How to Decorate Your Beach House Bathroom

How to Decorate Your Beach House Bathroom

How to Decorate Your Beach House Bathroom

If you are lucky enough to own a beach house, you probably know how challenging decorating it can be. Many owners tend to go overboard with the nautical style, especially in their bathroom. Seashells, fishing nets, and anchors may be suitable for the theme you are striving for; however, when used too much, they can lose their appeal and start looking slightly tacky.

Since we at Letta London like elegant, tastefully done bathrooms, we have come up with some ideas that will help you with the renovation process. We will try to explain how you can incorporate the coastal style, while still avoiding some mistakes people tend to make when decorating their bathrooms. 

If you are interested, please read on! 

  1. Windows Galore

    After a long day of lying on the beach and soaking up all that sun, you probably head to your bathroom first when you get home. However, that doesn’t mean you should forget about the calming beach atmosphere. In fact, you can easily create an illusion of being outside just by adding a couple of tactfully placed windows. 

    For example, you can go for a beautiful floor-to-ceiling glass wall that will allow those warming rays of sunshine in. This way, you will also make use of natural sunlight, which gives every room, and not just a bathroom, a very serene, cosy feeling.

    However, if your bathroom windows are placed on the wall where many people pass, it might be advisable to disregard this tip. Instead, you can try to make use of an unusual, yet gorgeous sunroof. By doing this, you will make your bathroom look bigger and will feel like you are still under the warm coastal sun. By adding a relaxing whirlpool bath to the mix, you will be impressed with the overall beach vibe you have managed to achieve.

  2. Pebbles All the Way

    Do you enjoy spending your time on a sandy beach? Or are you more of a pebble beach person? If the latter is what you prefer, then how about a pebbled bathroom? You might be wondering what the best way of incorporating these tiny stones is. Lucky for you, our Letta London experts have come up with a couple of great ideas.

    For example, you can choose some pebbled tiles to cover the floor of your shower. This style is not only attractive but also quite beneficial, since walking barefoot on pebbles can feel like a foot massage. Plus, if you add a relaxing rain shower to the mix, you will be impressed with the calming atmosphere you’ve managed to create. Of course, your walls can be done differently; for instance, you can tile them with some simple, yet modern metro tiles, preferably white. 

    On the other hand, if you are really into this kind of design, you can even go maximalist and use the pebbled tiles all over your shower. This style can look great; just remember to keep things neutral with some earthy, light tones. 

  3. Sandy Beaches

    If, on the other hand, you prefer a sandy beach, you may be interested in some other ideas Letta London staff has in store for you. For example, you can go for the obvious choice and use some sand-coloured tiles. They are bound to fit in with the theme quite well, and they will certainly reflect the beach vibe you are trying to achieve.

    However, if your bathroom tiles have already been chosen, some sand-hued accessories might be the way to go here. For example, not only will a mirror frame in this colour look fantastic, but it will also remind you of the beach every time you look at your reflection, which is definitely a plus. You could also go for some curtains in the same colour — we suggest purchasing a set of glittery ones, as this kind of style will contribute to the sandy beach atmosphere you are aiming for.

    Still, you should be aware that such warm hues work best with golden brassware. So, if you are considering incorporating the colour of sand into your bathroom, make sure to have the taps, towel rails, and toilet roll holders in a suitable shade.

  4. Maritime Accessories

    If you want to create a relaxed beach atmosphere in your bathroom, we suggest adding some cool items that will remind you of it. For instance, you can decorate your vanity unit countertop with some seashells and starfish. If they are well thought out, they can be a lovely addition to your usual display of candles and decorative jars. Or, you could use a nautical rope to tie your curtains or hang your towels. Just remember to stay subtle — there’s no need for the maritime theme to be in your guests’ face.

    Finally, as there are probably some of you who would like to add wallpapers to their beach house bathroom, Letta London experts have come up with some ideas that would work well with the entire theme. We are sure there are numerous choices in terms of nautical prints; however, we suggest that you not go overboard. Steer clear from those wallpapers that have pictures of fish and boats, as they may look tacky. Instead, keep things elegant and simple by opting for some neutral-coloured wallpapers that are marine-inspired, such as the knot-patterned ones.

  5. Ocean Blue


    There’s nothing that evokes the feeling of being on the beach more than ocean blue colour, which is why our Letta London interior designers advise you to incorporate it into your bathroom design. Accessories in this shade are the most obvious choice, of course. For example, you can display some soft towels that will resemble the ocean waves, or you can purchase a lovely bathroom mat that will look like ocean shallows.

    However, if you are really committed to this idea, we suggest going for aquamarine tiles. This way, you will manage to conjure the sparkling ocean water. Plus, in case you are feeling artistic, you can design a beautiful ocean blue mosaic, evocative of the beach right outside your home.

    Whatever you opt for, make sure not to choose the wrong shade of blue, as frosted mint would probably look too cold, and electric blue may turn out to be too much. Think about your choices carefully and, if you have any questions, don’t forget to contact Letta London!