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Graff Bathroom Design

Browse through the exquisite selection of Graff bathroom appliances and amenities. Purchase high-quality products at affordable prices here at Letta London!

As a world-renowned brand, Graff products strive for perfection. Every bathroom amenity has been meticulously manufactured by professionals ensuring only the best quality. All Graff products — showers, basins, tubs, and other miscellaneous elements are created by using top-notch materials. Feel free to browse through Graff bathroom products available here at Letta London.

Graff Bathroom By Category

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There is no denying that the bathroom is an essential part of every home. A well-designed bathroom acts as your sanctuary and helps prepare you for the day. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to ensure that your bathroom is a perfect balance of modern-day design, top-quality products, and cutting-edge technology.

GRAFF is a world-renowned brand, which means we strive to deliver only top-notch solutions. Furthermore, we aim to make certain that everyone can create an ideal bathroom.

To ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with our products, our collection includes a wide array of different products essential for every bathroom, such as showers, basins, and tubs, as well as numerous miscellaneous items to help add the final touch to every bathroom. If you are eager to create your dream bathroom, feel free to browse through our gallery and explore the world of endless possibilities available only at GRAFF.

GRAFF Shower Collection

For many people who are working on creating an ideal bathroom, the biggest decision is choosing between a bathtub and a shower. If you are interested in the latter, you will be pleased to know that over here at GRAFF the products that we are most proud of are undoubtedly our various award-winning shower systems.

While browsing through our collection, you can explore multiple exquisite models, all of which come with unique design and features. On top of that, to make the process even easier and quickly find the product that you envisioned, you can also choose between different installation types, such as ceiling-mounted, concealed, deck-mounted, wall-mounted, and wall-mounted with concealed elements.

Depending on the layout of your home, you can customise your bathroom by selecting different materials for various accessories. If you prefer a brushed finish, you can choose between brushed gold, nickel, or vintage brushed brass. For those who prefer a fine, polished look, we also include polished chrome, steel, nickel, and polished chrome with black accents.

Each of our products is handled with special care, even before the initial design begins the transformation process and becomes a reality. Therefore, regardless of your preference, you are guaranteed full satisfaction, no matter the product you select.

GRAFF Sinks and Bathtubs

For everyone who prefers long and relaxing baths, we have prepared a selection of marvellous award-winning bathtubs characterised by cutting-edge design. Currently, you can choose between three different models: TEPHI, MUSA, and FINEZZA, all of which come in either matte or glossy sleek-stone and range from 142 litres to 250 litres in volume.

Furthermore, you can select our backrests that are specially designed to fit each of the tubs offered in our collection.

GRAFF also presents you with an opportunity to choose between multiple washbasins that come with unique and aesthetic designs, as well as several types of basin wastes to ensure that every little detail is fully customised and to your liking.

GRAFF Bathroom Collection

While a shower or bathtub may play a central role in every bathroom, no design is truly complete without various accessories that accompany showers, bathtubs, and washbasins. As a matter of fact, for anyone who pays even the smallest attention to details, accessories are as important as every other piece in the bathroom.

Our vast selection of accessories begins with simple bits such as wall-mounted bathtub spouts and valves and includes modern accessories driven by technology, such as integrated USB ports and control touch panels. Also, we also include washbasin, bidet, and bathroom mixers.

While showers come with masterfully crafted deck-mounted hand showers and diverter sets, bathtub users can opt for a different approach and chose one of our floor-mounted bathtub mixers.

Last but not least, you will be able to browse through various accessories presented at GRAFF. For starters, you can customise your washbasin by choosing between soap dish holders or soap dispensers. Next, you will be able to customise your bathroom with towel holders of different design, such as towel hooks, towel bars, or even towel rings. In addition, among our products, you will also find tissue bars and toilet holders.

Finally, you can customise your shower section by adding a shower basket, either a standard one of rectangular shape or the one for corner installation.