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Include Niches and Alcoves in Your Bathroom Design

Include Niches and Alcoves in Your Bathroom Design

Include Niches and Alcoves in Your Bathroom Design

According to interior designers, bathrooms pose the largest challenge when it comes to renovation and decor. So close your eyes and picture your ideal bathroom. Take it step by step and imagine all of the elements you want to include. 

Does the bathroom of your dreams come with a fancy shower or a large, pricey bath? Are neutral minimalistic tiles your cup of tea, or is extravagance more up your alley? Keep your eyes closed, and dive deeper. Where do all your toiletries go? Will you opt for flimsy plastic storage and ruin your perfect tiles? Or will you add chrome handles bound to rust from all of the moisture?

If neither of these options sounds appealing to you, Letta London offers an ideal solution. Designers have been raving about alcoves and niches for years — and for a good reason. Not only are they impeccably designed focal points, but they are also extremely handy storage solutions. 

Leaving shampoos and other toiletries on the bathroom floor are matters of the past. Now you get the opportunity to combine practicality and top-notch design in one, and we at Letta London have everything you may need to achieve that look. 

What Sets Niches and Alcoves Apart

First, let's address the difference between niches and alcoves. Albeit being pretty similar, a niche is a hollow inside the structure of an already existing wall, while an alcove is an area set off from a larger room. Niches are often associated with showers, whereas alcoves are a more suitable solution for a bath. 

Knowing the distinction between the two, you may be wondering why you would go through all the trouble of including one of these in your bathroom space. While they might be a bit more challenging to implement, they will surely improve the overall look of your bathroom. 

Letta London experts have multiple reasons why you might want to consider having an alcove or a niche in your space. Take a look at the most relevant ones:

  • Your bathroom will have the much-needed extra storage space;
  • Shelves within alcoves or niches are also an option, thus creating even more space;
  • A long-awaited clutter-free bath or shower space is guaranteed;
  • These storage solutions are the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner designer;
  • These nooks come in various shapes and sizes and can be positioned anywhere on the wall.

Plan Ahead

As with everything in life, you need to go through some necessary planning processes to achieve optimal results. First and foremost, selecting the right wall for your niche is a must. Any good contractor will advise ensuring the wall of your choice does not interact with any wiring or plumbing. Similarly, if you opt for an alcove, make sure you have enough space for one before starting any work. 

The second thing you need to consider is their position. Rather than focusing on the overall design, put functionality first. Both contractors and designers recommend putting a niche at your eye level as it will not be too high or too low to reach comfortably. As far as cloves are concerned, make sure you get your bath measurements just right because you cannot make any mistakes. 

Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, tile selection is equally important. This way, you will be able to make a better estimate and create a balanced look. Once you have chosen your tiles, make sure you consider the trim you want for your niche — metal or tiled, rounded or with sharp edges, because it will affect the overall appearance of your bathroom. 

The final step, but possibly the most important one, is waterproofing your niche. Skipping this step will lead to a lot of unnecessary damage over the years. One way to do so is to select some kind of waterproofing membrane that will prevent water leakage. It is normally applied under the tiles and is a safe way to protect your bathroom from mould and humidity.

Find Your Nook Style

Once you have made all of the relevant decisions, it is time to select one of the many niche and alcove styles to incorporate into your bathroom seamlessly. The first choice you will need to make is to decide between a horizontal or a vertical niche. For example, if you have a longer shower go for a horizontal niche. If your shower enclosure is smaller, a vertical one is a much better choice. 

Next, it is time to focus on the style. For those of you who are fans of understated minimalist looks, we suggest using the same tiles you used for the rest of your bathroom. But if you feel a tad adventurous, you can stick with the same colour palette, but opt for a different finish. This way, your alcove or niche will not draw away attention from other focal points.

Alternatively, if you are a fan of more opulent styles, choose contrasting colours. If your primary tiles are light, opt for darker niches and alcoves and vice versa. This will most certainly draw attention and create a focal point for your bathroom. 

Another way to achieve a similar look is with concealed lighting. Install a waterproof led light and opt for warmer lights for that luxury spa feel. If you are not a fan of bathroom lights, you can always choose to frame your niche or alcove and highlight your bathroom. 

Finally, you can choose between multiple smaller niches or one large niche with shelving. Both of these will provide you with extra storage space. Choosing one over the other is simply a matter of personal preference.  

Final Thoughts

People tend to disregard the power niches and alcoves hold when it comes to bathroom design. Before your next grand bathroom renovation project, consider incorporating either of these into your space. Not only will you achieve the trendy look everyone’s been raging about, but you will also create some extra bathroom space we all know you need. 

Whether you opt for something seamless and minimalist or you decide to go with a more striking look, we promise you will love the way your new bathroom turned out. If you still have questions or would like some more tips, feel free to contact our staff through our website or visit our showroom in North London. We will be glad to assist you.