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THG Paris Bath Faucets

Check out our selection of THG Paris bath faucets available now at Letta London. Browse through and find the one that would add a final touch to your new bathroom space.

THG Paris is a company that strives for perfection. All of the available bath faucets are designed with care and attention to detail. Their goal is to deliver high-end and luxurious faucets that will bring your bathroom space to a whole new level. Scroll through our rich selection of THG Paris bath faucets and pick your favourite.

THG Paris Bath Faucets By Category

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Water is the source of life and an essential part of every household. No matter if you want to take a quick shower, a long relaxing bath, or simply do the dishes, no home is truly complete without access to water. However, there is no rule that says essentials shouldn’t be elegant and stylish.

Over here at THG Paris, we strive to turn every experience into an enjoyable one. Therefore, our goal is to deliver modern-day faucets characterised by elegance and luxury. Every creation of ours combines high-quality industrial know-how and state-of-the-art techniques.

With faucets designed to mesmerise and inspire, each of our products is designed with special care that guarantees our customers’ full satisfaction. Apart from receiving a high-quality functional product, every purchase also comes with more than 60 years of craftmanship embedded into it.

If you are curious to find out more about what we have to offer at THG Paris, feel free to explore our catalogue and learn more about our products and the different types of faucets that you can get at some of our resellers available worldwide.

THG Paris Bath Faucets

For many people, a bath is a central piece of every bathroom, and it is usually the first thing that you will notice when you enter one. Naturally, considering its significance, it is of utmost importance to pay attention to detail and make it as aesthetically pleasing as it can be.

For that reason, THG Paris aims to deliver only the faucets of impeccable quality and most exquisite design. They are integrated and come as a part of our bath and shower mixer solutions. Our customers can select among various designs and opt for a 3-hole, 4-hole or 5-hole rim-mounted bath and shower mixers. However, if you prefer something a lot less restricting, you can go for a free-standing 2-hole shower mixer which allows you to position it to your convenience.

Finally, we also include various bath spouts, for anyone looking to relax while enjoying the tranquil experience of water slowly filling the tub.

THG Paris Basin Faucets

Regardless of you’re brushing your teeth, having a quick shave or washing your face, for many of us a bathroom washbasin is where we start virtually every day. Moreover, we also use washbasins numerous times throughout the day to quickly wash our hands and prepare for a meal.

By understanding the importance of washbasins and how frequently we use them, THG Paris produces basin faucets that are convenient and easy to use without compromising on the modern-day aesthetics.

You will be spoilt for choice when browsing through our collection, as our basin faucets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Naturally, the shape, the size, and the angle of the faucet will heavily depend on the mixer you opt to use, and you can choose between rim-mounted 3-hole basin mixers or wall-mounted 3-hole basin mixers.

THG Paris Kitchen Faucets

Apart from delivering bathroom elements and faucets to add a final touch to your bathroom, THG Paris’ catalogue also includes kitchen faucets. If you prefer a minimalistic design, you can choose one of many single-lever basin mixers we have in our selection.

Note that, instead of faucets, some mixers come with hand showers. These hand showers can be detached from their docking position and provide you with a 360-degree angle that can help with washing dishes or prepping ingredients.

Additionally, many of our faucets come as a part of the wall-mounted kitchen taps. Each tap comes with moving and an adjustable spout above it and, depending on your preference, they come with 150 mm or 200 m centres.

Finally, you will be available to choose from our innovative 2-hole basin mixers that seamlessly integrate into a sink, leaving only a faucet and a retractable swivel spout visible on the deck. However, keep in mind that the 2-hole basin mixers are available only in chromes A02 and nickel mat C01.

Bespoke Design

While we already have numerous products available in our extensive collection, THG Paris can provide custom-built projects to satisfy the needs of our most valuable clients. This approach guarantees full satisfaction by complying with any specification while ensuring the aesthetics are to the clients’ liking.


Additionally, regardless of whether you’re choosing between bespoke faucets or the ones that already are a part of our collection, you will also be able to choose among dozens of materials and different finishes, such as antique nickel, lacquered antique silver, matte gold, and shiny stainless steel, to name a few.