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Congratulations on coming to Glass Design as it is one of the best decisions you could have made for your home! We are an Italian company employing true and rare artisans who are able to transform a block of glass into a pure piece of art.

Glass Design is a leader in innovations, striving to bring beauty and functionality together, which is something that many other companies struggle to achieve. We design and produce everything you need in order to create the perfect bathroom, as well as unique door handles and knobs.

Simply speaking, this is a place where all your dreams will come true. All you need to do is imagine the best possible looks for your home and you can bet that we can make it happen.

With more than 35 years in the industry, we have a good understanding of what the customers need and what they wish to see in their home. Our experience helps us to always deliver the highest functionality with beauty as a plus.

We are proud to say that Letta London is our main supplier, as they provide you with a chance to see, test, and purchase our products in their showroom or on their website.

About Glass Design

Glass Design is a Premium Italian company specialising in the production and design of interior decoration furnishings and bathroom washbasins. If you’re looking for luxury and extravagance, this is the best place to look for it.

Glass Design comes from Tuscany, which is the native place of Leonardo da Vinci. He gave the world so much value, so Glass Design is striving to follow in his steps and do the same. Moreover, Tuscany has given the world many beautiful things, such as wine, but our glass products are another thing on the list.

Glass Design was founded in 1984 by the Borsellini family, by building on a long tradition of designing and manufacturing artistic glass.

Our manufacturing process uses both traditional principles and modern technologies, which is what sets our products apart. Some of the premium materials that we use include silicone, stainless steel, 24%pb crystal, and the artisan glass. That’s why our products are exported to more than 60 countries in the world and regarded as a fashion product.

Your ideal bathroom furnishings and accessories will be created in the hands of more than 200 Tuscan artisans and over 15 glassmakers of Murano.

Product Range

Glass Design is the leader in the industry when it comes to the production of deluxe bathroom accessories and units. The types of products we create include washbasins, vanity units, bathtubs and shower trays, different bathroom accessories, and various types of door handles and knobs.

Take a look at what we mean when we say that we are the leaders by learning about our lines below!


The washbasin is the most important and the central object in every bathroom, which is why we pay special attention to it. At Glass Design, all washbasins are made using the most advanced technological practices and designed by merging modern and century-old beauty principles.

The four main types of washbasins made at Glass Design are countertop, column, semi-recessed, and under-mounted. Therefore, you have complete freedom to pick the type you like the most and the one that best fits the rest of your bathroom.

The most stylish and modern ones are definitely our column washbasins, whereas the most elegant washbasins are the countertop ones. However, you won’t go wrong if you opt for semi-recessed and under-mounted models, which are the more traditional ones.

Check them out at Letta London before you make a decision!

Vanity Units

The vanity units at Glass Design breathe with elegance, style, and uniqueness. You will not find anything like this anywhere else.

They follow the shapes and designs seen in nature that has already perfected all its work. The three main lines that we offer you to choose from are called Monnalisa, Leonardo, and Misura.

As you can see, Monnalisa and Leonardo are inspired by Italian heritage. The Monnalisa and Misura lines involve clean lines and square design, coupled with round or elliptical washbasins for contrast. They come in black and white colours with a choice of gold and red details, so it’s very easy to make them fit the bathroom of your dreams.

The Leonardo line is more traditional and elegant, with vanity units made of quality wood, metal, or brass, and curvy legs and drawers for practical storage.


Having the luxury of a bathtub is not enough. The bathtub itself needs to be luxurious, authentic, and reflect your personality. It needs to be the place you’re rushing to get to after a long day at work. It should provide you with the relaxation you need and prepare you for the remainder of the week or ease you into the weekend ahead.

The bathtubs that Glass Design makes are going to be your perfect place in the bathroom and probably in your whole home as well. They are made in different shapes and colours, including the flower design, mini round design, large oval, Roma style, and the traditional rectangular style.

There are also bespoke and one of a kind shower trays to give you the feeling of enjoying a refreshing rainy day. They are made using materials that resemble wood, so you will get a natural feel and truly relaxing experience. Glass and metal details are also included, all of which fit perfectly together.

Bathroom Accessories

Now that you have chosen all the most important elements in your bathroom, it’s time to pick the accessories as well. Glass Design Italy won’t let you down in this field either, providing you with the perfect accessories to complete the look of your bath.

Now that you have chosen all the most important elements in your bathroom, it’s time to pick the accessories as well. Glass Design Italy won’t let you down in this field either, providing you with the perfect accessories to complete the look of your bath.

As is the case with the rest of the products, these accessories are made of the highest-quality glass and crystal available, as well as shiny metals which give stability and contrast to the design.

Door Handles and Knobs

Glass Design also specialises in the design of classy door handles and knobs made of glass in different colours and shapes.

Moreover, different functionalities are included, such as grab bars, pull and push knobs, as well as traditional door handles. It’s up to you to decide which one better fits the image you have of your perfect bathroom.

The door handles and knobs at Glass Design Italy are either made entirely of glass or include metal finishes that emphasize the glass artistry. There are also diamond shapes, both black and translucent, as well as blurred glass.

You can choose between round, square, and elliptical shapes, depending on the other elements in your bathroom. Whichever you choose, you may rest assured that you will get an authentic and high-quality product that will last for years and remain stylish for a long time.

Our Mission

Glass Design’s mission is to provide premium design and premium quality at an affordable price so that everyone can enjoy it.

That’s why we partner with retailers such as Letta London to make our products accessible and give people a chance to see them and try them out before buying.

Moreover, our products follow the highest production standards of the global industry since we want them to enrich homes for generations to come.

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