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About Frontline Bathrooms

Twenty-five years ago, from Featherstone, West Yorkshire, Frontline Bathrooms Ltd. has embarked on an incredible adventure to become the country’s leading bathroom distributor. With over 6,000 bathroom products showcased in their biannual catalogues, it is safe to say there are not many competitors on the market that boast a similar offer of products.

Apart from distributing a number of branded bathroom products such as Merlyn, April, Grohe, Hudson Reed, Ideal Standard, Rak, and HSK, Frontline Bathrooms has developed an exclusive ‘Aqua’ brand of top quality sanitary ware, taps, showers, baths, shower enclosures, and bathroom furniture.

The focus of Frontline Bathrooms is not only on the exquisite design of bathroom items but also on their functionality and everlasting quality. This is the reason why they have partnered up with top bathroom manufacturers in the business and why they offer their products everywhere, from large national chains and smaller independent outlets to a network of bathroom showrooms and plumbers merchants.

To make sure everything runs smoothly and you get your products on time, a purpose-built 85,000 sq ft distribution centre is where stocks of all product lines are stored and from where a fleet of 35 delivery vehicles rushes to you in record-breaking time.

In your dealings with Frontline Bathrooms, you won’t only get undeniably top-notch products; you will also get a lifetime guarantee to vouch for the longevity and premium quality of the materials, as well as the use of the latest precision technology in the manufacturing of bathroom items.

Also, there is the 3D planer module on Frontline’s site that will help you put your designing skills to the test by creating a design for your bathroom. You will set the shape of the room and its dimensions, then furnish the room with Frontline products and incorporate it all into the new bathroom blueprint that you will email to us, and consequently have everything custom made to fit your unique design.

Frontline Bathroom Showers

Taking a long shower brings a lot of sensations to your body and mind, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t afford these sensations every day. Everyone has a preferred style of shower and specific requirements when it comes to that intimate moment, but luckily for you, Frontline Bathrooms has an almost endless choice of showers and shower equipment to fit even the finickiest of customers, so let’s see what lines of showers are in store for you.

Contemporary Showers

Being in sync with modern technology and design solutions is essential in all renovation processes, especially with ones done in your bathroom. Therefore, Frontline has created a collection of contemporary showers with items manufactured to suit the latest technological trends and developments.

The showers in this collection come in different shapes, sizes, functions, and materials. The materials used for the collection are carefully chosen and include materials such as stainless steel, solid surface stone resin, and toughened safety glass. Also, the choice of dimensions is quite diverse, with the smallest ones starting at 110 mm width, and the biggest ones being three times as much, at 330 mm width.

The functions that these showers have and that will help you enjoy a spa-like treatment in your home are numerous and include thermostatic shower panel with built-in massage jets and water blades with different water flow options. Also, there is an anti-scald shut-off device implemented in the showers to prevent scalds.

Activate your senses with chrome and stainless steel shower sets and make every shower count.


The elegant showerhead Frontline collection features showerheads characterised by a high water flow pressure and inspired by rainfall. The showerheads are wall and ceiling mounted and are easy to install. The polished chrome finishes and durable brass or stainless steel constructions give them not only a sharp look and elegant line but also easy maintenance.

The dominant shapes are square and circle, and these are combined in creative ways to bring the best out of the minimalist and elaborate designs presented in this collection. The function that all showerheads share is the rainfall effect water spray suitable for both high, medium and low water pressure, rushing through minuscule and easy-to-clean silicone nodules.

Shower Valves and Mixers

Controlling the water flow at all times is of paramount importance for all effective showers, and Frontline Bathrooms offers practical and stylish solutions in the form of shower valves. These valves come with a two-fold functionality that allows for the control of the water flow and temperature.

Sleek and minimalist designs of the bars are manufactured from solid brass, which means high-quality was and is still imperative. Also, the valves come with anti-drip ceramic disc cartridges and anti-scald regulating features which are at the heart of Frontline Aquaflow technology.

Frontline Wash Basins

Washbasins are quintessential bathroom items that can turn your washing space into a stylish bathroom area. What characterises these basins is the expert craftsmanship and a range of materials used in their production.

In Frontline’s collections, you can see solid surface stone basins sculpted from real stone particles mixed with hard-wearing resin to improve durability and making them twice as strong as your ordinary ceramic basins.

At Frontline Bathrooms, you can also find a myriad of ceramic basins and bowls that sit atop or below worktops in your bathroom. Countertop basins come in their dozens and represent one of the most prominent groups of products.

You can choose classic countertop basins and play it safe with elegant design and functionality, or go for a little bit extra with semi-recessed basins and their pronounced lip that hangs over counters and worktops. These basins are made from high-quality vitreous china ceramic and will suit your bathroom perfectly, no matter how small or big they are.

Frontline Toilets

Bathroom toilets are the key element of every bathroom and should be the focal point of every restoration and renovation process. With Frontline’s extensive toilet range, you will easily find an affordable and high-class solution for your bathroom. The items from the collection are a blend of contemporary and traditional styles, and they take the form of all kinds of toilets you can imagine.

In Frontline’s range, there are multiple kinds of toilets, such as close-coupled, flush-to-wall, back-to-wall toilets, to name a few, and all of these include dozens of different models. If you opt for a neat and tidy bathroom look, you can never go wrong with back-to-wall toilets with concealed cisterns that will help you make the most of the space in your bathroom.

On the other hand, if you are more into contemporary designs, you will love Frontline’s wall-hung toilets that will free up space by being mounted on walls directly and having a tucked away cistern.

Frontline Taps

You can never go wrong with the stunning ranges of Frontline taps. With more than 50 of these, you will surely find a perfect solution for those small problems with taps that can be so vexing at times.

Frontline taps are made from solid brass and other quality materials that will ensure you get the top quality you deserve. The ranges also include basin, bath, waterfall taps, and many other subtypes fitted with ceramic disc technology that provides durability and efficiency.

The styles of taps are also quite intriguing as there are examples of luxury items from the fabulous collection that will dazzle you with their elegance and charm, as well as items such as the brassware range with space-saving taps designed to make sure your daily washing up routine is accompanied by the best products.