2018 bathroom trends – bathroom vanity units to sanitary ware

2018 bathroom trends – bathroom vanity units to sanitary ware

In 2018, the most obvious trend for sanitary ware are sleek lines and minimal rims. The luxury hotel or spa appearance is definitely trending in 2018 and it’s something you want to have in your bathroom if you’re designing it this year. Bathrooms designed in this way will stand the test of time and will be good for years to come, as the sleek lines create a classy bathroom.

This is a natural evolution of the bathroom design, as first it was only important to make the bathroom look larger by using appropriate tiles and colors, and then functionality comes to mind as it’s crucial to have the bathroom fulfill its wide range of actual roles. This is still very important in 2018, but the general trend is that vanity units and other sanitary ware need to have sleek lines to have them look classy, relaxing and spa-like, and it’s obvious this design was taken from spas and hotels and then it entered our homes.


Baths in 2018 need to be sleek with minimal rims, and the popular colors are those that create an earthy and relaxing experience. That means the natural stone is very popular, and this year it goes a bit further as black accents are often used. The bath is used as the centre piece of a bathroom so it’s important for it to set the tone for the rest of the design, and most often people go with a design that is reminiscent of something from the early days of human history and that resonates with all of us. That design that connects us to our history and to our planet, plus the spa-like sleek appearance, is definitely a winning combination in 2018.

Vanity units

If bathroom is more than just something that serves a purpose and has evolved into a modern luxurious sanctuary from stress, then the vanity unit is the centre piece. That’s what you use most of the time in your bathroom and it’s important for it to fulfill its purpose while at the same time dictating the tone for the design of the entire bathroom.

It’s important to note that the traditional shaving cabinets are now a thing of the past, and are replaced by a mirror which is a work of art and a focal point of the bathroom and of the vanity unit. The mirror can be round or it can be square with a timber frame, and it’s important to think about lighting as well. While traditionally there was one light source at the top, now with LED lighting the light can be spread around the entire unit – and the entire bathroom – for maximum effect. Motion sensor lights and glowing LED strips tucked under joinery are things to consider.

Vessel-style basins mounted on top of flat vanity benches are a trend for a while now, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Again, basins need to be sleek, though ceramics isn’t the only material these days and natural stone or even metal is commonly seen in 2018 modern bathroom designs. An elegant basin with a tap that makes a statement is one of the best ways to instantly elevate your bathroom design even when on a budget.

While hiding this is almost a no-brainer when you start designing your bathroom, in 2018 an opposite trend emerges. Instead of hiding the towels and all other necessities, display them openly and therefore make a statement about your personality and style. This gives depth and individuality to the room, as opposed to the sterile environment where everything is hidden behind doors or in drawers. Now this is also a big responsibility, as all these items must look good.

Finally, wood is almost a must-have in 2018, whether it be as a vanity material, shelves material or the mirror frame, and usually lighter colors are used. You can’t have a day spa without it.

Technological advances

No bathroom in this day and age would be complete without various gadgets and without internet of things. Energy saving and water saving is a big thing so you’d want your bathroom to be as efficient as possible, for example you might want to have an app that can control the water flow and the temperature of the shower, or a smart washing machine that can be switched on by a touch of a button on an app. Floor heating is also something to consider if you’re doing a top to bottom renovation, as it saves energy compared to other heating solutions, and can also be regulated with an app, for example, telling the floor to heat up a bit before you’re coming home from work in winter.


The trends in 2018 are obvious, and they also make a lot of sense. It’s not just some trend that will go away, but we advance our search for the perfect bathroom by making it a day spa that saves energy and water, and that is a smart bathroom that can be controlled by your smartphone. Keep these things in mind and you’ll undoubtedly design a modern bathroom that will look great for many years.

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