Welcome to Saneux! We are one of the leading companies that have been in the bathroom manufacturing business for over two decades. Following the latest interior trends, we are ready to deliver modern and functional solutions to all of you who wish to bring luxury and relaxation to your bathroom. Our official supplier is Letta London, the famous British company specialising in bathroom, kitchen, and other house amenities.

Here at our official website, you will be able to browse through various products and completely renovate your bathroom space. We offer everything from bathtubs and showers to smaller units such as mirror cabinets and towel rails. Saneux collections include dozens of different designs of ranges, brassware, mirrors, showers, and more. You will always be able to find something new on our website, as we add modern collections every now and then.

Since 2018, you can visit our brand new showroom in Clerkenwell and see our exceptional products in person.

Unparalleled Quality, Innovation, and Design

Apart from pure elegance, our products stand out with their top-shelf quality. With materials such as mineral marble, you will not only get beautiful finishes and modern design but also future-proof products which are meant to last and provide you with much-desired functionality. All of our products go through constant inspection and meet rigorous requirements, which means you can rest assured that you’re only getting the best.

Keeping up with the latest trends from the world of bathroom renovation is all but an easy task. For us, the only way to stay competitive is to keep up with the changing times and always offer something innovative. Improvement is what we all strive for, and at Saneux, that is exactly what you’ll find.

Just because the quality is a priority, that doesn’t mean design should be compromised by any means. We think that both aspects need to be at a satisfactory level, so something that works great should look great as well. Of course, tastes are different, especially when it comes to style. That’s why we offer a diverse range of products in all shapes and sizes, and with plenty of different materials like wood, brass, porcelain, and more.


Ceramics are the essence of every bathroom, and in our online store, you’ll be able to browse through hundreds of different ceramics products.

Our collection of basins is made with plenty of diversity so we can meet each customer’s preference. As far as the size goes, we have everything from 30cm Matteo washbasin to 120cm Quadro double bowl basin. If you’re looking for a great value, our most affordable item is the Indigo which size ranges from 50cm to 100cm. While you’re there, take a look at our semi-recessed and undermount basins as well.

Water closets come in various shapes and sizes too. You can select between wall-mounted, back-to-wall, or close-coupled WCs, while you can also choose individual toilet seats and cisterns. The same goes for bidets and urinals; we have over 30 of those.

Baths and Showers

Taking a bath or a shower is a time that should be enjoyed. At that moment, we are alone and we try to relax, washing away the day behind us. Picking the right bath should be taken with meticulous care, but no matter which of our products you select, you will be making the right choice.

We have over a dozen built-in baths, both single and double-ended, with a few D-shaped and P-shaped choices. They vary in size and material and are part of our Stenson and Indigo collections. As far as free-standing baths go, we have four state-of-the-art designs: Zaha, Vista, Lola, and Oval. No matter what choice you make, you will be guaranteed a comfortable experience, elegant outlook, and perfect drainage.

If you’re looking for bath panels, we suggest that you try oak, although we also have other colours and materials. An Agua Maison bath screen might also come in handy.

Shower products are one of our most sought-after items. Whatever you need, from handles, showerheads, valves, mixers, holders, to an entire shower kit, you can order from our catalogue. Functional and clear slider doors and modern shower trays can also be found here.


Your shower station can look and feel great, but it won’t mean much without the right handspray. Our handspray kits include several great options. Whether you prefer oval, square, or slim shower heads, you’ll find them at our store. They all have high flow rates and flawless functionality. The finishes come in chrome or matte black. Of course, all handspray kits can be paired up with other products from our collections like Matteo, Austen, and others.

Thermostatic valves like Tooga, Cos, and Nicholson all have elegant and minimalistic designs, but this is where functionality is more important. The mixers allow for effortless adjustments and help you reach that ideal temperature. Just like handsprays, the valves come in chrome and matte black. Of course, plenty of manual valves are available as well.

For those most relaxing moments when you fill up your bath and enjoy its warmth, you will need everything to work properly. Our bath fillers are equipped with clicker waste and overflow, making sure that everything is in order.


Whether you desire space, elegance, functionality, or all of those things, you should carefully select your bathroom furniture. In our store, we have furniture units for every single part of your bathroom.

The washbasin cabinets come in white, black, brown, and grey, and they all represent the latest trends in sanitaryware. You can choose between wall-mounted and floor-standing units, units with doors or drawers, and with handle or handleless. Different dimensions and shapes are available.

Our stylish mirror cabinets are also very practical, and you will have plenty of those to select from as well. The sizes range from 50 cm to 90 cm in width. Most mirrors come equipped with a touch sensor opening and eco-LED technology, allowing for natural and evenly distributed light. The most popular mirrors in our catalogue include Glacier, Ice, and Austen.

To have all of your bathroom wear, clean clothes, and towels neatly stored and not taking any space, you should order some of our nice side units. The smallest ones are 28x35 cm but you can also go for the larger option and try the tall 120 cm or 170 cm cabinets.

Our Mission

Here at Saneux, our motto is Bathrooms for Life. We feel that bathrooms are essential parts of all homes and you should pay attention to them as much as any other room in the house. We use bathrooms every day, and that’s where we need to feel at peace.

With clever design, everlasting quality, innovative product development, and responsible sourcing, our team of experts is working day and night to find perfect bathroom solutions for your needs.

The satisfaction of our clients is our only goal, and we make sure that anyone who enters our showroom is going to get what they’re looking for. Inspired by the latest interior design and architecture trends, we make sure that our line of products meets the standards of each customer.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we are still looking for ways to improve our services and give people a chance to create a bathroom they genuinely deserve.


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