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TREEMME Rubinetterie is a renowned Italian company that has made a name for itself in the business of producing high-quality bathroom and kitchen equipment. The range of our products covers all you’ll ever need when renovating your bathroom and kitchen facilities. Our catalogue features everything from showers to faucets, mixers, valves, and accessories, and it will give you an entirely new perspective on design, functionality, and style of your bathroom and kitchen.

Remarkable reputation and relentless pursuit of improvement are to thank for positioning TREEMME at the very top of the industry, and such a position has secured business deals with top distributors of kitchen and bathroom amenities.

One such distributor is no other than Letta London, a highly esteemed seller of all the things related to bathroom and kitchen, and it is the place where you can find our products on display in showrooms and online shops.

Our collection offers top-of-the-line products whose longevity and functionality are guaranteed by only the best quality material used in production. The product and design processes are overseen by well-known design studios that keep coming up with new designs which will allow for more personalisation and functionality without neglecting the classic forms and traditional lines of products that our customers have cherished for so long.

About TREEMME Rubinetterie

TREEMME Rubinetterie company was established four decades ago in a small town of Asciano, in the province of Siena, Tuscany. The three founding members were Renato Michelangioli, Armando Medina and Guido Mencarelli. Conveniently enough, all three of their last names start with an ‘M’, which is why the company was named TREEMME ( three M in Italian).

The enterprise started out as a series of workshops that primarily focused on designing and creating faucets and fittings. The entire process was done by the company, from casting and galvanising to finishing and assembly.

With a meticulous approach to every detail, TREMME quickly rose to prominence with the buyers who know how to appreciate that approach and respond to quality and customer care with loyalty.

What buyers also appreciate is knowing that 80% of production is done in-house and with a careful selection of Italian suppliers.

TREEMME is a company whose products possess all the technical and sanitary certifications for potable water, such as Italian CSQ, France’s ACS, NSF international and Singapore’s PUB certificates, which means our products are completely safe and authorised for use.

Our success story has been validated by many accolades and awards received throughout the years, many of whom were awards for design, such as German Design Award, ADI Ceramics Design Award, and many others.

Product Range

TREEMME has a broad product range that incorporates everything from taps and showers to valves and accessories. Even though our focus is mostly centred around taps and showers, a lot of attention is also given to accessories that include a variety of soap dishes, glass and towel holders, mirrors and lamps.

All the products are classified into different categories, and our leading groups are dubbed Inox, Design, Retro, Contract, and Arredobagno. The groups differ in design, materials used, shape and structure, but all of them share a common ground, and that is their ultimate dedication to functionality and premium quality.


Our TREEMME taps have always been the cornerstone of development and progress of TREEMME, and it is no wonder that this item is one of the most sold items from our catalogue. All categories and designs feature taps as one of the key products of the line, and these taps are usually further divided into taps designed for kitchen and bathroom use.

All taps are characterised by sharp and elegant design, from the spout to its controls. The cutting-edge technology is at the core of all faucets, and these innovations and novelties are in perfect balance with both traditional and modern concepts.

TREEMME taps are a perfect fit for washbasins, bidets, bathtubs and showers, as these taps are not only elegantly designed with clean lines but are also ecologically reliable thanks to the environmentally-friendly materials.

With taps from the Inox design category, you can choose the trademark 22 and 40 mm ones that blend the elegant shape with unprecedented practicality. These taps are made of stainless steel, and their structures measure 22 and 40 mm in diameter respectively.

Other high-design faucets draw their inspiration not only from modern technological advancements but also from traditional designs. Such faucets belong to the Retro category, and here you can find some of the most elaborately designed faucets, like Cigno, or ‘enchanting swan’ in Italian. This faucet is fashioned in a way worthy of royalty, and it owes its regal appeal to the attention given to even the smallest details.


Taking a shower after a long day at work is a blissful feeling you deserve. To pamper yourself accordingly, you can choose one of numerous showers, showerheads and shower kits from Inox, Design, and Retro collections.

In these collections, you can find a vast number of versatile showerheads and shower kits that have tons of functions designed to help you create the best possible shower experience. Multiple solutions and services, like cascading waterfall spout from the wall-mounted showerhead, are present in a lot of TREEMME models so that you can have both functionality and great visuals with our models.

Also, it must be pointed out that showerheads have become a veritable designer item in modern bathrooms, and a lot of emphases is given to them. Luckily, TREEMME has found a way to incorporate the looks with technological advancement. Even in the Retro design models that are equipped with, for example, new cold thermostats. This cold thermostat helps with preventing mixers from overheating and keeps them running smoothly even with the prolonged use of very hot water.

In addition, showerheads that are a part of LIGHT series offer a full-colour experience with LED lights attached to them. These lights constitute an essential part of a multi-functional chromotherapy system these showerheads utilise. Each of the LED lights is differently coloured and have a specific electromagnetic frequency and wave-length, so, for example, you can see them glowing bright red when the water is hot.

TREEMME Accessories

It is a known fact that little details and accessories can personalise your bathroom and kitchen space and help you leave a personal touch to the renovation process. The accessories are a part of TREEMME’s Arredobagno collection, and here is where you will find lavatory brush holders, shelves, mirrors and lamps, towel holders, and so on. Only the top-quality metal and steel are used in creating these accessories, so that longevity and stainless properties of the items are ensured. Also, all these additions are perfectly aligned with faucets and other bathroom equipment so that you can achieve absolute harmony within your bathroom and pair all of them accordingly.

Our Mission

TREEMEE’s mission is to provide customers with the best that Italian artistry and quality manufacturing have to offer. Style, elegance, endurance, and modern technology are combined every step of the way, which is one of the reasons people always come back for more of our products.

The range of products is significant, and we take great pride in it. Our catalogue features everything you need in order to restore your bathroom to its former glory by giving it a new and modern look.

Furthermore, we have always strived for providing top quality for a reasonable price, so you can rest assured knowing you will get only the best goods for your money, and nothing less.

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