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OASIS Italy – Official UK Suppliers of OASIS Italy – Showroom Based in London

Visit Letta London’s store in North London or scroll through the website to find out more about the incredible offers from Oasis Italy, a leader in the world of luxury design.

A world-famous luxury design brand Oasis Italy has been manufacturing high-quality products since 1908. With more than a century of experience, Oasis has perfected the art of interior design that’s available on the UK market through Letta London. Customers are guaranteed durable products made from the finest materials from all over the globe.

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Since 1908 when Floriano Quaia opened his small furniture workshop, Oasis has been a brand in the making. After more than a century of meticulous work, it became a symbol of elegance, style, and luxury recognised all over the world.

Combining the Italian tradition and artistic heritage with modern trends of interior design, Oasis is one of the most successful companies dealing in luxury home and bathroom furniture.

Although our story began in Milan, Oasis showrooms are now open in all corners of the globe, from the United States to Hong Kong. Our presence is felt in all main markets and Oasis is a well-known name in countries like Russia, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, and other places.

Of course, we couldn't have made all this success without the help of our loyal partners. One of the leading distributors of our luxury products is Letta London, a company who helped us establish our flagship showroom in England’s capital.

In our vast product range, you can find everything you need for your home and bathrooms, including furniture, lighting, and other accessories.

Oasis Family

Oasis is a family business, and, even though times have changed since that small furniture workshop opened in 1908, the name Quaia is still ahead of the company’s successful business ventures. Floriano’s three great-grandchildren Francesca, Federica, and Lorenzo represent the fourth generation of the Oasis family and are in charge of keeping its strong identity today.

Inheriting their forefathers’ style and business capabilities, they are able to bring new ideas to the mix and keep Oasis a relevant factor in the modern world of furniture manufacturing.

Home Collection

Taking inspiration from the Art Déco period of design and architecture, we have made the unique Oasis Home Collection that consists of some of the finest pieces of furniture that you can find on the market.

Created by the most skilled craftspeople in Italy, our Home Collection offers you a vast range of stools, armchairs, sofas, tables, bookcases, beds, mirrors, and other furniture.

Although it is reminiscent of the classical style typical for the beginning of the 20th century, Oasis home furniture is in line with the modern standards of interior design. Each of our models can be paired up with other items from the collection, so you can create a unique furniture mixture that will bring harmony and elegance to your home. Moreover, you can combine the Home Collection furniture with our bathroom items to give your living space a distinct look. The products come in various sizes and finishes and are entirely customisable.

While they do fit well in any home, the furniture from this collection can be utilized in other spaces, like waiting rooms, offices, lobbies, cafés, and more. Great attention to detail and pristine design does not compromise the comfort and the material quality of the products from our catalogues. Only the finest wood, fabric, leather, and metallic finishes are used in manufacturing.

No matter what your furniture needs are, you are sure to find it in our stores. We offer sofas and beds in various dimensions, tables both big and small in several shapes, stylish console desks, spacious bookcases and base units, elegant mirrors with a beautiful framework, and other completely matchable furniture.

Bathroom Collection

Here at Oasis, we see bathrooms as one of the most essential parts of every home. This is a room where you should feel safe and appreciate your private time. Therefore, we feel that the interior of a bathroom should be made with great care and attention to detail.

Inspired by the Italian masters of bathroom design, we made bathroom accessory lines that can satisfy everyone’s taste, from the charming style of old to the minimalistic features of modern.

Our ceramic basins can be both free-standing and wall-hung, depending on your needs. Apart from the exquisite and luxurious design, our basins are meant to last, providing you with both pleasing aesthetics and future-proof functionality.

Bathtubs of all shapes and sizes are made in line with the quality standards of modern bathrooms, yet they evoke the Art Déco atmosphere of the past century. Both recessed and free-standing, our bathtub units are meant to fit well into any bathroom regardless of its size.

If you want to completely renovate your bathroom, take a look at our Master Collection where you will be able to see several unique ‘all in one’ collections that include matching furniture, accessories, mirrors, lighting, and other items.

Of course, you can always browse through our Master Complements and order individual products such as mirrors, taps, bidets, soap dispensers, and more.

Lighting Collection

Often overseen part of the design, lighting is just as important as furniture when it comes to creating a harmonious atmosphere in one’s home. It’s a fundamental component of architecture, and it can completely transform your living space.

In this collection, you can see many different lighting fixtures that come in a variety of materials such as metal, wood, and fabric. Our lighting collection is all but ordinary, giving you a chance to create a unique atmosphere in your home and fulfil your needs for luxury.

The lamps and chandeliers come in different shapes and sizes and are all made by the most professional artisans of today. The items in each collection can be pendant, wall-mounted, and table or floor standing. You can be sure that the light will be equally distributed and complement all your other furnishings.

From the crystal Stradivari to an extravagant Edge, our deluxe collections are not just meant to be the light source in a room, but also emphasize your particular tastes in interior design. With easy installation and effortless use, Oasis Lighting collections are both simple and sophisticated.

Projects & Rooms

Here at Oasis, our work extends past manufacturing and distribution of products, as we also offer bespoke solutions and projects for your interiors. Giving you a much needed inspirational push, we are able to create your desired room design from scratch.

Oasis Rooms offer over 20 different solutions for harmonious living spaces, ranging from traditional Art Décor styles to modern 21st-century ambiences. Taking into account every inch of your rooms, we will give you the best possible furniture and lighting suggestions so you can create your perfect home.

Creating a soothing atmosphere in a home is important, but people also like to feel comfortable when they are in hotel rooms, restaurants, cafés, or other public and private places. Therefore, our projects include solutions for hospitality as well. Taking into account both the functionality and the need for decoration, our projects will guarantee satisfaction with even the most demanding guests and clients. We also understand that time is of the essence when it comes to hospitality, and that’s why we make sure that the projects are always finished on time and the delivery is exactly according to our deals.

Oasis Projects extend to commercial spaces, too. With the goal to create a better purchasing experience for your customers, we offer only the most stylish furniture from high-quality materials that will turn your store into a truly welcoming place. Regardless of the nature of your retail work, our team can create a project that will breathe fresh life to your business’ interiors and highlight your products.