Fall in Love With the Wall Tiles

Fall in Love With the Wall Tiles

In order to absolutely fall in love with your wall tiles, they most be something out of the ordinary, and should not be ust a simple design that everyone else has in their home and that you’ve seen countless times before. The most perfect match is a creative and unique tile design that’s just right for you and that is a tile design which you absolutely love. Specific tile for a specific taste. Being conservative with the choice of tile is a recipe for having a wall that aims to please everyone yet it doesn’t do anything special, and that’s a waste of an opportunity to make your home unique.

Creative tile designs

To get the most out of your tiles, to have other people be amazed by them as well as you falling in love with them, they need to be creative. Think outside the box and look for designs that are unique and out of the ordinary, as those are the tiles that will make the wall unique and not just yet another tiled wall. The more distance from the traditional design, the better. Unique tiles create unique spaces as they allow for other creative elements to be introduced as well. Fortune favors the bold, and it’s better to be too bold with the tile design than to be too conservative.

3D tiles

When looking for a unique design that’s different than anything else, the first thought is usually to give the tiles a texture, and that is usually a good idea. There is another step forward, and that’s tiles that literally stand out as they have a 3D appearance. This is very effective and looks great, and there’s no shortage of different 3D designs either. This type of tile design is suitable for all spaces – bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms. In all cases it will make the wall beautiful to look at and will make the room a pleasure to be in.

Patterns and mosaics

Many of us have a specific visual design we’re fond of, such as Arabic, African, French or Spanish traditional designs, and we’d love to incorporate these in our homes. Again, there are plenty of options to choose from and get a room that matches your favorite ethnic style, at the same time giving the room credibility and a sense of something real and something that has a meaning. There are different ways to incorporate these special designs, either by making the room full of them or just by using them as an accent here and there for maximum effect. Using this type of tiles is a great way to make the room unique while using designs which have been around for a long time and you can’t really go wrong with them. So you’re designing something creative and new while at the same time using proven designs that stood the test of time. Think big and design the entire room around your favorite ethnic style.

Imitate wood

A great way to make a room unique is to use tiles that imitate wood, either with pattern, texture or 3D appearance, or all three at once. It will never look like real wood – unless it is a real wooden tile – but it will always create a pleasant space that just needs a big green plant to create something that connects you with nature – inside your own home. There is no person that won’t like a successful wood design.

Repeating patterns and optical illusions

There is no better way to make a room stand out than to use repeating patterns that confuse the eye, whether it be just by a bit, or something that makes it seem the floor or/and the walls aren’t very straight. It’s not for everyone, but when done properly it can make a huge statement about the owner of the home. Most of the time it looks good, though there are some poor designs out there that should be avoided.

Design the whole room

In order to love your tiles, it’s not enough just to pick a tile design or two, it’s important to plan with the whole room in mind. If it’s the bathroom think about the other elements in the bathroom such as sink, shelves, bath tub, walk in shower, rug, plants, other decorations. If it’s the kitchen, make sure the backsplash works together with all the other things in the kitchen, most importantly the color and texture of cabinets, the wall color etc. Living room or other rooms are most demanding but also give the most freedom as there are no set rules to follow. Anything goes, and it can look great or it can be a big mistake.

Don’t do too much

If you love tiles in general, it’s easy to get fooled into putting them almost everywhere in your home. While this can look great, it’s important to do it moderation so the tiles accentuate the space instead of congesting it. Also, if different tile designs are used for different rooms, it may come out as too playful. As it is important to design the whole room when choosing tiles, it’s equally important to look at the big picture and think what will your new tile design do to your home in general. Doing it right increases the chance that you’ll love your tiles.

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