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GRAFF – Official UK Suppliers of GRAFF – Showroom Based in London

Design eye-catching bathroom and kitchen thanks to Graff products! Visit Letta London’s page and pick the best pieces today!

Choosing a company with more experience in a particular niche is always a better idea than risking with something you’ve never heard of before. Graff is a company that has produced bathroom and kitchen furniture and accessories for a century now, and the rising number of customers speaks volumes of the quality and durability of each product.

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Letta London is a proud seller of high quality products from a company called GRAFF. All of GRAFF’s products can be purchased easily through our online store, while you can also come to our London showroom and see them for yourself.

GRAFF is an American company with headquarters located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They have almost a century-long experience of hardware manufacturing. With over 1000 dedicated employees, GRAFF is one of the top brands when it comes to bathroom, kitchen, and furniture products. They use cutting-edge technology for production and are widely present in both American and European markets.

Meridian International Group, which is GRAFF’s parent company, is known for successful faucet and valve production for over 30 years. Meridian’s products attract customers on a global scale, from various plumbing companies to top motorcycle manufacturers.

GRAFF prides itself as an internationally recognised company which offers trend-setting household fixtures. They promote their products as items with a modern and unique design, superior finishes, first-rate quality, and reasonable prices. On top of that, they make products with modern environmental standards and offer a full range of items in each of their collections.

GRAFF goes through a process of what’s called vertical integration. That means that they design, engineer, make, and inspect each one of the products inside their own facilities. Each item from their collections combines traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, while also leaving space for different kinds of customisation. Before being delivered to a store or your home, every GRAFF product is inspected and tested by experienced technicians who ensure that customers’ expectations are fully met.

In the past several years we could hear a lot on the subject of global warming and its causes. Big corporations and other companies have a huge responsibility to go “green” and adjust their manufacturing processes in order to become eco-friendly. GRAFF calls itself an actively green company, which means that their production meets rigorous EMS standards. By implementing innovative manufacturing concepts, GRAFF can save energy, time, and materials, and thus cut down on creating waste.

To give you an idea of how successful and widely recognised GRAFF really is, we have to mention some of their projects. Their products can be seen in private residences, hotels, luxury blocks of flats, villas, beach houses, office buildings, yachts, and more. GRAFF’s work adorns interiors of all kinds in famous locations such as Paris, Dubai, Monaco, New York, Washington DC, and many other places. The company collaborates with well-known designer companies such as Alex Gardner Interiors, Bristol Design, H2 Yacht Design, and others.

The History of GRAFF

In the early 1970s, the Meridian International Group acquired Valvex in order to propel themselves into the American market. Valvex has been around since 1922, making quality valves and faucets in Europe.

Ever since the beginning, GRAFF established itself as a company that makes quality products while using highly advanced technology. Less than a decade ago, GRAFF broke through the European market by creating a branch in Florence, Italy. With their widely recognised collections, GRAFF continues to be a successful brand which keeps growing and making fresh household products each year.


GRAFF’s products include fixtures for bathrooms, kitchens, and showers. You can find all of these items in our Letta London store. Continue reading to discover more about each one of their collections.


The company’s bathroom collection includes over 25 faucets, each with several different features that you can choose from. These collections have plenty of variety, from vintage fire hose-type nozzles such as Canterbury to modern and futuristic Ametis designed by Davide Oppizzi. No matter which type of faucet you prefer, chances are that you will find it in the GRAFF’s bathroom section.



GRAFF offers 12 different kitchen and bar faucet styles, with several more designs being in development. Their kitchen collection displays sophisticated fixtures that can complement any home. Anything from classic ME 25 series to the Retro collection will bring elegance and minimalistic harmony to your kitchen. Bold designs such as Manhattan and Sospiro are one of the most popular kitchen products from GRAFF.

If you’re into more traditional faucet silhouettes, Vista, Tuscany, and Duxbury should be your top choices. Many fixtures also include side sprays that go really well with the main faucet. All items from this collection allow for practical use of your kitchen space. When it comes to finishes, you can choose brushed gold, brass, nickel, bronze, polished chrome, or Steelnox.


Striving to create the best possible level of comfort and private atmosphere, GRAFF’s shower collection is truly worth considering when redecorating your bathroom. There are over twenty different designs to select from, ranging from classic and minimalist shower heads to futuristic and innovative fixtures.

Out of all shower items, Aqua-Sense stands out with its light and sound components that bring out the feeling of wellness. Not only does this design look modern and practical, but it also has many high-tech features that you can try out. Another similar shower fixture is an award-winning Ametis, which uses LED chromotherapy lighting and takes the showering experience to the next level. If you are searching for something more traditional, make sure to check out Lauren, Camden, Finezza, or Bali.

Furniture, Tubs, and Basins

Apart from the products that we mentioned above, GRAFF also offers a vast selection of furniture, tubs, and basins created by world-renowned designers from Italy. Elegantly designed woodwork from their collection does not only look aesthetically pleasing, but it also offers you a lot of space for your bathroom essentials and other accessories. Other items like vanities, mirrors, and stools are also available.

Finally, delightful sinks and bathtubs from GRAFF will make your bathroom complete. This collection includes elegant and minimalistic washbasins and tubs that come in different shapes and dimensions. The majority of the basins and bathtubs come either in gloss or matte sleek stone. Backrests are sold separately, but they fit well with all types of tubs.

How to Buy?

Letta London is an official stockist of GRAFF, which means that you can buy all of the aforementioned products via our online store. Just find the items that you like and add them to your cart. Proceed to checkout and fill out the form that should contain your personal information and payment methods. Your products will be delivered as soon as possible.

You can also go to our showroom at 762 Finchley Rd, London NW11 7TH. Visit our supply store and see the full range of quality products that we offer.