Grohe Shower – Discover a Whole New Showering Experience

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There’s something very pleasurable about taking a relaxing and much-needed shower after a long day at work. Even starting the day doesn’t feel right unless you spend several minutes under a hot stream of water.

Knowing that showers are essential to everybody, a German company called Grohe strives to make every single one of those private moments precious for you.

Grohe shower collection is not just a bunch of showerheads with a different design but a series of innovative solutions which tend to your modern lifestyle and transform your bathroom into a place you can truly enjoy.

In this article, we will mention some of the top-selling Grohe shower products and reflect on their impressive features which lead the way in the future of luxury bathroom design.

Bespoke Showers

Imagine that you can create a tailor-made showering experience right inside your home. Well, with Grohe bespoke shower solutions you don’t need to imagine any more. Currently, this collection holds two separate products – F-digital Deluxe and AquaSymphony.

F-digital Deluxe is a showering station which can help you relax with chromotherapy, steam, or just a regular overhead shower. There are three main functions of F-digital Deluxe, all of which can be controlled wirelessly via Grohe mobile app.

With this app, you can adjust the lights, play your favourite music, and set the intensity of the steam. Apart from changing the colours, you can also dim the lights to a certain point and create a whole different atmosphere.

High-quality shower speakers are suitable for all music genres, whether you want to listen to some meditation sounds or sing your favourite tune from the top of your lungs. Last, but not least, steam adjustment helps you open up those skin pores and feel like you’re actually sitting in a real spa.

Apart from the breathtaking design, AquaSymphony gives you a chance to toggle between six different types of sprays – Rain, AquaCurtain, Waterfall, Drizzle, Pure, and Bokoma. Of course, you can use the Grohe spa app to adjust the setting according to your desires.

Concealed Showers

With their modern and luxury appearance, concealed showers from Grohe open up space in your bathroom and are highly practical, especially for maintenance.

Rainshower F-Series is a ceiling-mounted piece of architectural art which can also be installed as a head shower. As for the overhead experience, you will get to choose between three different spray patterns if you get the 15” version.

The Euphoria series comes with three shower modes which can be changed with a simple turn of the knob. The widest Rainspray gives you full body coverage, while SmartRain is able to produce a similar effect but with a shorter diameter and increased power. Lastly, Jet Spray gives you a powerful burst for washing off the shampoo or soap.

Tempesta concealed head shower does appear minimalistic, but it actually has a fairly wide diameter of 210mm. The best thing about this series is that you can enjoy the luxury of Tempesta at a reasonably low price.

Exposed Showers

All the shower models that we mentioned so far come in exposed versions as well. They can provide you with the exact same experience as the concealed models, only with a few extra visible parts.

What we haven’t mentioned so far, however, is that both concealed and exposed Grohe showers have state-of-the-art thermostats built into their system.

Take GrohTherm 3000 Cosmopolitan as an example. This award-winning technology lets you seamlessly adjust the temperature and water flow, while EcoButton gives you an option to minimise water consumption during your shower by up to 50%.

Hand Showers

Take the matter into your own hands with exceptional Grohe hand showers. There are over a dozen different models that you can choose from, and they will all go well with your modern architectural bathroom.

One of the most popular hand showers from Grohe must be the Power&Soul Cosmopolitan. On the back of the hand shower, you will be able to see four buttons which you can use to control the spray modes.

Sena offers a bit of unorthodox design and looks more like a microphone than a hand shower really, but it nevertheless gives you a powerful flow of water via DreamSpray technology.

The award-winning design of the Rainshower Icon with its halo shape is also an interesting product which uses the same DreamSpray tech that evens out the spray, thus allowing for a pleasurable shower experience.