Unusual Ways of Styling Your Bathroom

Unusual Ways of Styling Your Bathroom

Unusual Ways of Styling Your Bathroom

When decorating our homes, we usually strive to make them look unique. We spend months choosing our living room style to make sure it’s like no other. Our dining room tables are often custom-made, as we want them to be one of a kind. The design of our kitchen cabinets is planned down to the last detail, as we don’t want to leave anything to chance.

However, when it comes to our bathrooms, we usually don’t invest too much time styling them. We often end up choosing the tiles and elements that look nice but are not too innovative.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course! However, imagine how cool it would be if your bathroom stood out? Our staff at Letta London has come up with some ways that could help you add personality to this room. Some of these ideas are pretty simple, whereas others could be slightly more elaborate; still, we promise you each of them will make your bathroom look more exciting and unique.

Let’s check these ideas out!

  1. Wall of Plants

    Plants could look amazing in your bathroom, especially if they have been arranged in a modern way, with some sort of a twist. Plus, the humid air and the moisture in the room are likely to help some plants, such as bamboos, orchids, or aloe vera, thrive. That’s why our Letta London professionals advise you to go for a full wall of plants, as its beauty is bound to take everyone’s breath away. 

    However, if you choose to go down this path, you should be aware that this project would require a lot of work. You will need a professional who will install the wall. Moreover, if you don’t have a green thumb, you may need a person who will take care of the plants. Still, we believe it is worth it since the result can be stunning.

    If you decide to go for this option, make sure to use simple bathroom elements and tiles, as you don’t want your room to look too cluttered. We suggest using white colour and natural materials, such as wood, to create an overall relaxing, spa-like atmosphere.

  2. Patterned Wallpaper

    Carefully chosen wallpapers could add a ‘wow’ factor to your bathroom. If this sounds appealing to you, Letta London professionals suggest choosing something elaborate and eye-catching. After all, people don’t usually expect to see wallpapers in the bathroom, so make sure to blow them away.

    Of course, if you are not into bold patterns that would add a dramatic effect, you can always choose something less daring. A wallpaper that is lighter and less colourful can also be appealing, as it can add a warm, homely effect to the otherwise cold room.

    Naturally, if you choose wallpapers as a way of spicing up your bathroom, make sure to hang them somewhere they won’t get soaked. However, since we think they would definitely look quite good behind a pedestal basin, you could also consider placing them above some simple, monochrome tiles. Either way, don’t forget to coat your bathroom wallpapers in acrylic varnish to prevent them from getting wet.

  3. Wall Panelling

    If you are aiming for a more elegant, sophisticated look, we suggest that you consider wall panelling. This classic alternative to tiles will help you achieve a stylish look. Furthermore, coupled with a modern twist, such as a free-standing bath, it will make your bathroom magazine-worthy.

    The experts at Letta London advise you to choose subtle colours, as they work best with wall panels. These lighter shades will look great with your bathroom elements, regardless of their hue. Of course, no matter which colour you opt for in the end, make sure to use oil paint, as it cannot be easily damaged by humidity and moisture. 

    Finally, we should add that wall panelling can be used to cover either an entire wall or just its lower half, depending on what you prefer. No matter what you choose, we suggest hiring a professional, or at least an experienced DIY-er to help you fit the panels.

  4. Wood

    Using wood will certainly help you create a bathroom worthy of a rustic chalet. Both light and dark wood could look nice in your bathroom; however, you should go for the latter version only if your room is big enough, as dark shades tend to create a claustrophobic effect if there isn’t enough space.

    If used cleverly, wooden features could be used to draw attention to other parts of the bathroom. You could use elements, such as basin, bath, or toilet, as a contrast — for example, if the wood of your choice is dark, you should opt for white elements and vice versa. The pale shades will blend with the darker ones rather neatly. Together, they will create a dramatic effect that will amaze all your guests.

    This kind of style would work quite well in those bathrooms that are located right under the roof. By exposing wood beams and adding some fur mats, you will get an extra relaxing quality; in fact, you will feel like you are away from your busy life, taking a vacation somewhere in the mountains.

  5. Bricks

    No matter what kind of bathroom you like, one thing is sure — bricks can be used to add an extra dose of style to it. Namely, they could be an excellent base for an industrial-style bathroom. Also, if you are a fan of rustic, cottage-like design, you could use bricks to create a warm, homely feeling.

    If you choose to decorate your bathroom this way, you can buy brick slips — tiles made of thin pieces of real bricks. They look so realistic that it would be quite challenging to tell the difference. On the other hand, if you want to go for the real bricks instead, you can try exposing the wall by removing the tiles and the plaster. This could end up looking good; nevertheless, you should be aware that the process of cleaning and sealing bricks could turn out to be quite tricky and time-consuming.

    In the professional opinion of Letta London staff, this style works best with white baths and dark vanity units. The contrast will look mesmerising, and you are bound to be very happy with the result.