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Saneux Bathrooms

Take a look at Letta London’s extensive product assortment to equip your bathroom with the latest Saneux products today!

Saneux is known as a company that produces the best-quality pieces for the bathroom renovation. If you love Saneux products, you will not need to look elsewhere, as Letta London has all these items at their store. Check out our catalogue or use the search engine on our site to find what you are looking for!

Saneux Bathrooms By Category

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Bathrooms are essential facilities in every home and should never be taken lightly. We at Saneux believe that a bathroom should always reflect your unique personality without failing to be functional as well. This is why we have been working hard for the past two decades to create top quality bathroom products in a bid to bring luxury, functionality, and latest designs straight to your bathroom.

Our ultimate goal is to help you get the best out of your bathroom renovation process and equip your bathroom with all the necessary items. A part of it includes expanding our sales network, and this is why we have partnered with a renowned Letta London company and made them our official suppliers.

At Letta London showroom, you can see the very best of our bathroom collection that includes ceramic products, bathroom furniture, brassware, taps, baths, showers, and pretty much everything you can think of. There, you will always be able to find something new and exciting by perusing carefully through our vast catalogue.

Saneux Basins

Basins are quintessential items in every bathroom that usually take up a lot of space, so the choice of the right washbasin should be prudent. Luckily, the offer of Saneux washbasins includes almost every dimension imaginable. The standard versions start as small as 30 cm and can be as big as 120 cm with single and double bowls.

The design of the Saneux washbasins varies greatly, and apart from the regular square-shaped ones, you can see circular and oval basins as well. Also, there are multiple additions that we have used to redefine your standard basins. For example, Saneux basins come both with and without tap holes and with the ability to be mounted on the wall. In addition, some of the washbasins come with an additional storage unit below that comes in different patterns.

Saneux WCs

Only a few items in a bathroom could ever match the importance of a functional and stylish WC. Saneux WCs represent the latest technological trends and developments that include several types of material, shapes, projections, and mounting. Whether you are interested in back-to-wall, wall-mounted, or close-coupled WCs, our catalogue has got them all.

Also, our focus is only on top quality materials, which is confirmed through the specs spreadsheet available to all our customers.

Saneux Baths

In case you are still thinking about whether to use a bathtub or install a shower cabin, feel at ease since we offer you both. Regarding tubs, you might be surprised to hear that Saneux has a choice of built-in and free-standing baths with several versions of each.

Built-in baths are what can be considered a classic, and the most popular versions are single-ended baths. With these, one side of the tub is carved at an angle which will suit you perfectly for those long baths after a hard day’s work. However, if you prefer to share your bathroom, you can always opt for a double-ended version, or D and P-shaped baths that are big enough to house two people.

Free-standing baths, on the other hand, are more traditional, but nothing short of spectacular. Exquisite Zaha, Lola, Vista, and Ovale designs will show why they are worth every penny you spend procuring them for your dreamlike bathroom.

Saneux Taps and Mixers

Now that you have chosen your ideal bath, WC, and washbasin, the time has come to install an appropriate tap and shower mixer. All taps and shower mixers are there to ensure maximum water flow and impeccable functionality. Price tags depend on your choice of material and shape. The taps and mixers we recommend come in 5 different forms. You can go with classic basin taps and mini versions of it and select the ones with either matt or chrome finish.

Most of these standard mixers come in double-height, wall-mounted, or 3-hole editions. The quality of all these is ensured by chrome finishing of top-notch material that guarantees the longevity of the product and its never-waning brightness. The designs that dominate both taps and mixers are dubbed COS, TOOGA, NICHOLSON, MERCURY, PASCALE, and TEMPUS, and they represent the designers' creativity at its finest.

Saneux Shower Kit

Saneux shower kits are a thing of the future. These kits are composed of thermostatic valves, arm and head sets, rails, and many more additions that complement each other and help you have an unforgettable showering experience. These kits come in various colours and with different functionality. If low-pressure valves are what you crave, you can opt for COS 2-way shower valve; and if you cherish simpler things, then COS 1-way kit is more than enough. COS and TOOGA designs are also present in shower kits and ensure continuous quality.