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AvilaDos – Official UK Suppliers of AvilaDos – Showroom Based in London

Letta London is the official UK distributor of AvilaDos bathroom products. Take a look at our website and find exclusive and sophisticated bathroom furniture that will meet all your needs.

If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting bathroom, you have come to the right place. AvilaDos offers top-grade products that will fully support your bathroom renovation. Their spotless reputation speaks for itself. You will feel comfortable and safe in a bathroom equipped and styled by AvilaDos.

AvilaDos By Category


AvilaDos (or Avila Dos) is a company from Spain that focuses on indoor design for bathrooms. We are some of the leading designers and architects in Spain who are continuously pushing the boundaries, daring to go one step further when it comes to bathroom design.

The company has four active product lines, meaning that many of its products belong to one of these collections. They are conceptualised in such a way to make your bathroom look modern, luxurious, and sophisticated. In other words, whichever collection you choose, you are going to bring a fresh touch to your bathroom and your entire home.

We believe that bathrooms are sort of sacred since all of us get to spend some quality time with ourselves there. That is why we’ve decided to make you feel as comfortable as possible so that you can enjoy every moment you spend in your bathroom.

Needless to say, the quality of our bathroom products brought us dozens of partners that distribute our collection all over the world. One of our partners is Letta London, a company in the UK. If you are interested in checking out AvilaDos products, make sure to visit Letta London’s showrooms in London or take a look at their online store.

About AvilaDos

We like to say that we are a small family working together. In other words, we are a team of professionals who are, above all, good people. Our goal is to make bathrooms around the world look great, thus turning every house into a home.

The leaders of our company are Frank Gallardo Glodia del Pino, Piedad Lucena, Juan Antonio Moreno, Adri Trivino, and Gloria Osuna. Furthermore, AvilaDos is home to our management team that consist of Vicente Pérez, Carlos Ávila, Alberto Buendía, Jose Mª Lucena, and Oscar Osuna.

All these people make AvilaDos — one of the leaders in bathroom design in Spain. Our employees are dedicated to providing our customers around the world with the best possible options for their bathrooms.

Product Range

Our product range is really big; we offer everything that a modern bathroom requires in terms of design and use. First of all, let’s take a quick overview of our four lines.

The ESSENTIALS collection is exactly what the name says it is — our essential offer that comes at the best price. The modern design makes it go well with all types of bathrooms, even if you choose only some of the elements.

Our TRENDY collection has been made according to the latest interior design trends, and it is highly customisable, with various types of finishes included in the offer.

We took some liberty to experiment with certain designs and came up with a creative solution we named the STYLISH collection. This one also includes a couple of special pieces you’d love to have in your bathroom.

Finally, there is the COUNTRY collection which features a vintage design that includes wooden furniture. Our team experimented with materials here, and, despite its classic looks, there is a modern twist that makes this collection timeless.

Each of our four collections is further divided into sublines. For example, the STYLING collection is divided into Sue Lux and Classical. Both of them are similar yet unique. The TRENDY collection offers Advance, Novus, and Loop lines, and the ESSENTIALS collection is divided into Carmen, Natalia, Paris, and SLIM. Finally, our COUNTRY collection also comes in three lines called Etna, Colonial, and Lira.

Let’s explore our products more, shall we?

Custom Measures

Some of our lines are a subject to custom measure, meaning they can further be altered to fit your bathroom perfectly. Therefore, if you have a type of bathroom that won't fit our one-size-fits-all lines, we can go a step further and make custom products. On the other hand, not all of our lines can be customised, so make sure to pay attention to this feature.

Different Styles

Although every line of our products has a unique style, we decided to group them into four categories: modern, classical, provinzial, and unique. Whenever you list our catalogue, the style filter can help you narrow down your choice.


What type of place requires bathrooms and toilets? Well, some would say that the ‘the more, the merrier’ rule applies here. In other words, we could never have enough toilets around the world. Some of our lines can be used for toilets, while others are perfect big bathrooms. We divided the application into four types: toilets, family bathrooms, suite bathrooms, and contract bathrooms.

Toilets and family bathrooms are familiar types, so there is no need to further describe them. Suite bathrooms are those big rooms with state-of-the-art design and various decorative and practical elements in them. They are usually found in big apartments, hotel suites, and villas. Finally, contract bathrooms are made for public places, such as restaurants, swimming pools, and more.


Our bathrooms come with two different types of washbasins. They are either integrated into the table or are just a sink placed on the countertop. Regardless of your choice, we offer cutting-edge washbasins in almost all of our collections that will not only decorate your bathroom but make it more practical as well.

Different Finishes

Some bathroom pieces have finishes that come in different materials. They can be wooden, lacquered, PVC, or laminated. Make sure to check out the materials of finishes when you browse our bathroom lines. Each of these has been made to last, meaning they can resist high humidity and water for a very long time.


We also include various other materials in our bathroom designs, including fabric finishes and marble parts. All of our materials have been made to last in bathrooms for ages, making your bathroom retain that fresh new look forever. Therefore, regardless of the line you choose and the materials that come with it, your bathroom will provide you with the best practical experience and satisfy your aesthetics cravings at the same time.

Opening Systems

Some people prefer handles on their bathroom furniture, while others like it handle-free. Moreover, some people love the push system more than anything. We got all three opening systems covered in our product lines, so make sure to pick a system that meets your needs.

Hanging Systems

Finally, our lines come in two types of ‘hanging systems’. Basically, the furniture is either fixed into walls or is on the floor. All of our product lines have either one type or another, so pay attention to the hanging systems before you make a choice.

Our Mission

AvilaDos is a group of good people, above all. We believe that good people cannot make bad products since they believe in what they do. Our leaders, managers, as well as designers and other creative individuals, do their best to provide people all over the globe with the finest bathroom design products.

We have been in the business for a very long time, and our mission is to make every person happy when they walk in their bathroom, knowing they will be spending quality time with themselves there.

Whatever you do in your bathroom, you should feel comfortable. One of the most important ways to achieve the highest levels of comfort is to feel good about your surroundings. Face it, nobody likes old and dirty bathrooms. Luckily, there’s AvilaDos, so make sure to contact Letta London if you live in the UK or visit some of their showrooms to find out more about AvilaDos products.