How to Make a Dark Bathroom Appear Brighter

How to Make a Dark Bathroom Appear Brighter

How to Make a Dark Bathroom Appear Brighter

Whether you’re a design connoisseur or not, you can probably imagine your perfect bathroom. At the very least, you’ve seen some fantastic ideas on the Internet. A spacious bathroom with light pouring in from a big window — everybody would want one in their house or apartment.

However, what if your current bathroom doesn’t look like the ones you see on social media? What if there are no windows or the toilet doesn’t have access to natural light? Not to worry — Letta London has plenty of ideas you can use to add more light to your bathroom. Take a pen and a paper and create a plan with the help of this Letta London article!

Install Multiple Light Sources

Having one source of light in a dark bathroom is a rookie mistake. It will accentuate dark spots which would only make the room look smaller. So, the first thing to do is assess how the light enters the room. If there are no sources of natural light, you should consider installing scattered lighting. What this means is adding a few light sources rather than relying on just one.

You can opt for Leta London’s LED kits and use them as wall lights around your mirror or cabinets. Another idea is to install them across the bathroom ceiling — that would do wonders to visually expand your bathroom space.

Go All Out With Bright Tiles

If you plan on renovating your bathroom, this is the perfect opportunity to create a palette and a colour scheme that would brighten it up. You should always go for neutral tones, such as white, beige, and ivory. In terms of types of tiles, you should opt for Letta London’s porcelain or marble tile selection — their glossy surface would help reflect more light into your bathroom.

You can complete your bathroom look with bright and neutral wall paint and a white ceiling.

Don’t Forget About the Mirrors

An expanded mirror over the sink would not only make the room look bigger, but it would also add more brightness by reflecting light uniformly across the bathroom. Illuminated mirrors available at Letta London are as good as it gets if you want to liven up your bathroom space.

Whether you go for light panels or more subtle options, mirrors are the perfect way to enhance the lighting.

Choose White or Neutral-Coloured Bathroom Furniture and Appliances

The Letta London design team has dedicated a lot of attention to providing its customers with an ample selection of white and neutral-coloured bathroom furniture. Washbins, vanity units, or bathroom worktops — whatever it is you’re looking for, Letta London has it.


In this case, smooth surfaces will be a better option, as they will reflect light and make your bathroom space appear more luminous. In terms of sanitary fixtures, go for a chrome or brass finish for a bit of extra bathroom brightness.


Consider Glass Shower Enclosures

Make your bathroom more spacious by installing glass shower enclosures. The shower enclosures available at Letta London come with frameless or framed glass. With these elements, you can choose the type of glass you want to add — textured or frosted, but it might be best to opt for clear glass. It will allow light to pass right through and brighten up that part of your bathroom as well.


If you choose to go for a framed shower enclosure, consider a thin metallic frame. You don’t want too much contrast in terms of colour, as it will interrupt the light flow.


Make Your Bathroom a Clutter-Free Space

Cluttered bathrooms can make the room look darker. So, remove any unnecessary items from the top of the sink and other surfaces as they can create a cluttered look.


Our Letta London designers suggest you limit the number of things that are always visible by keeping them inside cupboards. You can add mirrored cabinets to your bathroom, as they allow you to put away any items you use daily. They will always be at your fingertips, and your bathroom will have a neat and fresh look.

Minimalist Design Is Your Friend

Light is absorbed by bumpy surfaces, folds, and corners. That’s why you should look to minimise any visual distractions. Avoid adding too much colour to your bathroom tiles, or combining cabinets and vanity units of different materials.

Moreover, to embrace the minimalist look, go for wall-hung washbins and cupboards. This will create a bulk-free space, and the clean floor will visually broaden the bathroom. Also, if there is limited storage space, it will motivate you to keep the area clean. Remember, less is more.


Final Thoughts

A bathroom that lacks natural light doesn’t have to be your least favourite room in the house. With these useful tips and tricks from Letta London, you can turn your bathroom into a bright and lively space.


Adding light to the bathroom can dramatically change its aesthetic, and make you feel better about spending time there. Taking a relaxing bath is more enjoyable in a bright and clean-looking room.

If you let your imagination fly, you will see that the options are endless, especially with the products available at Letta London. Whether you choose white tiles, bright-coloured walls, or floating washbasins and cabinets, your bathroom will become more luminous, and you’ll create the illusion of more space. Hopefully, these Leta London design ideas will come in handy when you’re planning to refurbish your bathroom!