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THG Paris – Official UK Suppliers of THG Paris – Showroom Based in London

Here at Letta London, you will find an excellent selection of THG Paris bathroom accessories that will add a final touch to your bathroom space. Buy them now at affordable prices, only at Letta London.

Established in 1956, THG Paris has a long background in the industry. With over 100 different products, the company has managed to create a name for itself and today it’s considered as one of the best bathroom-product manufacturers in Europe.

THG Paris By Category

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Welcome to TGH Paris online store, a place where you will be able to browse bathroom accessories of the finest quality. All you need to do is imagine your perfect bathroom and we will make sure that your wish comes true.

With over half a century of experience in the industry and hundreds of products, we are proud to be considered one of the most successful manufacturers of bathroom pieces in Europe and beyond.

We couldn’t go on about talking about our success without mentioning Letta London, our official supplier and distributor from Britain. This renowned company was excited to partner up with us, and you can see our vast range of products at their showrooms and online stores.

We specialise in manufacturing luxury pieces that represent the genuine art of living. Our products are made from the finest materials like natural marble, semi-precious stones, onyx, crystal, optical glass, and porcelain. Not only do these materials create a luxurious appearance of each piece but also guarantee longevity and functionality of all of our products.

About THG Paris

THG Paris was established in 1956 by three men: André Tétard, Julien Haudiquez, and Alexandre Grisoni. The starting letters of their last names created the abbreviation THG, which has become an internationally recognised name that’s still in use today.

Since those times, the company has grown exponentially, and in the 1970s it started to design and manufacture valves, which proved to be a great success.

Even today, TGH Paris is on an upward path. The company employs hundreds of workers, including the industry-leading artisans and engineers. Our designers include some great names like Jean-Claude Delépine, Jamie Drake, Alberto Pinto, Rémi Tessier, and others. Through rigorous quality controls and testing, we ensure that each product matches your expectations in terms of excellence and elegance.

Our hard work and dedication were recognised by the Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV), a French label that rewards firms for their accomplishments.

With the climate changes endangering our planet, each and every one of us must take responsibility and serve to protect Mother Earth. THG Paris takes the protection of the environment seriously, which is reflected in our usage of state-of-the-art recycling systems and renewable energy sources.

Bathroom and Kitchen Taps

The majority of the products in our store include bathroom taps. There are over 200 different items you can classify by material, style, and designers. As far as the materials go, you can choose between porcelain, crystal, stone, metal, horn, and wood. Each of these materials was carefully selected, cut, and molded to make a perfect tap.

We understand your needs for luxury and elegance, and that’s why we have categorised our products by style as well. When it comes to bathroom taps, you can choose anything from detailed baroque works to urban taps with a minimalistic design. If you’re looking for something in between, we suggest that you take a look at our Prestige collection; it includes plenty of quality items with unique decor like Rose, Oceania, Papillon, and others.

Bidets and water closets should always function properly, and we have several items when it comes to those. Both single lever and three-hole thermostatic mixers are on offer, and you can also order a fully hygienic assembly. Compatible WC plates guarantee a steady flow of water and effortless use.

Here at THG Paris we also have a selection of kitchen taps. The choices are not as vast as with bathroom taps, but you can still choose between several unique designs, from vintage looking Gatsby to simplistic and futuristic Harper.

Cabinet and Door Hardware

Creating a genuinely luxurious bathroom requires you to pay attention to details. Our extensive collection of cabinet and door hardware consists of over 140 different items, most of which come in several variations.

If you’re looking for a minimalistic design with round and square shapes and dominant metal characteristics, you will have plenty of options. Collections such as Beluga, Faubourg, Frivole, Pure, and Vegetal will surely meet your needs.

If you’re not that into minimalism and you are looking for something a little more audacious, Panthere, Marquise, Najem, Ange, and Perle are a few of the many pieces that stand out with their elegant decor.

These products are made to fit both your bathroom doors and cabinets. Of course, you can pair up any of these items with the rest of our bathroom products and complete your collection.


Our sanitary collection includes several different products such as bathtubs, basins, shower trays, and other accessories.

There are a few free-standing bathtub options that range from 176 cm to 190 cm in length and come in different shapes. They come in colours such as glossy white, matte white, canella, melograno, grey, and grey-blue. You can choose between round-shaped Clara and Harmonie or square-shaped Ego and Galatee models. You can also find several boxed in bathtub options with elegant models like Astrelle, Suzan, Elva, and others.

We also have a vast selection of whirlpool systems that come with hydro and aero jets. These tubs can be installed with chromato lighting, disinfection systems, and Bluetooth controls.

When it comes to basins, you will have plenty of options as well. The models come in square, rectangular, oval, and round shapes. The basins can be free-standing or part of the countertop. Each countertop has its single and double basin versions.

You can also order Pollensa individual shower trays which are all delivered with a drain. They vary in size between 80x100 cm to 90x180 cm.


To make your bathroom perfect, you should consider adding some of our finest bathroom accessories. Made with meticulous attention to detail and quality materials, our range of accessories will fit perfectly with other products from our collections.

Here, you can find everything from toilet paper holders, glasses, towel holders, towel warmers, soap dispensers, and other small bathroom items. However small, these items are not insignificant and will add that final touch to your bathroom.


Choosing the right bathroom tap model is only half the job. Equally important is the type of finish you select. We understand that our clients have nuanced tastes, and that’s why we have dozens of different finishes for every kind of person out there.

Polished chrome is never passé, and it’s also not susceptible to scratches, corrosion, or other damages, not to mention that it’s really easy to clean. Brushed stainless steel gives off that rugged look and goes well with the modern environment. Lacquered light bronze evokes the past times, and although it requires delicate maintenance, it is worth its aesthetics.

If you’re going for a more luxurious style, satin gold should be at the top of your list. It creates the essence of purity and relaxation. Although it’s more commonly seen as a material used on art sculptures, brown bronze PVD finish is a very popular decor option for bathroom taps due to its high resistance to corrosion, scratches, and cleaning products.

Blush PVD, on the other hand, is more feminine, although not delicate when it comes to maintenance and is an excellent choice if you’re going for durability. Elegant and extremely rare, rhodium silver illuminates with its bright glance and shiny finish.

Of course, all of our collections come in several finishes, so you will have plenty of choices once you decide which model to buy.