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Ashton & Bentley

Ashton & Bentley – Official UK Suppliers of Ashton & Bentley– Showroom Based in London

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Every home should have its personal mark, something original and unique. It could be a piece of furniture or an art painting. It could also be a bath.  At Ashton & Bentley, we believe that individually crafted, timeless baths can give such an epithet to your home, and we deliver this idea to our costumers every day.  A successful business is not about being the best or the most expensive on the market. Crafted manufacturing is creative work. It involves limitless inspiration and vision for the future, but it also requires nurturing our old traditions and customs. 


Our company is particularly proud of its manufacturing heritage. We succeeded to perfectly merge our classic designs and old-fashion craftsmen skills with innovative and contemporary forms. The result is our offer of freestanding baths that are luxurious and practical at the same time. 


What is very important to us, we are doing it all here, in our English factory. Moreover, the fact that Letta London is our official supplier and distributor is telling a lot about our products. It is a real honour to stand side by side with reputable worldwide brands in showrooms such as Letta London's. It is a significant opportunity to proudly present our domestic work but also a kind of unofficial recognition that Ashton & Bentley is among the finest and most respected manufacturers in the country and further. 


What Makes Ashton & Bentley Baths so Unique?

We start making our products only after we have carefully chosen the idea and vision with our designers. Their creativity is essential, and it is imperative to provide them with a healthy working environment and fresh inspiration. When our team comes up with a design solution, it is possible to move to the next level.


In the next chapter, we turn the concept into the outcome. It is not an easy task and requires a complete strategy and best management. But all this wouldn't be possible without our skilled and handy craftsmen. We preserved all the traditional craftsmanship of materials such as marble, limestone or ceramic. At the same time, we have introduced the latest technology in furniture manufacturing. During this process, the company is paying a lot of attention to constant development in both production and bath design. 


Ashton & Bentley is using only the finest materials — the exclusive Correro TM, which represent the best quality white marble and organic limestone. Composite elements like marble or delicate metal turn our baths into the art, making them look so lavish and beautiful, but at the same time, practical and long-lasting.


Finally, our baths are hand-polished in a variety of different shades. Costumers are free to choose a finish by personal taste and desire. No matter if you want some of the standard factory finishes or custom-designed ones, we offer high quality protected products. Waxing will keep the bath shiny and elegant for a long time.

What Do We Offer?

Ashton & Bentley is a brand name for individually crafted baths and hand basins. We offer the prestigious collections of freestanding, contemporary, traditional and metal bathroom elements. 

Contemporary Baths

There is a strong reason why most of these pieces bear the names of the Greek gods, as they are truly divine. Every bath resembles the stone that only wondrous nature can carve.

The whole collection is characterized by undefined lines, asymmetry, and oval shapes. With organic materials and soothing colours, it perfectly fits into modern interiors that follow some more naturalistic trends.

Traditional Baths

This collection is not dedicated to the gods but the emperors; they would make you feel like you're in an incredible ancient Roman bathroom. 


With a combination of metal, marble and ornamental carriers, our traditional models are the epitomai of luxury and extravagance. Choose a copper or mosaic finish, and you can get the real masterpiece for your home.

Metallic Baths

No matter what style you choose when planning your bathroom, choosing a metallic bath is always the right solution, as it never goes out of style. If you find your interior too monotonous and bothersome, a metallic bath can be that chic detail that will exceed standards.


Many people avoid such material because of natural heat loss. But with the assistance of Correro TM thermal protection, it is possible to maintain the desired temperature longer.


Each piece made of metal in our factory is rigorously polished and professionally waxed to preserve its appearance and shine for a long time.

Hand Basins

Ashton & Bentley company is specialized not only in making baths but also hand basins. 

We find it unimaginable to have a bath that does not fit flawlessly with the other bathroom elements. That's why we created the perfect match — basins that follow our product lines. You can find them in the same colours and materials. They look perfectly as singles, but always better in pair.

An Innovative Organic Téchni Concept

One of the best pieces of evidence that Ashton & Bentley always goes beyond the expected is our creative and brand new project, the Organic Téchni. It is more than a bath; the original concept gives freedom to create according to our own wishes and imagination. The goal is not to dwell on familiar elements, but to spread the idea further. 


Our clients show their imagination and creativity, and our team strives to fulfil all desires, no matter how unreal they may seem.


With fantastic Carrero TM materials and colours, and the expertise of our craftsmen, we can do anything. That's why this collection involves a broader range of products, from the Organic Téchni baths and basins, bespoke rims, inset or perfectly fitted tubs, to the sculptured finishes and unusual furniture.


Each piece is unique and a work of art. We created a form that is so exclusive and unconventional that it puts us at the very top of the world's best furniture designers.

Ashton & Bentley Quality Standards

We care a lot about the quality of our products, as well as the quality of production and the environment. That is why we invest a lot in innovations and our personal development. Our company always aims to apply the latest technology and get a superior product, and at the same time, not to bring ethical issues into doubt.


With the exclusive assistance of Carrero TM, it is possible to maintain such high standards. The materials are rich in organic minerals that make them durable and hard-wearing. All contents are long-lasting, of the best quality and beautiful. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly, hygienic and renewable. With such features, it is possible to create luxury bathroom fittings that will have a long life, look stunning and are easy to maintain.

Always Strive For More

At the Ashton & Bentley company, we firmly believe that the idea is an endless thing, and by expanding it, we can always do better. We desire to grow further and provide you with more amazing and innovative solutions for your home. Our baths are made just for you.


We would also like you to think of our products as valuables that you keep at home. They describe you and give character to the space in which you live. They are also chic and fashionable, and can state much about your style. Every time you choose a bath from our contemporary or traditional collection, keep in mind that it will be a place for your favourite time of the day to relax and feel peaceful. And that is the starting point for us, too, whenever we create for you.