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Kitchen is not merely a place where you cook and have your meals. It is a place where you can explore your creativity. It is a place where family and friends can get together to enjoy sumptuous delicacies prepared with care and affection. To make sure everything turns out perfect, you need to have top of the line products that can keep up with all your demands in the kitchen. One such type of products you should get your hands on as soon as possible is GRAFF’s kitchen and bar faucets.

GRAFF is a world-famous brand that supplies top quality bathroom and kitchen faucets, showerheads, bathroom furniture and brassware. There are more than a dozen different kitchen and bar faucet styles, and a lot more are in the development process.

It doesn’t matter if you need a faucet and running water for a couple of plates a day or for a thousand of them, unparalleled functionality and exquisite features of GRAFF kitchen faucets will complement your kitchen and bring the best out of it.

GRAFF is continually seeking new ways of reaching out to its customers, and teaming up with renowned distributors of kitchen and bathroom equipment such as Letta London is the next big step towards securing growth and further development.

At Letta London, you will get to see the very best of GRAFF and its products, with vast catalogues of everything you need when you renovate your living space.

GRAFF Kitchen Faucets

As we have mentioned earlier, GRAFF faucets are a product of superior craftsmanship and engineering prowess of the entire team. Modern technology is combined with traditional beliefs that only excellence will ever suffice, and that is the creed that has been with GRAFF since the beginning.

Each of the faucets that leave the assembly line is carefully examined and tested by experienced personnel to ensure every item is in line with top-notch quality and functionality. Such an approach guarantees customer satisfaction and also leaves room for improvement and customisation of standard models.

The materials used in creating GRAFF kitchen faucets are carefully selected to ensure they are reliable and can endure years of service in your kitchen, despite their weightless look, so don’t be fooled, there is nothing fragile about them.

Many fixtures are equipped with innovative additions of side and pull out sprays that facilitate the washing and cleaning of bigger plates and dishes. Each collection is carefully planned, and the items range from the ones who focus on functionality and simplicity to the ones whose lavish design and exceptional performance features are second to none. Let’s see what GRAFF kitchen faucets collections have to offer.

Oscar and Sospiro Collections

The Oscar collection of GRAFF kitchen faucets is focused on providing items of more practical use that still bears a stylish imprint that will make your kitchen look modern and functional. Oscar kitchen faucet comes with a twist and lock spray head that, together with an adjustable stream that has a button/touch control system, allows for more effective use. Also, there is a pull-out spray with a rubber grip handle for an easy and secure grip.

Sospiro collection is a collection that is inspired by a famous Venice bridge, and it can thank that inspiration for its curved look. The faucets come in varieties with a single and a double hole, and also feature a pull-out spray for more manoeuvring around the sink.

M.E. 25 and Conical Collections

M.E. 25 collection includes faucets with a minimalistic design that combines the best out of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Most M.E. 25 faucets have dual functions with spray and stream pull-down spray heads with a single and dual spouts.

Conical collection, on the other hand, features arched faucet that is broad at its base and quickly attenuates toward the top. The dual-function of spray/stream spray head that can be pulled down is also present in this collection, as is the case with most GRAFF faucets.

Perfeque and Manhattan Collections

The Manhattan collection draws its creative force from the skyline of New York, and that sleek design is seen in its kitchen mixer that will add a unique appeal to every contemporary kitchen.

When we turn to Perfeque collection, we can see an elegant design with arched and curved elements. All types of spray heads have the twist and lock technology coupled with a touch button control.

Infinity and Bollero Collections

Both Infinity and Bollero collections are all about practicality. Their design is intuitive and sharp and can complement every modern kitchen that aims at high functionality and practical use. The single hole faucets come with spray and stream pull-down spray heads that are durable, sophisticated, and steadfast.

Vintage Style Collections (Vista, Retro, Tuscany, Duxbury Collections)

GRAFF faucets from the collections inspired by retro and vintage looks combine the inspiration from the past and the engineering feats of today to create a timeless kitchen item. These faucets come with a vintage charm but at no expense to functionality. There are single, double, and 3-hole faucets with side spray function in Vista, Retro, Tuscany, and Duxbury collections and these can transform a kitchen into a timeless masterpiece.

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