Corner wardrobe Ideas – because life isn’t always straightforward

Corner wardrobe Ideas – because life isn’t always straightforward

Corner wardrobes are one of the best ways to store clothing as they’re incredibly functional, and all you need is a space to put them in. They can be in separate room that acts like a walk-in closet or they can be in the bedroom, and they come in all shapes and sizes. You can buy one or have one made to fit the dimensions of the room you’re putting it in. No matter the size of the room or how little space you have, you’ll benefit from a corner wardrobe.

First things first

When choosing a corner wardrobe, it is essential to try and make an estimate of how many space do you really need. How many people will be using the corner wardrobe? How many items of clothing will you have to fit in the wardrobe and what kind of shelves, drawers or hangers do you need for all that? Will you be putting shoes in the wardrobe or will you be storing them elsewhere?

If you make an accurate estimate and then find the wardrobe that fulfills all the criteria, it’s almost certain that it will be a perfect fit for your demands. If, on the other hand, your estimate is wrong or you make no estimate at all, then there will be extra items you can’t fit in the wardrobe, you’ll have to store them elsewhere, and this can lead to clutter. It is imperative for the corner wardrobe to be able to store all items you bought it for in the first place, without anything that unexpectedly needs to be stored elsewhere. It’s also important to decide if this corner wardrobe is your one and only storage for clothing and other items, or will it store most of it while you store other items, such as shoes, elsewhere.

What size?

If estimating the number of items describes the function of the wardrobe, then the size of the wardrobe is directly related to the size of the room. A small wardrobe in a large room will look lost, and a large wardrobe will dominate a small room. It’s important to keep things in perspective and to dedicate exactly how large and how small does the corner wardrobe have to be. This will also help with the choice of the wardrobe, as now you’ll have a full set of requirements – the size and the number of shelves, drawers and hangers. This kind of prior planning will make choosing a perfect corner wardrobe a breeze.

Truth is, there are so many different types of corner wardrobes that you won’t get very far if you don’t make at least a rough set of guidelines for the corner wardrobe you’re buying. The corner wardrobe may span across both walls fully, it can be minimal, which will put a small corner in your room to good use, or anything in between. They can be grandiose or they can be just small useful corners.

Open or closed?

A lot of corner wardrobes will be closed with two, three or four doors, or with sliding door or a mix of these, and there are those that will be partially or fully open, which is a new trend of putting all your belongings on display in plain sight. As a general rule of thumb, fully closed wardrobes can dominate a room perhaps a bit too much, especially if white, as a fully closed wardrobe will reduce the size of your room since the eye can’t see the wall. It would be good to have the wardrobe at least partially open to create some visual depth, so you can see how deep the wardrobe goes, in which case you won’t be visually reducing the size of your room. A mirror can go a long way as it adds both functionality and visual appeal.

Although, it must be said that some people prefer to have their corner wardrobe blend in with the wall and to therefore become practically invisible. This is an option, and in most cases you’ll have to have the corner wardrobe done by a carpenter so it can fit the exact dimensions.

In all cases, regardless whether the corner wardrobe is a small one, a large one, a walk-in closet or a wardrobe that’s blending in with the room, interior LED lighting can go a long way. It will give depth to the corner wardrobe, and can be installed on the cheap after you buy the wardrobe or have one made.


Of course, corner wardrobes can be done in many different styles. They can be shiny white or black, which would make them look modern, and can even have some lighting on the outside for maximum effect. Colourful painted wardrobes are also an option. Some will prefer the rustic look, while others will think that appears too heavy and will go for thinner wood of lighter color.

In any case, regardless of the style of the corner wardrobe, it’s imperative that it fulfills its storage purposes and that there’s no clutter in your room. The corner wardrobe must be enough to store all items you intended to store there in the first place, so functionality is more important than design.

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