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Appeal of Colourful Bathrooms

Appeal of Colourful Bathrooms

Appeal of Colourful Bathrooms

Although plenty of designers claim that minimalism is the ruler of the current renovation trends, that solution might not be the one for you. So, it’s time to toss the rule book aside and create a bathroom that suits your preferences. Since the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, you might want to disregard the traditional idea of bathrooms being monotone and subdued. Instead, think about introducing life into the space by creating a sanctuary for you. 

This Letta London guide will help you find the right balance between a relaxing feeling and supreme taste when it comes to designing a colourful bathroom. With today’s trends and innovating designs, it should not be challenging to find the perfect look for your colourful bathroom. Follow our guide to add a bit of spice to your bathroom.

What Are the Options?

When it comes to introducing colour to your bathroom, there are a few options on how to do this without compromising your taste level. You can start slow by elevating the neutrals in your existing bathroom. Many of our readers have opted for neutral-looking bathrooms in the past, but are now missing a bit of colour to brighten up the mood. 

That said, you can start by introducing some pastels into the space, such as baby pink, blue, or green, depending on the base colour of your bathroom. Or you can incorporate some colour on a larger scale — by putting up some colourful pieces of art on the walls.

Another option to liven up the space is to include pops of colour. What do we mean by that? If you are ready to give your ordinary-looking bathroom a much-needed refreshment, you can make a significant change by adding pops of vibrant colours. Colours like red, yellow, gold, pink, and similar, work best on items of a smaller scale. So, think in terms of brassware or accessories. 

If you are feeling braver than that, go bigger. Combining vibrant colours with pastels could do wonders for your space if you know how to combine it to result in a breathtaking visual display. For example, you can combine some of Letta London’s patterned bathroom tiles with a gold-like basin mixer tap to achieve the ultimate effect without going over the top.

Ultimately, how you choose to incorporate the colours that make you happy with different sorts of products is up to you. Don’t forget that the colour scheme depends on how brave you are prepared to be. For instance, coloured brassware will add a lighter touch to a neutral-coloured bathroom, while colourful tiling will draw the eye while setting the tempo for the rest of the space.

Semi-Permanent Ways to Incorporate Colour

If you are still on the fence about introducing colour to your space, there are always a few semi-permanent ways to incorporate colour that you will not regret. One of the easiest ways to introduce colour into your bathroom without opting for any major renovations is to purchase bathroom accessories in colours appealing to you. 

If you’re wondering which accessories will brighten up your bathroom, you can start by adding some greenery. It’s up to you whether you’re going to choose live or fake plants, but green will definitely liven up the space. Photographs, candles, linens, and similar accessories in vibrant colours are also options to consider.

On the other hand, if you want to encompass a larger surface, you could opt for painting the walls or putting up wallpapers. Whether you decide to paint the walls or put up colourful wallpapers, you are opting for a semi-permanent solution that can easily be updated with time or removed.

Not only does this idea work well for larger bathrooms, but it is a fantastic solution for cloakrooms or ensuite bathrooms. Introducing colour in this manner is an instant way for your bathroom to get a new look and feel. 

As soon as you get tired of the colour, you can change it and switch to another. On the other hand, if you grow to love the colour, you can switch to a more permanent solution such as tiles from Letta London’s portfolio.

Coloured Ceramics

If you remember the infamous Avocado suites that gained in popularity in the 1970s, you probably think that coloured ceramics don’t deserve anyone’s stamp of approval. If you have not heard of this trend, do some research. There is a way for coloured ceramics to look appealing instead of representing an eye sore. 

Although their past is a bit smudged, coloured ceramics’ appeal is growing rather quickly. Many of the products are being designed with a certain taste level, and the overall design is slicker and more elegant.

The avocado-green colour is not the prevalent colour anymore, and the brighter colours, such as yellow and pink, are not seen as bold choices anymore. On the contrary, these colours are lively and bright — enough to put a smile on your face in the morning. You don’t have to limit your bathroom to ceramics of basic colours if you don’t want to.

However, pay attention to the finishing touches. You need to make choices that will make this eye-catching look work for the whole space. One of the latest trends, according to our Letta London staff, is pairing bold coloured ceramics with brushed metallic brassware. You can also opt for matte-coloured ceramics for a more sophisticated look.

Opting for coloured ceramics might sound like a bolder move as compared to adding less permanent solutions, but it might be a great choice for those who are not as colour confident as they would like to be. On top of that, there is a large variety of colours available so you can take your time and decide what suits you best.

If it all sounds a bit much to you, why not only opt for one unit? For example, you can opt for a different coloured bath as compared to other units in the bathroom. Start there and see where it takes you.

Rule of Three

This simple colour guideline will help you when selecting a colour scheme for your bathroom. Pick three colours that work well together and use the 70-20-10 distribution rule. That means that the lightest colour should cover 70% of the bathroom, the boldest colour should take around 10% of the bathroom, and the remaining colour should occupy 20% of the space.

Naturally, if you’re feeling brave, you can choose for your boldest colour to occupy 70% of the space. However, that’s entirely up to you.

By following this rule of three, the colours you pick will not fight for attention in the bathroom.

Final Thoughts

If you have decided to go the colourful way, follow some of our tips from the guide. With this advice, you will surely be on the right way to successfully renovate or decorate your bathroom without any contrasting colours or decor. If you need some inspiration, take a look around your house and start from there. It might be best to incorporate a similar colour scheme as the rest of your house so the colours do not clash.

For any additional advice on renovation, stop by the Letta London shop in North London or contact our helpful staff via our official website. We will be glad to lend a helping hand.