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The Saneux Austen Collection

Choose the stylish Saneux Austen collection at Letta London! Get all the stylish products of the highest quality!

The Saneux Austen collection was inspired by Jane Austen and had a goal to let you design your bathroom as a real poet would do! You can find traditional-looking items, as well as the modernized version of them in our Letta London stores. Both product types are created to spread the poetic spirit and help you create a signature bathroom you will enjoy spending time in.

Saneux Austen By Category

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Saneux has positioned itself as one of the leaders in the business of bathroom manufacturing thanks to its utter devotion to providing customers with the best quality bathroom products that exude the air of luxury in all aspects.

Saneux realises that the renovation of a bathroom demands full attention and no small detail is irrelevant. That is why Saneux has always strived to bring a pallet of different products to you which ranges from ceramics to bathroom furniture, brassware, baths, showers, and more. Also, it is the cooperation with top bathroom product sellers such as Letta London that made these products even more available to you via both Letta London’s showrooms and online sales.

The world of bathroom manufacturing is fiercely competitive, and the only thing that can keep you afloat is the quality of materials, creation of future-proof products, and elegant design, which is why all the products that come from Saneux’s assembly lines are carefully examined and tested to ensure you get only the top-quality product.

The devotion to excellence is what has always fueled Saneux, as well as their desire to grow and create new trends in the bathroom interior design. The results of such efforts are exquisite collections with sophisticated looks and unparalleled functionality. In Saneux collections, unrivalled quality and innovative products are grouped together to form an absolute unity of colour, shape, and functionality that will give your bathroom a unique shine and elegance.

One such collection that has sparked the interest of many customers is the AUSTEN collection inspired by Jane Austen and her writing genius.

AUSTEN Collection

AUSTEN collection of Saneux’s bathroom products represents unrivalled symmetry in manufacturing, and its elegance and style take an entirely poetic form. The luxury and functionality of these bathroom products tell us that AUSTEN has it all. The dominant colours of the AUSTEN collection are Alaskan blue, gloss white and pacific walnut. The collection is composed of basins, units, side units, toilets, bidets, mirrors, and more.

AUSTEN Basins and Washbasin Unit

AUSTEN basins are characterised by precise form and purity in design. The outlines of basins are rectangular in shape and are of solid construction. The standard dimensions of washbasins start as low as 50 cm, and the biggest ones in the offer are 72 cm. These basins come with a single tap hole or even without one, so you can choose a perfect fit for your bathroom.

The washbasin units, as we have mentioned before, come in three different colours, and are composed of a basin with a storage unit below it. These units can be wall-mounted and floor standing, comprised of a single drawer or 2-door storage space below the basin. They are convenient, elegant and extremely functional.

Apart from these, you can also enjoy in countertops and semi-recessed basins whose enigmatic design appeals to all with a taste for something out of the ordinary and creative.


AUSTEN WCs and bidets are carefully selected products that have perfectly proportioned bowls and various functions, such as quick-release soft-close seats constructed to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. The most popular items from the collection are close-coupled, back-to-wall and wall-hung WCs. All these toilets have soft-close seats which can also be purchased separately for your existing bathroom if the measurements coincide.

AUSTEN Mirror Cabinets

No renovation of a bathroom is ever complete without the appropriate bathroom furniture, and mirror cabinets represent a quintessential item. With AUSTEN mirror cabinets, you get significant storage space and high-quality mirror glass that’s easy to clean and maintain.

There are two types of AUSTEN mirror cabinets. The first type is the electric mirror cabinet which is powered by LED lights from above the mirror to secure maximum visibility and a sharp reflection. The dimensions of these cabinets are 600 mm and 60x14 cm, and the latter cabinet even comes with a shaver socket.

Apart from electric cabinets, the customer can opt for their non-electric counterparts with the same dimensions and design, only without lights and power sockets.

AUSTEN Side Units

There never seems to be enough space around the bathroom, and we always seem to lack a drawer or two. These problems are easily solved with AUSTEN side units. These side units offer additional storage capacity and come in three different forms.

The short side units are 1-door wall-mounted units with a single handle. The measurements of all short units, regardless of the colour, are 35x28x82 cm.

The opposite of short units are tall side units. These 35x25x140 cm tall units are also wall-mounted and come with a single door with a handle.

Last but not least are WC units which offer the biggest storage capacity where you can store all those products and items you don’t frequently use without ever worrying about losing them.