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Glass Design Basins

Purchase exclusive designer basins from Glass Design — the finest Italian basin manufacturer. Take a look at our online shop for more information or visit our London store and talk to our friendly staff.

When talking about quality Italian basin craftsmanship, we must mention Glass Design and its range of bathroom basins. If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, a basin from Glass Design is the product to enhance your space. By purchasing one of the basins from their collection, you are purchasing durability and functionality, as well.

Glass Design Basins By Category

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Glass Design is a company that represents the very best of the famed Italian design and manufacturing of washbasins and interior decoration furnishings. No renovation and redecoration project should go without our products if top quality, unparalleled functionality, and unique design are on your mind.

Glass Design was established back in 1984 in the city of Vinci, the native town of the great Leonardo da Vinci, which is one of the many testaments to its creative power and drive. The company was founded by the Borsellini family who had a long tradition of designing and producing artistic glass.

The main items found in our collections are washbasins, vanity units, bathtubs, bathroom accessories, and many other carefully selected items that will help you personalise your bathroom and bring it to unprecedented levels of aesthetic appeal.

The functionality of all the items produced is secured by the use of the most advanced technology that allows for a high level of personalisation. Also, the materials used in creating our products are of premium quality and are the result of years of innovation and dedication to technological growth.

To make sure all washbasins and other bathroom accessories retain their exclusive and luxurious spirit, more than 200 Tuscan artisans and 15 Murano glassmakers joined their efforts and skills, and the results are seen in each of the products that exit the assembly line.



Countertop Washbasins

Countertop washbasins are the pride and joy of Glass Design and belong to the group of our most frequently sold items. Hundreds of exquisitely designed countertop washbasins from our offer feature unique decorations, colours, and materials you won’t see anywhere else.

Glass Design washbasins are conveniently divided into a series of categories that will make it easier for you to find your way to a perfect match for your bathroom. First, you can filter them according to their size, and the sheer number of options will astound you. There are big, small, medium, and even oversized washbasins in Glass Design’s offer, and all of them allow for a high level of customisation.

Further division is done according to the materials employed in creating washbasins. There are more than nine different sets of original materials used, and each of these materials comes with unique features and capabilities.

For example, countertop washbasins made of Vetro Freddo material, which is an innovative combination of glass pigments and resin, are highly durable and resilient to high and low temperatures. Other materials, such as Alumix that represents a combination of multiple aluminium alloys, also belong to the group of premium materials that make Glass Design’s countertop washbasins not only resistant to wear and tear but also quite stylish and elegant.

Moreover, our countertop washbasins come in freestanding, furniture-added, and in-out forms, as well. Freestanding washbasins, as the name suggests, are entirely independent units mounted on the floor of your bathroom, whereas furniture washbasins come equipped with extra storage space in the form of a drawer below the basin. In-out washbasins are characterised by a full circular shape with a slim edge and a cylindrical volume.

Column Washbasins

Column washbasins are our most delicate and luxurious items from the catalogue. There are more than ten different column washbasins you can choose from, and each of them bears a print of materials that are both delicate and sturdy, not to mention exceptionally designed and crafted. The materials used to bring these basins to life in the shape of a column are Alumix, Murano, TeknoForm, and Vetro Freddo, each with specific characteristics and properties.

Semi-Recessed Washbasins

Semi-recessed washbasins have become a highly sought-after item for all those who have restricted space and want to get the best from the one they have available. These basins are called semi-recessed since they are partially built into a counter or a cabinet, which positions the washbasin higher than the cabinet or the counter.

Semi-recessed washbasins represent the best of both the world of bathroom furniture and the world of washbasins, and this endless pursuit of practicality, style and elegance has brought more than 15 different types of semi-recessed basins for you to choose from.

Under-Mounted Washbasins

The best way to get more space in your bathroom is by using under-mounted washbasins. We all know that basins are the centrepiece of every bathroom and a place where all your morning and evening cleaning rituals come to be, so it is good to have some extra space on your countertop. This extra space arises from the basin being fitted below the countertop level. This minimalist and sophisticated concept creates a feeling of tidiness and space and exudes an air of luxury in your bathroom.