps. Follow the footsteps of many satisfied customers before you and finish off your bathroom renovation in style.

TREEMME Taps By Category

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The Treemme Rubinetterie is a company based in Italy, Asciano, the province of Siena. It is one of the most renowned manufacturers of stylish and quality taps and other bathroom accessories.

Treemme has been successful from day one because its consumers quickly recognized the amount of work and meticulousness that goes into every product they make.

The company was founded in 1968, so it already has more than 50 years of experience in the industry. During this time, the designers and artisans that make its core haven’t sat idle. They have worked hard, followed the trends and innovations, but created their own as well.

Treemme possesses numerous certifications that provide guarantees of their quality, design, ecological properties, and innovation. The company has also won numerous top industry awards, such as the German Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, several ceramics design awards, and more.

Therefore, if you require deluxe taps and fittings to create the bathroom you’re always dreamed of, Treemme is the place to find it along with Letta London, the official suppliers.

Treemme Taps Product Line

Treemme’s products are divided into five product lines, each one offering different and unique products. These are called Inox, Design, Retro, Contract, and Arredobagno.

All five of these feature taps and accessories are built using top-quality materials such as stainless steel, glass, and other durable metals.

The Treemme products you’ll find on Letta London include both modern and traditional models. They feature both simple and elaborate designs, so they can truly reflect your personality and help you achieve the result you have in mind.


The Inox consists of three main products when it comes to taps, called 5 mm, 22 mm, and 40 mm. They feature dozens of different variations, with a sleek design and unprecedented functionality. Since there are both discreet and flashy ones, you will not go wrong no matter which one you choose, as all of them are very eye-catching.

The numbers in the names of the three products are actually the thickness of all their parts. They follow the same dimensions, which makes them incredibly harmonic and proportional. All products fit different types of basins and bathtubs, so you will have no problems mounting them and making them work anywhere.

Most importantly, the products in the Inox line are made using high-quality stainless steel, which means they will last for years to come.


The Design product line has even more products than Inox. Therefore, there is little chance that you will not find the perfect tap for your bathroom. To be precise, there are 28 unique models in total, with dozens of products within each one.

They can best be described as a mixture of modern and traditional as they are simple and sophisticated at the same time. This product line puts functionality in the first place, which is why it has received numerous awards.


Retro, as the name of this product line implies, is made for those who put the primary emphasis on style and tradition. The models within the Retro product line are elaborate, bejewelled with beautiful carvings and stylish curves. They are exactly what your grandma would have chosen 50 years ago, but with a modern and luxurious twist.

The Retro models are ideal for both the bathroom and the kitchen. You can choose the type of functionality as well since there are models with either single or double controls. All of them have the age-old charm that you need!


The Contract product line is ideal for anyone who loves simplicity and minimalism. Even though these taps are beautiful, they have a straightforward design which makes them unobtrusive. It depends on you whether or not you wish to make them the central object of your bathroom or put emphasis on something else.

If your ideal tap is simple to use and made to be functional and straightforward, then you will definitely not be disappointed if you choose one of the numerous models from the Contract product line.

Arredobagno Accessories

Finally, we arrive at the Arredobagno accessories which are necessary to finalize your bathroom. Hopefully, you have already chosen one of the beautiful taps described above, and you can focus your attention to these smaller fittings.

If you browse the Arredobagno section on the official website or in a Letta London showroom, you will see a selection of soap dishes, glass holders, towel holders, mirrors, shelves, toilet brushes, and so much more. In other words, everything you need to make your bathroom complete and ready to use!