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Glass Design Vanity Units

Purchase high-quality vanity units from Glass Design at Letta London. The top Italian manufacturer guarantees longevity and durability. Take a look at the selection on our website!

Customers can rest assured that all vanity units from Glass Design have been made of exquisite materials from all over the world. Designers and manufacturers from Glass Design have been professionally trained to recognize quality materials and make vanity units that will meet anyone’s needs. Search among a variety of available materials and find the one that suits all your renovation plans.

Glass Design Vanity Units By Category

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Renovating and redecorating one’s bathroom frequently implies dealing with a lack of space for your ideas. Luckily for you, our Glass Design vanity units are there to help.

Vanity units represent a combination of washbasins and storage units below which are typically used to conceal the plumbing or provide extra storage space in your bathroom. Although vanity units are generally seen as a way of merely increasing the functionality of your bathroom, it does not mean that design and appearance should be overlooked.

At Glass Design, we take great pride in our state-of-the-art vanity units that are a result of supreme craftsmanship and creative spirit that run deep into our company’s history, and that has shaped the way our customers see us.

To ensure that only the best quality items find their way to your bathroom, we use the finest innovative materials together with the latest technological advancements in manufacturing, thus setting the high standards. We believe in innovation through the development of materials, and our team of experts is working ceaselessly to find new compounds and alloys that will promote the longevity and properties of our products.

Also, our vanity units not only combine washbasins and storage space but can also come with additional accessories such as mirrors and knobs, so that you can have a full conceptual solution for your bathroom.



Monnalisa Florence Collection

The exalted luxury and elegant lines of Monnalisa Florence collection of Grass Design’s vanity units are what you can see in each of the items from this composition. Refined and linear elegance of Monnalisa Florence collection aims at giving your bathroom a spacious look and unique style. 

These vanity units retain their primary function of combining washbasins with additional storage space, but with a twist. In Monnalisa Florence collection, not only will you get the much-needed functionality, but also high-end designer items that will differentiate your bathroom from all others.

The colours that dominate the collection are black, silver, and gold, and these colours contribute to the refined theme and symbolism behind Monnalisa and Florence. The entire composition includes vanity units with their corresponding knobs, as well as mirrors and washbasins with chrome drains and base rings.

The models in this collection are equipped with a single storage unit below the washbasins, but don’t be surprised if some of them are parcelled into two or three independent storage spaces to provide extra room without compromising on style and design.

Leonardo Collection

Another collection inspired by exceptional individuals has seen the break of day in the form of Glass Design’s Leonardo collection. There are fourteen different models of vanity units with incredible design and shapes that draw their inspiration from the great Leonardo da Vinci and stand testament to his unparalleled genius.

Like units from other collections, the Leonardo collection models also include washbasins with chrome drains and base rings with addition of the lacquered wood that comprises the storage room. There are also deluxe chrome/transparent crystal knobs to be found on the vanity units, and these are perfectly matched with oval basins made of 24%pb crystal transparent and black.

Apart from the models with a vintage look and air of past times to them, this collection is also equipped with more modern examples of technology and craftsmanship. Items such as LUMIERE, CUBUS, and KOIN will surprise you with their attention to detail and additions such as a backlit glass top that can create a spa-like, relaxed and intimate atmosphere in your bathroom.


Misura Collection

Misura collection vanity units are a perfect blend of modern bathroom furniture and class and style of the past. The results of such combinations are seen in all the six models in Misura collection that feature a storage unit, a washbasin, and a mirror.

The washbasins are oval and are characterised by a smooth surface and a curved line around the edges of the basin. The Misura collection also offers units with extra storage space that comes with Misura Due and Misura Tre models. These models give two and three separate units below the basin, respectively, and are perfect for already spacious bathrooms that could do well with a little extra room for toiletries.

As Glass Design utilises only the top-notch material in the fabrication of these items, you can count on having highly durable vanity units resistant to wear and tear and constant exposure to water.