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MOMA Design – Official UK Suppliers of MOMA Design – Showroom Based in London

Take a look at the fantastic selection of bathroom furniture from Moma Design at Letta London. Scroll through our website to find inspiration or visit our store in North London to purchase exclusive Moma products.

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MOMA Design is a company that specialises in bathroom design, providing various products for furnishing your bathroom. We are set in the heart of the fashion world — Milan, meaning that the professionals who conceptualise and create our products follow the latest trends in design.

Apart from being innovative and productive, we are also aware of our clients’ needs and we make sure to listen to them, continuously upgrading our products to give every home a perfect bathroom. Our products, such as washbasins, bathroom furniture, bathtubs, shower cabins, shower trays, showerheads, mirrors, hammams, bathroom fixtures, and other accessories, will make your bathroom modern and welcoming.

We consider bathrooms an essential part of every person’s life. In fact, we perceive it as a sacred place where people get to be on their own and devote time only to themselves. It is a chance for us to be completely ourselves.

Therefore, every bathroom needs to make us feel comfortable, and we need to enjoy every moment in there, which is why we have come up with a set of products with that idea in mind. In other words, by buying our washbasins, furniture, and other related products, you are buying peace and tranquillity that every modern human longs for.

We collaborate with numerous bathroom vendors all over the world who further distribute our bathroom products. If you live in Britain, chances are you can obtain some of our products via our official distributor for the UK — Letta London. Make sure to check out their website or visit some of their amazing showrooms to see MOMA Design products for yourself.

About Moma Design

MOMA Design is the brainchild of the architect called Ignazio Di Masi who had the vision to make perfect bathrooms. The company was established in 2000 when Di Masi decided to make tailor-made products and had some pretty innovative ideas for that time. Soon after that, he formed a team of professional designers, interior designers, and architects. To this day, the team carefully researches, conceptualises, and creates bathroom products for everyone.

Mr. Ignazio Di Masi is still the main architect and designer in the company and has gained a great reputation over the years. He was a student of the legendary Professor Marco Zanuso. In the 90s, Di Masi had numerous short and successful projects after which he decided to focus on bathrooms and started MOMA Design. The company even has a special collection of bathroom products called DIMASI Bathroom.

Product Range

The two types of materials MOMA Design uses for its products are called Corian and STONAGE®. Both of these are composite materials perfect for every bathroom as they meet various requirements.

Corian is a material made by DuPont. It consists of slabs which are further exerted by mechanical processing, including cutting, glueing, thermoforming, and sanding. The result is a hard material that has many unique and complex shapes that perfectly fit every modern bathroom type.

Stonage is also a solid surface material that has unique features. The material is obtained from natural minerals, one of them being ATH (aluminium-trihydrate). On top of that, a high-quality acrylic resin made of pure acrylic polymer PMMA is added to ensure the colour is stable and long-lasting.

Apart from these two materials, MOMA Design also uses various types of wooden materials, including natural oak, grey oak, white oak, rosewood, and more.

We’ve already mentioned the types of products made by MOMA Design, so make sure to check out Letta London online shops or showrooms to find out more. Let’s take a quick recap of their offer.


Washbasins come in various shapes and sizes created by real interior design lovers who follow the latest industry and design trends to make cutting-edge products. Some of their popular washbasins include Cubic, Cubanito, Cuba, Altontondo, Canasta, Cuvette Elipse, and more. All washbasins fit various types of homes or public areas and represent an elegant and stylish addition to your bathroom.


Furniture selection provided by MOMA Design can also be installed outside bathrooms, although their primary function is to be part of the bathroom interior. They are made of various elements, including wood, and some of the popular models are Scaletta, Provence Table, Emotion Slide, Evoline, and more.


Many contemporary bathrooms diminish the importance of bathtubs nowadays, but we believe they are an essential part of every home. Not only do bathtubs help you get nice and clean, but they also provide you with a way to relax and take your mind off daily problems. Therefore, we came up with a set of different tubs in various shapes and sizes that can make your house feel like home whenever you prepare a hot bath. Some of the popular tubs are Saint Tropez, Provence, Elisoft, and others.

Shower Cabins, Shower Trays, Showerheads

Showers are the central part of every bathroom, so we’ve made sure to pay special attention to our shower cabins, trays, and showerheads. It is up to you to choose the best fit for your bathroom and enjoy the modern and luxurious touch these products provide. There isn’t a better feeling than coming home after a long day and taking a shower in a beautiful shower cabin that will fill you with positive energy.


MOMA Design also offers stylish mirrors made according to the latest trends, with a touch of luxury. Make sure to check out our mirror offer and see which one would fit your bathroom.


Our offer also includes four types of hammams for people who prefer this bathroom accessory. If you like hammams, take a good look at our offer — you are in for a pleasant surprise!


Finally, we have a decent offer of various bathroom accessories, such as caddies, stools, lines, containers, and more. If you need a place to sit or hang your towel, feel free to check out this section.


Bathroom fixtures, including toilets and sinks, are also one of the categories we cover. Although we specialise in showers, tubs, and washbasins, we also have a decent offer of fixtures which go perfectly with our other products.

Our Mission

MOMA Design has been around for almost two decades, which means we have around 20 years of experience in making your bathrooms look modern, luxurious, and stylish. Our designers aim to create new products which will follow the latest trends and make them available worldwide.

We believe that every bathroom should make its visitors feel like they have visited a sacred place where they can not only get clean but also meditate and enjoy the environment. That is why it is important to insert beautiful elements that will further decorate this area of your house and create a place you will always be eager to enter.

Therefore, our mission is not only to satisfy your aesthetics cravings, but also to provide a practical and ergonomic space where you can feel at peace. Needless to say, our bathrooms and bathroom products are, above all, practical, meaning that you will be able to do everything you want in your bathroom with minimal effort.

If you live in the UK, make sure to check out our offer via our distributor for Britain — Letta London — by visiting one of their showrooms.