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When it comes to the design of bathroom and kitchen amenities and appliances, there are only a few companies in the world which can rival Grohe — a German manufacturer tested for its reliability and overall quality of products it offers.

Grohe is genuinely a worldwide brand, being mostly present on the European market and the Asian market. Its production sites in Germany, Thailand, and Portugal seem to be the most successful ones.

The company has been around for over 25 years, and in that time Grohe has established itself as a brand with exceptional design, quality, and sustainability which complies with the latest environmental trends and makes green and energy-efficient products.

Grohe won over 240 design and innovation awards in the past 10 years alone. It was also listed as one of Germany’s most sustainable companies back in 2015. In 2014, it joined forces with the LIXIL Group — a Japanese corporation which is the leading provider of housing materials in the country.

Whether you need a Grohe shower, Grohe kitchen taps, or just some simple bathroom or kitchen accessories, you can be sure that all products from this company will prove their functionality and improve the appearance of your home with modern design at the same time.

Grohe Shower

There are over 900 Grohe shower products you can find on the company’s website. There, you can browse between various overhead showers, showerheads, shower taps, shower mixers, rail sets, and other shower-related products. Choices are plentiful and you will surely find something that fits your bathroom perfectly. We can’t name all Grohe shower products, but we will highlight some of the most popular ones and tell you about them in detail.

Head Showers

Grohe’s Bespoke Showers promise a relaxing spa experience in your own bathroom. The most interesting product of this kind is the F-Digital Deluxe — a modern, digitally-powered shower that you’ve probably never even seen before. It comes with an app which lets you wirelessly adjust the lighting, sound, and streamflow.

AquaSymphony is also what draws a lot of people’s attention when it comes to Grohe shower products. It seems that the team from Grohe completely reinvented the showering experience and introduced lights and sounds, thus bringing a wellness zone to your bathroom. With six different spray types, AquaSymphony is an ultimate showering station which won’t be matched anytime in the near future.

As for the rest of the products, they are as elegant and functional as you could imagine. Whether you choose exposed or concealed showers, you will be enjoying a sleek design and maximum practicality. Being equipped with SmartControl, these stations allow you to personalise your shower and control every single aspect of it.


When it comes to showerheads in particular, Grohe offers an elegant collection with a minimalistic design which comes in different shapes and forms.

One of their most popular products is Relexa 100 Five — a head shower with five different spray types: wide spray, needle jet, massage, champagne spray, and rain. It has a ball joint and comes in a glorious chrome finish. On top of that, Grohe DreamSpray system allows for flawless spray patterns.

Relexa 100 Trio is a simpler and thus cheaper version of this showerhead that has only three spray types.

However, if you want to go for something fancier, Relexa Deluxe 130 is the showerhead to choose. This piece has four spray types and a rotatable ball joint which can be adjusted in any direction up to 15 degrees. It also comes in chrome and has a 9.5 litres per minute maximum flow.

Shower Mixers

Apart from shower and bathtub accessories, Grohe has a line of luxury taps and wash basins which consist of around 500 separate products.

One of the more basic taps is the Wave Cosmopolitan. It features a simple, yet elegant design with a metal mixer lever and an adjustable flow rate limiter. It has a chrome finish and a minimum flow rate of 2.5 litres per minute.

Veris F-Digital is a state-of-the-art wash basin solution that includes a digital wireless controller through which you can adjust both the temperature and flow. The controller comes with configurable settings that you can experiment with during the installation. This tap works with EcoJoy technology which saves water while still providing you with a perfect flow. Veris F-Digital comes in S and L sizes.

Quadra three-hole basin mixer is one of the top Grohe bathroom products as well. It has a ceramic tap and two mixer parts that rotate up to 90 degrees. It’s pressure-proof and has flexible connection hoses between spout and side valves.

Grohe Ceramics

The ceramic collection from Grohe introduces four different styles for your bathroom aesthetics.The Cubist geometry of the Cube collection comes with high-quality ceramics and includes wash basins, shower trays, toilets, and bidets. The ceramics stay perfectly white and allow for fewer bacteria to form. When it comes to the WC, you can expect triple vortex flush in combination with rimless technology that leaves the ceramics completely clean and bacteria-free. The soft-close seat can also be easily removed, which allows for easier cleaning.

If you’re looking to decorate your bathroom in more of a spa fashion, Essence collection should be one of your top choices. Everything from wash basins to WCs looks elegant in this collection. More so, basins, WCs, and bidets come in two options: wall-hung and floor-based. Natural lines and appealing ceramics create a calming sensation, giving you a chance to truly relax in the privacy of your bathroom.

Modern Bau collection is more subtle and basic than the previous two, but is still very elegant, and more importantly — functional. This collection is also great for hotels and offices, with options for urinals. Also, when you’re working with small spaces, Bau provides an ideal solution.

Grohe Bathroom Accessories

No bathroom is complete without some fine accessories. There are over 200 Grohe bathroom accessories which are made with great attention to detail, complementing your overall bathroom design and providing the much-needed functionality.

You can find various toilet roll holders, robe and towel hooks, towel rings, soap dishes, soap dispensers, glasses, glass holders, and even some champagne holders. Pick you Grandera, Atrio, Eurostyle, Essentials, Allure, or Veris accessories and make your collection complete.

Grohe Kitchen Taps

The kitchen is one of the most essential parts of every home. Whether you need to wash your hands or some vegetables, or just pour yourself a glass of fresh water, the kitchen tap should be multifunctional enough to tend to all of your kitchen needs.

There are plenty of Grohe kitchen taps you can choose from the catalogue. The products use different technologies, and we will mention some of them here.

Grohe Kitchen Sinks

Having quality kitchen taps is important, but pairing them up with Grohe kitchen sinks is a match made in heaven. Many people fail to realise how essential having a functional sink is. Whether you’re using it to prepare food, wash veggies, or clean the dishes after a big meal, Grohe sinks are designed in such a way to meet all of your kitchen needs

Grohe composite sinks collection includes the famous K series with five different models to choose from. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, the compact and round K200 is ideal for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a bit larger, K400 might be your top choice. This model comes in 1 and 1.5 bowl versions. K700 Undermount is a great-looking model that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Grohe stainless steel collection promises a durable option for busy cooks. You can choose anything from the compact K200 series or go for the wider K1000, and you won’t make a mistake.

Grohe Kitchen Taps

The kitchen is one of the most essential parts of every home. Whether you need to wash your hands or some vegetables, or just pour yourself a glass of fresh water, the kitchen tap should be multifunctional enough to tend to all of your kitchen needs.

There are plenty of Grohe kitchen taps you can choose from the catalogue. The products use different technologies, and we will mention some of them here.

Grohe Water Systems

The tap comes with a filter, and you can easily check when it needs to be replaced and order a new one through Grohe mobile app. The filters are easily replaceable and come with an adapter.

On the other hand, Grohe Red can give you hot kettle water on demand and save you plenty of time when making coffee or tea. The small titanium boiler is neatly tucked away under the sink and it comes in two sizes (3 litres and 5.5 litres). With it, you will have hot boiling water almost instantly, which is ideal for cooking or hosting a tea party.

You might assume that kitchen taps are not something worth investing in or even thinking about too much. However, you couldn’t be more mistaken. Everything from washing dishes, preparing meals and drinks, to even just drinking a glass of water requires a functional tap which is suitable for all of those activities.

Grohe taps stand out from the rest with their modern design and future-proof materials which can last for decades.

If you consider yourself a bit of a culinary expert, Grohe K7 model is what you should be looking into. It’s equipped with an arched and flexible coil that guides the hose. The wide spray allows for detailed washing of food or dishes. What’s more, the SilkMove technology lets you effortlessly set up the temperature, as well as the flow of the water. Also, the K7 design makes the tap fully compatible with any type of basin that you might have in your kitchen.

Engineers at Grohe are known for their innovations and for keeping up with the latest technological trends. Take Zedra Touch and Minta Touch as an example. By simply pressing the top of the spout, you will be able to activate the tap, which may seem like an unnecessary feature but is ideal when your hands are grimy from all the kitchen work. Zedra and Minta only differ in design, while the touch technology is the same.

If you’re looking for more basic products than the ones we mentioned so far, you should check out Grohe performance lines which feature models such as Europlus, Eurodisc, Concetto, Parkfield, and others.


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    Grohe Diverter
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  2. Grohe Hospita Sink pillar tap, 1/2"
    Grohe Hospita Sink pillar tap, 1/2"
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    Grohe Crystal glass
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    Grohe DAL-Full-automatic flush valve for WC
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    Grohe Sliding piece GH_6765000
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  11. Grohe Atrio 4-way diverter
    Grohe Atrio 4-way diverter
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  12. Grohe Grohtherm 1000 Concealed shower set GH_34575001
    Grohe Grohtherm 1000 Concealed shower set GH_34575001
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  13. Grohe 4/5-hole bath combination (optional) GH_29037000
    Grohe 4/5-hole bath combination (optional) GH_29037000
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  14. Grohe Essence GROHFlexx kitchen hose GH_30321DP0
    Grohe Essence GROHFlexx kitchen hose GH_30321DP0
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  15. Grohe Ondus Bidet mixer
    Grohe Ondus Bidet mixer M-Size
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  16. Grohe Tempesta 100 Shower rail set 3 sprays GH_27600001
    Grohe Tempesta 100 Shower rail set 3 sprays GH_27600001
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  17. Grohe Rubber sealing
    Grohe Rubber sealing
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