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Top 10 Bathroom Wall Tiles

Top 10 Bathroom Wall Tiles

Top 10 Bathroom Wall Tiles

There are so many bathroom wall tiles to choose from, so let’s have a look at the top ten design ideas that are most popular this year and they may inspire you and help you choose that perfect bathroom tile. Contact us at Letta London and see our range of bathroom wall tiles, you will undoubtedly find a tile that will end up on your bathroom walls.

1 Dark large tile

This type of tile is more elegant than any other tile. The large size of the tile will only suit medium and large bathrooms and it’s not suitable for bathrooms in which we have to resort to tricks to make them appear visually larger, but when it comes to pure class and elegance it doesn’t get any better than a dark large tile. They will normally be laid out in a grid pattern, not a brick pattern or diagonally, and the overall impression these tiles create is that of a high-end hotel bathroom. These tiles can be mixed with tiles of same size but different color, such as beige, or sometimes even with small tiles that have a pattern. It’s important not to overdo this.

2 Small white tile

These are usually arranged in a brick pattern, for an iconic white bathroom look that works well in small to medium sized bathrooms as it visually enlarges the wall. This type of tile allows for almost all bathroom designs, as it allows all other items to stand out, and you can put any floor tile you want as the small white tile is so neutral it won’t get in the way of anything.

3 Marble tile

Similar in function to the dark large tile, marble tiles add an additional layer of timeless elegance. Marble tiles will work well in larger bathrooms but will need other elements to add a sense of proportion, since the wall will appear as one large piece of marble. This is a luxury tile that demands a luxurious bathroom. This is a very popular type of tile as homeowners choose neutral colors and the heavy stone feel of the marble tile.

4 Herringbone tile

Herringbone tile is becoming increasingly popular as both a wall and a floor tile, and the trend is here to stay as this tile offers the same kind of appearance as traditional parquet flooring. In essence, this is a neutral tile that offers a visual pattern that can work well in both large and small bathrooms. It is best used to cover only one wall, as covering an entire room in it would be too much and would disorientate the viewer.

5 Natural tile

Wooden bathroom interior with a white tub, double sinks and mirrors and a tree in a pot. Side view. 3d rendering mock up

Since the overall trend is to make the bathroom a day spa, an oasis of relaxation with thin edges and earthy tones with a lot of wood, the natural tiles takes this another step and puts wood-like finish on your walls. This will make the bathroom look like a wooden cabin or a sauna if all walls are covered with this type of tile, so it’s better used as a tile for a single wall.

6 Gold tile

Modern bathroom interior

Any sort of warm metallic tile would fit in this category, and it adds a touch of elegance and warmth to the bathroom. Gold tiles, or tiles of any other warm metal colour, are best combined with some darker tile for contrast. The dark tile then provides structure to the space while the gold tile accentuates it and provides warmth and coziness.

7 Coloured wood tile

A tile similar to the marble tile, the coloured wood tile adds extra color and a different pattern to what is essentially the same old style, even though the base of this design is wood and not marble. It’s a good fit for both small and large bathrooms, and will work best with industrial style designs. This is a youthful and vibrant tile that will add a lot of pizazz to the bathroom.

8 Hexagon mosaic tile

This is in essence a 3D tile that will make the wall appear really unique, and will work best as the accent of an otherwise clean and simple bathroom design, with only a few elements that stand out. It’s suitable for any size of bathroom as you’ll use smaller hexagons for a small bathroom, and larger ones for a large bathroom, in order to achieve the same effect.

9 Black and white metro tiles

Opportunities are endless when you combine black and white metro tiles, and can achieve almost anything. This timeless design works best in combination with simple design elements, preferably in industrial style, and can create a modern bathroom with minimal investment, as this type of design relies on minimalism so with only one expensive item you can lift the entire space.

10 Monotone pattern tile

These tiles will add class and retro look to any bathroom, and can be used to accentuate a certain area of the wall, the entire wall, or even the entire bathroom. The color of these tiles is usually beige, brown or grey, with maybe a few accents to lift up the design. These tiles can exist in many shapes and forms, and this includes designs specific to some culture or country. They are often used to form a line that spans across the wall that is covered with some neutral tile.