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When the Bathroom and Kitchen gets all messy, the most important thing is to get the water flowing through the tap as quickly as possible. For the most functional products, Letta London chooses Grohe and its practical kitchen taps that proved to be great assistants in getting your Bathroom and Kitchen back in order.

Grohe Taps By Category

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We all know that things can get busy in the kitchen. Whether you’re preparing a meal for the entire family or you just need to wash a big pile of dishes, having a functional kitchen is a necessity.

To make things at least a little bit less frustrating, Grohe has come with a line of tap products which not only turn your everyday kitchen chores into an enjoyable activity but also look stylish and elegant.

Grohe taps come in many shapes and forms, and we will explore the ins and outs of these modern kitchen amenities and describe some of their state-of-the-art features.

Grohe Premium Lifestyle Collections

These collections currently include nine different models which come in all kinds of shapes and forms and have plenty of features, making them ideal for your everyday kitchen needs.

K7 and Eurocube are very similar in design, meaning that they both have an extractable hose which you can use to easily control the direction of the water while washing food or dishes. Everybody, from occasional cooks to professional chefs, loves this design as it saves them a lot of time and effort when preparing a meal or washing the dishes after one. What’s more, the sprays can rotate 360 degrees and they come with that pretty chrome finish.

If you want to mix things up in your kitchen with a little bit of technology, Zedra Touch and Minta Touch should give you what you’re looking for. We all know things can get messy in the kitchen, and those stubborn fingerprints that you sometimes leave on the tap can be a nightmare to clean.

That’s why these two models come with EasyTouch technology which allows you to activate the tap by pressing it from above with your clean forearm or wrist. The only difference between the two is the design — you can get the spout in C-shape form or L-shape form.

Other models from this collection include Essence and Ambi. Essence has a really functional detachable hose, while Ambi prides itself on having an elegant design and a durable finish.

Grohe Performance Lines

Performance lines from Grohe taps provide a more basic design while remaining modern in their appearance.

The spout on the Europlus model is angled, which allows for large pots and pans to fit and be washed without the tap getting in the way. Eurodisc is fairly similar, but it’s additionally equipped with Grohe EcoJoy technology which limits water consumption to a maximum of 5.8 litres per minute. Both models are in chrome by default, while some other finishes might be an option as well.

Concetto mesmerises with its timeless ergonomic design and while it looks basic at first glance, it uses SilkMove technology through which you can control the temperature and the flow with precision and ease.

Reminiscent of retro-style kitchen taps, Parkfield is by far the most distinctive model from this entire collection. However, while it looks classic on the outside, it’s completely modern on the inside. It has two separate spray modes which are perfect for washing and rinsing. On top of that, this model comes with SpeedClean nozzles that prevent the formation of limescale. Parkfield is an ideal Grohe tap for busy kitchens.

Grohe Water Systems

We can’t finish our talk about Grohe taps without mentioning Grohe water systems – Grohe Blue and Grohe Red.

In most cases, tap water is not clean enough to be suitable for drinking. However, Grohe Blue technology uses state-of-the-art water filters, CO2 bottles, and coolers to provide you and your entire family with fresh drinking water.

You can choose between still, medium, and sparkling water and you can even control Grohe taps with a smartphone app. Just remember to change the filters and CO2 bottles on time and you’ll be good to go. The filters can purify up to 600 litres of water before they need to be replaced.

While Grohe Blue cools your water and filters it, Grohe Red does the complete opposite. It provides you with boiling water in a matter of seconds. If you just came back inside to shelter yourself from cold weather, you can relax and get warm quickly — having to wait for a cup of tea is not an issue anymore.

Preparing food quickly or just warming up a bottle of milk is possible as well. Boilers can fit perfectly beneath your sink and they come in two different sizes. The smaller one is 37 cm in height and has a diameter of 21 cm while holding 3 litres of water. The bigger boiler is 49x21 cm and can hold up to 5.5 litres.