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Treemme Rubinetterie Showers

Browse through our amazing selection of Treemme Rubinetterie Showers available now at Letta London. Find the best shower that will fit your bathroom style perfectly.

When you think of Italian design, you probably envision clean, luxurious, and stylish design products. Treemme Rubinetterie showers are no different. Every product is designed to bring the ultimate shower experience to your bathroom. Whatever design you prefer, you can’t go wrong with the Treemme shower collection available here at Letta London.

TREEMME Showers By Category

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There’s nothing like a good long shower after a hard day’s work, and everyone who has ever had one would vouch for it. This pampering experience should be as enjoyable as possible, no matter whether you start or end your day with one.

To help you achieve this nirvana-like experience, a world-class Italian manufacturer TREEMME has created a series of exquisite showers and showerheads that exude an air of luxury and sophisticated design.

With TREEMME showers, know that you will be in for a lot more than your regular baths. These showers are characterised by supreme functionality thanks to the innovative solutions and advanced technology that are the basis of their development.

Therefore, it is safe to say that TREEMME collection is equipped with more than just showerheads; it is fitted with aesthetical and functional masterpieces that hail the next generation of shower experiences.

In this article, we are going to delve deeper into the TREEMME shower head collection and learn more about their impressive features and design that has helped this company climb to the very top of bathroom equipment producers.

Inox Showers

Coming from TREEMME’s superb Inox collection, these showerheads are a product of a delicate balance between simple elegance and functionality. The designers of Inox collection have managed to find multiple solutions by looking from all standpoints and have come up with multi-purpose showerheads that have a significant visual impact as well as unparalleled functionality.

The result of such effort are shower heads that can help you create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom with refreshing effects of cascading water. Also, the shower heads from this collection come in forms that are suitable for both bathtubs and showers, so that you can choose according to the style of your bathroom.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Inox showers are built from long-lasting materials such as stainless steel, which means that longevity and endurance, as well as easy maintenance, are the ultimate goal.

Design Showers

The year 2013 was the year when TREEMME introduced a new line of showers that now belongs to the Design collection and which focused on bringing the ultimate relaxing shower atmosphere straight to your bathroom. These showerheads are a result of meticulous design and precision manufacturing where attention was given to even the smallest details.

There are more than 160 individual showerheads from this collection that are suitable for both bathtubs and showers, and they are characterised by straight lines, appealing design, and sole purpose of complementing your private moments.

All who enjoy stylish and contemporary bathrooms will enjoy these showerheads and their high-quality metal and steel body, as well as brass and chrome finishes that perfectly fit different concepts and styles. Such fine production work is backed with an innovative double use that allows for both cascade and rain function of the showerhead.

Also, there are shower sets in this collection which possess a cold new thermostat that prevents mixers from overheating even when very hot water is used for a long time. The standard size of showerheads from the Design collection is usually either 250 or 300 mm in diameter.

LIGHT Series

With the Light Series of showers, the future of showering has already arrived. These series give us shower heads that are paired with differently coloured LED lights which will immerse you in a bright and full-colour experience.

These showerheads are slim and follow a minimalistic approach to design, which makes them trendy and fashionable. Also, since we are talking about the presence of lights and electricity, it is worth mentioning that all sources of power are completely insulated and that these showerheads are entirely safe to use.

The goal of these shower heads is to bring a multi-functional chromotherapy system with each of the LED lights emitting a specific electromagnetic frequency and having a distinct wavelength.


Thermostatics is a collection of multi-faceted water controllers that complement the showerheads and together with them compose unique shower kits. All showerheads from every TREEMME collection deserve to have matching controllers that help regulate the temperature of the water and its spout. Not only are they visually striking, but they are also of paramount importance when it comes to functionality of the shower. There are more than 57 different kinds for you to choose from, and their catalogue keeps adding more items of all types and purposes.