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One of Germany’s top three sustainable companies is GROHE

One of Germany’s top three sustainable companies is GROHE

One of Germany’s top three sustainable companies is GROHE

Letta London Stocks Sustainability Award Winning Grohe Products

Letta London is proud to announce that we are an official supplier of Grohe who have just been given the proud honour of being named as one of the top three sustainable companies over in Germany.

With more and more of our customers seeking out and demanding only the best products, and ones that have a reliable and green heritage, we are always happy to recommend the range of sanitaryware products that Grohe are best famed for designing.

It was at the recently held German Sustainability Awards ceremony that Grohe took the award and their CEO Thomas Fuhr stated that he was immensely proud of his teams commitment to designing a range of products that are both economical but in their own unique way help further the cause of sustainability too.

In fact, a range of additional products are expected to be launched during 2020, to increase the number of sanitaryware products they already supply to us, and here at Letta London’s London showroom we always have their most popular products on display, which our customers are always drawn into viewing.

As for just which of their products do seem to always pull in the crowds, well their range of shower fittings and fixtures are stylish and will always add a modern style of elegance to any bathroom as will too their huge range of taps too.

Some additional products that always seem popular too include their toilet brush sets, toilet roll holders and their soap dishes and soap dispensers too, as they always put a finishing touch to any bathroom and come in a range of colours too.

Keep in mind that sustainability doesn't have to come at a huge cost, and by calling into our showroom you are going to be amazed at just how cost effective the range of Grohe products are and being long lasting it will be money well spent.

With over 400 Grohe products available to order directly from our store or online via our website, and with plenty of additional kitchen products too, no matter what it is you are seeking you will find Grohe will have something that fits the bill for sure.

If you are about to, or are thinking of giving your bathroom or kitchen a makeover, then please do feel free to browse our range of Grohe products, and if you do have any questions then please do get in touch with one of our team members who are always happy to help.