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Glass Design Bath Tubs

Browse through our wide range of Glass Design bathtubs. Here at Letta London, you can find the perfect bathtub and other bathroom accessories that will make your bathroom space luxurious.

Glass Design always puts quality over quantity. There are five bathtub types in the Glass Design collection, and every single one is of impeccable quality. They are manufactured using only the best materials that ensure quality but add a certain flair to your bathroom space.

Glass Design Bath Tubs By Category

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The bathtub is the centrepiece of every bathroom. This item should be associated with relaxation and calmness, something that we look forward to after an exhausting day.

Here at Glass Design, we believe that every moment of your private time counts and that no person should feel uncomfortable in their own bathroom. That is why bathroom renovation should be taken with great care and include only the most luxurious units made from the finest of materials.

Glass Design bathtubs are one of the most sought-after products in Italy and beyond due to their timeless elegance, ergonomic design, and high durability. The bathtubs exiting our production lines are made by the skilful artisans and world-class designers from the Tuscan region. By ordering our products, you will be guaranteed the finest quality of bathtubs and other bathroom fixtures.

Quality should always overshadow quantity when it comes to luxury renovation. That’s why we offer no more than five bathtub types in our collection: Flower Style, Mini, Paradiso, Roma Style, and Mont Blanc. However, these are the best freestanding units that you can find on the market.

Flower Style

The design of the Flower Style bathtub was inspired by real flowers. Walls with uneven heights give this piece it’s unusual, yet delicate shape that is made to support the body and give you that much-desired comfort. Flower Style looks endearing, elegant, and rather small, but it’s more spacious than you might think. The mix of CoolGlass Light and fibreglass creates a unique material called Bi-Mat that’s both futureproof and light.

Although the tub is freestanding, there is an option for easy wall-fixing. The product weighs only 44 kilograms and has a capacity of approximately 230 litres. The diameter of the hole is 45 mm and the bathtub comes with the installed overflow. When ordering a Flower Style, you will have a choice of several different colours: gold, black, white, silver, and Ferrari red.


Minimalistic and space-saving, Glass Design’s Mini is an ideal solution for small bathrooms that need a little touch of elegance. Round-shaped and deep, Mini is a merge between a small bathtub and a shower. Nevertheless, it is exceptionally comfortable, and it mesmerises with its contemporary design. Mini is perfect for putting it in the corner of the bathroom, but it will look fabulous no matter where you choose to place it. The Bi-Mat formula of fibreglass and CoolGlass makes the tub resistant and lightweight.

Weighing only 33 kilograms, Mini has a water capacity of around 230 litres. The high corner point of the tub is 76 cm, while the low point is 52.5 cm. The diameter of the tub is 95 cm. The Mini comes in eight different colours including gold, silver, white, black, red, and others.


The harmony and warmth of Paradiso bring a new meaning to bathroom relaxation. Its elliptical shape welcomes you to immerse yourself and enjoy every drop of your bath. Paradiso is designed to fit any type of bathroom and be paired up with the rest of your fixtures and furniture. The most popular colours are matte black and gold.

Paradiso weighs less than 40 kilograms and has a capacity of around 190 litres. The overflow sits at 35 cm from the bathtub floor, and the tub itself is 56 cm in height and 175 cm wide.

Roma Style

Made to bring out the classic Roman vibe, Roma Style is yet another bathtub that stands out with its unconventional design and elegant shape. The rectangular tub has sloping edges and a significantly taller wall side. It comes with a waterfall tap that it’s installed on the wall above the tub.

Roma Style has a 180-litre capacity and weighs around 58 kilos. The high side of the tub is 96 cm with the slope of 45 degrees, while the length including the edges comes to 180 cm. Just like other bathtubs from our collection, Roma Style comes with a myriad of colours and a white interior.

Mont Blanc

Rugged in its look, Mont Blanc gives off a sense of strength and reliability. It’s an object with sharp details and clean-cut shape. It fits perfectly in a minimalistic bathroom setting, and it’s a piece that begs to be placed in the centre of a room. No matter what colour you choose, Mont Blanc will stand out with it’s determined rectangular oblique.

The dimensions of Mont Blanc are 164x80x60 cm, and it has a capacity of about 280 litres with an overflow installed. The Bi-Mat material makes it durable and resistant to decay and various cleaning products.