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Saime – Official UK Suppliers of Saime – Showroom Based in London

Scroll through the wide range of Saime tiles that are available at Letta London. Find the perfect ones that will match your style and create an inviting living space.

With more than eight decades of experience in the industry, Saime creates gorgeous tiles of the highest quality. All the Saime products have been created to cater to every customer’s need and preference, while still guaranteeing longevity. The tiles have been created using only the finest materials.

Saime By Category

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Every concept of your ideal home’s interior begins with carefully selecting the tiles for your floor, as well as your walls. We believe that extraordinary tiles are crucial, as they are a window to your personality and a way to express yourself. They are a way to tell an untold story without uttering a word and present your household in a brand-new light.

By picking only the products of the highest quality and superb design, you are guaranteed to further emphasise the intentions of your initial design. Therefore, over here at SAIME, we strive to provide our customers only with the finest products.

Apart from exquisite and attractive looks, our tiles are also designed with longevity in mind. Moreover, after years of working in the same industry, we are able to supply a vast range of customers with our myriad of choice, while making sure that each of our products feels like a custom-tailored experience to all our customers.

For years, tiles have been our passion, and whenever we felt like we have achieved something great, we continued raising the bar and setting new goals for ourselves with our customers in mind as our top priority. For that reason, all our products are designed to cater to your needs and to ensure that your home is exactly as you’ve envisioned it to be. If you believe that we can help you realise your dream, feel free to get to know us better and browse through our collection at your leisure.


Our company’s long history starts in 1938 in Sassuolo when the Gambigliani Zoccoli family acquired a part of the company from the Siliprandi family. Working alongside an engineer, Mr Padoa, The Gambigliani Zoccoly family developed the first porcelain stoneware production with innovative tunnel ovens that replaced the old Hoffmann furnaces.

During the sixties, SAIME moved from the centre of Sassuolo to Maranello, where we are still located. As the years passed, our company went through a lot of changes. In 1987, SAIME was acquired by the Riwal group, becoming the largest plant in the district only to become a part of the Casalgrande Padana group in 2007, alongside the entire Riwal group.

After investing nearly 50 million euros over ten years, we completed the renovations of our facilities in 2017, which also includes an innovative production line for ceramic panels.

Today, we are one of the leading plants of the Casalgrande Padana group, and we specialise in large size tiles. By investing in our future, SAIME plans to further expand our brand by offering traditional, as well as the most innovative materials on the market.

Product Range

To make sure that our tiles can complement both the interior and the exterior of even our most demanding customers, we have designed a wide collection of different tile types. Therefore, to make the whole process a lot more convenient and faster, we split our tiles into different categories, and you can browse them by their design or by the material.


For many, marble has always been the material that defined elegance and luxury. If you would like a gorgeous kitchen, a hallway or mesmerising bathroom, you can select between two different options presented to you in our catalogue. Both Cave and Cremo are unique in their own way. While the Cremo collection is available only in natural/lappato surface and a 30x60 format, Cave comes in more than a dozen formats and several beautiful finishes. Moreover, it is also available in more than 20 different colours.


If you are the type that loves the gentle touch of wood as you walk barefoot, we have prepared five different design collections, such as Alpi, Majestic, Natif Light, Painted, and Timber. Depending on your preference regarding the type, design, and surface, you will be able to choose between numerous formats. Additionally, we have also prepared a vast array of different colours for each of the collections to ensure the maximum level of customisation until everything is according to your taste, as well as your needs.

Concrete & Terracota

Concrete and terracotta contribute the most to our collection as there are more than 16 different designs to choose from. While a lot of people automatically think of outdoor tiles when they hear of concrete, using them indoors is not unheard of. As a matter of fact, it is just as great as if the tiles were in open space, and if you need a bit more convincing, you can browse through our gallery and explore Valencia, Salento, Urbandeck, Neutra, and Logic, just to name a few. As is the case with every product in our collection, you will have plenty of different intricate designs, sizes, and colours to choose from.


The last material in our collection are tiles made of stone. Designed for any environment, Artica, Boulevard, Volcano, Phoenix, Luserna, Morestone Kaleido and Cosmos are there to compliment your home. Cut in different sizes using the cutting-edge technology, each of the tile collection is sensational to look at and is guaranteed to bring something new to any area you decide to have it installed in.

SAIME Thinks Green

SAIME is a proud owner of a LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which is a certificate system for the energy and corporate sustainability of buildings. This system is applied in more than 140 countries across the world and it was developed for the purpose of promoting and developing a global approach to the environmental, economic, and social stability of buildings, from the initial design phase all the way to day-to-day management.

Our porcelain stoneware is recognised as a LEED compliant material and meets the requirements defined by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) for its recycle material percentage, insulating effect, low polluting emissions and innovative design properties. In other words, this directly means that using the SAIME Ceramiche materials for floors or walls allows for the assignment of a score that contributes to the attribution of the LEED certification.

Furthermore, all our products are made through processes and technologies that ensure the maximum quality, as well as environmental sustainability. Therefore, we are proud to say that all the gaseous emissions are completely purified through the most advanced cutting-edge filtering technologies, which ensures that SAIME stays green through every phase of the design and production process.

Our Mission

Ever since our inception, SAIME was focused on providing only the best experience for our clients. Our products are created with the intention to be admired and to leave everyone in awe while being functional and durable.

SAIME has a long tradition that is characterised by quality and design, and we continue to uphold it with every new product that we make. From the moment that an idea is put in motion, we make sure that the end-product is a seamless combination of dedicated craftmanship and years’ worth of experience. Simultaneously, the same way that we want our products to be admired, we appreciate the beauties of our planet. In order to show our deep gratitude for the environment, we produce fully eco-compatible products without compromising the integrity of its design or its beauty.